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mighty prince required her ly are they gone! Is not the attendance, would you not with body subject every moment to joy have sent her to his courts? accident, to pain, to sickness; Would you not have parted the mind to anxious cares, to with her pleased with the con- piercing griefs, and would you sideration of her advantage ? wish your daughter back again In her absence would not your from heaven to such a state ? inind be satisfied with having Where she now is, no tears well disposed of her ? Can will ever flow; no sorrow, no you grudge her to the king of discontent, no pain can ever Heaven, in whose presence is there be known. To view the fullness of joy and pleasures face of God, to sing his praisforevermore ?

es and admire his wonders, to But for yourself these sor- possess the full fruition of ev. rows flow, nor will I in mod. ery hope, and that for

ages ineration, blame them. She was finite, how vast the thought, the dearest blessing of your how unspeakable the felicity! life ; a child, a companion, a Methinks I see her amidst a friend, dutiful, obliging and crowd of celestial inhabitants, sincere, all this, and

encircled with glory, chanting She was the wonder and de- hymns to her Creator for so light of all who knew her. But soon releasing her from the the more her goodness, the sorrows of mortality. greater her reward, and that Now, will you still lament, should be your comfort. and let self love so far prevail,

The Almighty Author of all as to repine at your loss, when things has a right to dispose, she has gained so much? How as He pleases, of all his crea- trifling was your pleasure in tures, and it is impious in us her society, compared with to murmur at his dispensa- her eternal happiness ! Dry up tions. From Him she camc, those tears then, for if in heav. to Him you owe the joy she en, any thing could interrupt gave you for nineteen years her bliss, your grief, I am sure, together. Does this demand would do so. Imagine her no gratitude, and can you be descending from the skies are angry because God has resum- rayed in brightness, and ened what he but only lent ? Ex- quiring the cause of your inamine human life. View its cessant love. Would

you not most cheerful side, its gaities, blush to tell it, and must she its joys, its pleasures. Alas, not wonder that her felicity how low, how trifling and how should bring you sorrow? transient all ! Consider youth, From the Universal Spectator. health and beauty, how quick


For the Christian Disciple. MR. EDITOR,

« Lord God of trnth I Ar the earnest request of humbly beseech thee 'to ensome enlightened friends, I lighten my mind by thy holy transmit for your publication a spirit, that I may discern the prayer of Archbishop Tillotson, true way to eternal salvation ; « which, as his publisher con- and to free me from all preju. jectured, he used before com- dice and passion, from every posing his sermons." We corrupt affection and interest, think it discovers a spirit so that may either blind me or much in harmony with the seduce me in my search after gospel that it ought to be more it. widely diffused.

Make me impartial in my Such a spirit, we believe, inquiry after truth, and ready is slowly but surely becoming whenever it is discovered to universal; breathing the love, me, to receive it in the love of the mildness, the good will of it, to obey it from the heart, its divine author; banishing and to practise it in my life, the exclusive rancour, the par. and to continue stedfast in the ty zeal, the uncharitable bit profession of it to the end of terness, the blood thirsty big- my days. otry of intolerance and perse- I perfectly resign myself, o cution. These black vapours, Lord, to thy conduct and direcburdened with mildew and tion, in confidence that thy death, are dispersing before mercy and goodness are such, this spirit of truth, this spirit that thou wilt not suffer those of God, this day-spring from who sincerely desire to know on high. The features of the the truth and rely upon thy moral landscape begin to as- guidance, finally to miscarry. sume their native verdure and And if in any thing which beauty. The smile of God concerns the true worship and seems to rest upon their fresh- service of thee my God, and ness; while glimpses of a still the everlasting happiness of purer sky are opening above, my soul, I am in any error and "the bright dilating blue of mistake, I earnestly beg of Heaven." O when will the thee to convince me of it, and broad illumination commence ! to lead me into the way of When will the promises of Je- truth ; and to confirm and eshovah be accomplished ! All tablish me in it daily more and remain firm and immoveable, Even now, with a voice of faith, And I beseech thee, O Lord, and the voice of thanksgiving, always to preserve in me a great may we exclaim, Alleluia : for compassion and sincere charthe Lord God Omnipotent ity towards those that are in reigneth. We will be glad, error, and ignorance of thy we will rejoice, we will give truth; beseeching thee to take

A. pity on them, and to bring them Vol. VI.-- No. 4.



him glory.

may be saved.

to the knowledge of it, that they to do what I know to be thy

will and my duty. And because our blessed Grant, ( Heavenly Father, Saviour hath promised, that all these my humble and hearty that do his will shall know his requests, for his sake, who is doctrine; grant, O Lord, that the way, the truth, and the life, I may never knowingly offend my blessed Saviour and Rethee in any thing, or neglect deemer Jesus Christ." Amen.


REPORT OF GOD'S TREATMENT OF THE FIRST MURDERER. OUR civil tribunals in the the voice of his brother's blood trial of any cause, pay great crying toGod from the ground. veneration to ancient usages And when the Lord said unto and immemorial customis; and him, 'Where is Abel thy brothespecially to precedents taken er ?' He replied, “I know not.' from higher courts in similar He added to his former crime

I can adduce a prece. the heinous sin of lying. I dent which is of greater an- had almost said, the sin of pertiquity and of higher authori, jury, for we may well suppose, ty, than any that can be found that to utter a falsehood in in all our law reports. It may God's immediate presence, be found in the reports of Mo- and on such an occasion, would ses, the first reporter of law be as heinous a crime as percases; and it stands recorded jury in our civil courts. But in the sacred volume, for our Cain was not content with havimitation. It is the trial and ing committed all these agpunishment of Cain for the gravated crimes ; he added an murder of his brother Abel. insulting question, "am I my Cain being under a theocrati. brother's keeper?' Such an cal form of government, God answer from one man to his himself was the sole judge. equal, would be deemed unciv

The crime of murder char- il. If given in our courts of ged against Cain was aggrava- law, it would be considered a ted in many respects. It was high contempt of court. Then fratricide, or the killing of a surely, such an answer, given brother.

It was

committed to his God and Judge by a immediately after the kindest guilty culprit, when on trial assurances, encouragements, for a heinous crime, would, by and promises, and the most men, be condemned as an unsolemn warnings from God, pardonable insult. The sen. Gen. iv. 7 It was committed tence of such a vile murderer, on a man of real piety, and even in this our half enlightenwithout any provocation. The ed age, probably, would be, fact was proved, not by fallible "That you A. B. be taken from semi-evidence, and uncertain the place of your confinement conjectures, but by the incon- to the place of execution, and testible evidence of God's own there be hanged by the neck perfect knowledge ; and, by till you be dead! And, per

haps, for form sake, it might cial warning to mankind, than be added, and the Lord have it would have been, to have mercy on your soul !'

seen a human being, created But it was a very favourable in the image of God, hanging circumstance for Cain, that he on a halter under a gallows, did not fall into the hands of and expiring in all the excrumen, 'whose tender mercies ciating agonies and contorare cruelty! All the punish- tions of a violent and unnatument which God inflicted on ral death! Such an awful specCain for this aggravated mur- tacle would doubtless give a der, was hard labour and ban- greater shock to the feelings ishment. And Cain thought and sensibilities of human nathis was too severe ; for he ture, than the punishment said unto the Lord, “ My pun- which God inflicted on Cain ; ishment is greater than I can but the impression would be bear.' And it appears that momentary, if not pernicious ; God compassionated his case. distressing while it lasted ; but For upon Cain's saying that, would not equally with the latthat it will come to pass that ter, convince the understandevery one who findeth me willing, and mend the heart. I slay me. God kindly relieved miglit now conclude with this him, not only from the danger exclamation, what could God itself, but also from the fear- have done more than he hath ful apprehensions of mind he done to prevent the effusion of was under. And the Lord set human blood! But I am cona mark upon Cain, lest any strained to mention one thing finding him should kill himi. Inore. Please to take notice. Not Although the mark placed on Jest he should kill another man; Cain might answer its appointthe danger of which, (even in ed ends, as above mentioned, this our half hạmanized age) during his natural life, yet, is urged by many in justifica- lest they should be forgotten tion of the inhuman practice of after his death, and that sucputting murderers to death. ceeding generations might be But God, who best knew the left without excuse, God was human heart, knew that the pleased to leave on record a danger of killing was on the inost solemn declaration and other side ; and therefore He warning to civil magistrates, took his measures accordingly, and all others, not to shed the in order to prevent it.

blood even of a murderer. And The mark which the Lord the Lord said unto him (and set upon Cain, whatever it may probably in the hearing of othhave been, answered a double, ers) Whosoever slayeth Cain, purpose. It warned mankind vengeance shall be taken on not to commit murder; and him seven fold.' not to take away the life of the Here let us pause a moment. murderer. In both these res- These words demand our most pects this mark was a more serious attention for God spake effectual, lasting, and benefi- them. I am willing that may


opponents should give the effectually warned and secure most favourable construction ed. And there is great reato the text, which the words son to believe, that Cain was can consistently admit. I con- effectually reclaimed, for he ceive their true meaning to be regretted being hid from this - That the

vengeance, God's face.' This was a hapo which God would have taken, py omen of sincere repentance, here and hereafter, on any and very different from what person or persons who should his parents exhibited; whilst have taken away the life of under the influence of impen. Cain, although a murderer, itent guilt; they endeavoured would have been seven fold to hide themselves from the more than the punishment He presence of the Lord.' It aphad now laid upon Cain, mere- pears that Cain lived many ly for the violation of a civil years after this ; and in all duty. At any rate, the text likelihood became a good memdenounces an awful doom on ber of society, 'for he builded any person or

persons who

a city, and called the name of should have inflicted a capital the city after the name of his punishment on Cain for the son, Enoch! murder that he had committed! I must request all the been borrowed for the perusal

The preceding article has defenders of sanguinary pun. of our readers. It is the subishments, once more to read

stance of one of five · Essays on with attention the whole of the Capital Punishments, which proceedings in his trial, as they stand on record in the ald, a newspaper published at

originally appeared in the Hersacred volume. They will

Windham, in Connecticut. find no dislocation of bones by They were reprinted in Philathe tortures of the rack; no delphia, in Poulson's Daily Adburning at the 'stake ;

vertiser. In 1811 they were strangling by a halter under a printed in a Tract. In 1812, gallows ; no life taken away, An Appendix by the author nor day of probation shortened;

was published, containing annot even a hair of Cain's head scorched or plucked out. And, whole has recently been pre

swers to 13 objections. The on due reflection, I request sented to the Editor by a them to say, whether mankind, Friend. However intelligent amidst all their witty and cruet inventions, have ever dis- sentiments of this author, there

men may disagree as to the covered any sanguinary pun

can be but one opinion of his ishment that has had a more

talents as a writer. The fourth effectual tendency to reclaim Essay, which has now been the offender; to deter others; given, is a fair specimen of the and to secure the public, than the punishment which' God ability with which the several laid on Cain for the murder of

arguments and objections are

managed. his brother Abel. It is cer. tain, that by it the public was


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