Notes on the Churches in the Counties of Kent, Sussex, and Surrey, Mentioned in Domesday Book, and Those of More Recent Date: Including Comparative Lists of the Churches, and Some Account of the Sepulchral Memorials and Other Antiquities, Tom 3

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J.R. Smith, 1852 - 388
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Strona 300 - HISTORICAL DESCRIPTIONS OF NEW AND ELEGANT PICTURESQUE VIEWS of the antiquities of England and Wales...
Strona 281 - Every one of these attendeth to his own office : ten of them heweth the walls, about the which are the three carpenters. These made props to underset where the others cut away ; the others brake and cut the walls. These men are exercised much better than other men we find in the countrie.
Strona 154 - Watringbury, claims over the whole parish. This Dumb Borsholder is made of wood, about three feet and half an inch long, with an iron ring at the top, and four more by the sides, near the bottom, where it has a square iron spike fixed, four inches and a half long, to fix it in the ground, or, on occasion, to break open doors, &c., which used to be done, without a warrant of any justice, on suspicion of goods having been unlawfully come by and concealed in any of these fifteen houses.
Strona i - Caementarios, qui lapideam sibi ecclesiam juxta Romanorum, quern semper amabat, morem facerent, postulavit, accepit, attulit. Bede, Opuscula, ed. Giles, p. 366. Monk- sent messengers to Gaul to bring glass-makers to glaze the windows of both church and monastery, the art of glass-making being unknown in Britain at that time. " It was done : they came ; and not only did the work required of them, but taught the English how to do...
Strona 153 - Chart,' as it was called, claiming liberty over fifteen houses in the precinct of Pizein-well ; every householder of which was formerly obliged to pay the keeper of this Borsholder a penny yearly. This Dumb Borsholder was always first called at the Court Leet holden for the hundred of Twyford ; when its keeper, who was yearly appointed by that Court, held it up to his call, with a neckcloth or handkerchief put through the iron ring fixed at the top, and answered for it. This Borsholder of Chart and...
Strona 99 - ... For many ages after (as Huntingdon tells us) there appeared nothing but ruins; till under Edward the first, the Friars Carmelites, just come from Mount Carmel in Palestine, and desiring solitary places above all others, had a little Monastery built here at the charge of Thomas Albuger, Knight; upon which a town presently sprung up, and with respect to the old one that had been demolished, began to be called Newenden, ie a new town in a Valley.
Strona 324 - In the village street, about half a mile by the road from the church, stand the remains of a cross, under a most venerable and picturesque oak, or rather skeleton of an oak. The cross itself is gone, but below the foot of it, covered by a modern tiled roof, is a small sandstone building, barely large enough to shelter two, or possibly three, worshippers. This yet retains the appellation of St. Peter's cross, the parish church being dedicated to St.
Strona 153 - a singular, though a very ancient, custom kept up, of electing a Deputy to the Dumb Borsholder of Chart...
Strona v - Testamenti summa ratione compositas exhibuit : verbi gratia, Isaac ligna quibus immolaretur portantem, et Dominum crucem in qua pateretur aeque portantem, proxima super invicem regione, pictura conjunxit. Item serpenti in heremo a Moyse exaltato, Filium hominis in cruce exaltatum comparavit.
Strona 324 - ... of the air all the glass windows were blown' out, as if it had been done by a blast of gunpowder.

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