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[Ten verses of the first chapter of GFNESIS, copied from Eliot's Indian Bible.]

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1. Weske kutchinik ayum God kesuk kah Ohke.

2. Kah Ohke mo matta kuhkenauunneunkquttinnoo kah monteagunninno, kah pohkenum woskeche moonoi, kah Nashauanit popomshau woikeche nippekontu.

3. Onk noowau God wequi, kah mo wequai.

4. Kah wunnaumun God wequai neen wunnegen ; kah wutchadchanbeponumun God noeu wequai kah noeu pohkenum.

5. Kah wutussowetamun God wequai kesukod, kah pohkenum wutussoweetamun Nukon: kah mo wunnonkooook kah mo mohoompog negonne kesuk.

6. Kah noowau God sepakehtumooudj noeu nippekontu, kah chadchapemooudj nathauweit nippe wutch nippekontu.

7. Kah ayimup God sepakehtamoonk, kah wutchadehabeponumunnap nashaueu nippe agwu uttiyeu agwu sepakehtamoonk, kah nashaueu nippekontu attiyeu ongkouwe sepakehtamoonk, kah monkonnih.

8. Kah wuttidoweetamun God sepakehtamoonk Kesuk quath, kah mo wunnonkooook, kah mo mohtompog nahohtoeu kesukok.

9. Kah noowa God moemooidjnip pe ut agwu kesuk quathkan pasukqunna, kah pahkemoidi nanabpeu, kah monkoninih.

10. Kah wuttisoweetaman God nanabpiohke, kah moeemoonippe wuttissowetamun Kehtoh, & wunnaumun God neen wunnegen.



This work was commenced by WILLIAM H. Eliot, Jr., of New Haven ; and while he lived he pursued it with enthusiasm, perseverance, and an uncommon degree of success. His lamented death in the West Indies, whither he had gone for his health, cut short his labors. His father, WILLIAM H. Eliot of New Haven,-feeling a deep interest in carrying out the plan thus undertaken by his beloved son, and having an honorable family pride as a descendant of the Apostle, agreeably to the sentiment expressed by the Earl of St. Germans, that“No title more honorable than that of Apostle to the Indians,' illustrates any pedigree "*—to give publicity and permanency to the facts elicited, placed the manuscripts in the hands of the Editor, for the purpose of preparing them for publication. The task, though arduous, has been a pleasant

It will be seen that Connecticut has the honor of embracing the ancestry of all the known descendants of the Apostle, who bear the family name. The Rev. Joseph Eliot of Guilford is the only son of the Apostle, who has living posterity, by the name of Eliot. His son, Rev. Jared Eliot, D. D. and M. D., of Killingworth, was one of the most noted men of his age. He was a man of universal genius, who devoted all his talents and acquirements to the common good. He was an intimate associate with Dr. Franklin, and corresponded with the Savans of the Old World. By his energy and public spirit he did as much to generate and promote the spirit of enterprise--for which the sons of Connecticut are conspicuous,-as any man who has lived in this Commonwealth.

The Editor would acknowledge his obligations to Lynde Eliot, of Pittsburgh, Pa., for much of the matter relating to the Eliots of England; and to Ely A. Eliot, of Clinton, John Aaron Eliot, of Sharon, J. Wingate Thornton, of Boston, Horace Wm. Eliot, of Goshen, N. Y., Henry H. Eliot, of New York, Ralph D. Smith, of Guilford, and others, for important aid. Hoping that the publication may tend to perpetuate among


posterity the piety, benevolence and devotion of the beloved “ Apostle to the Indians,” the Editor commends the results of his labors to favorable regard.

W. S. P.

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