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Librarian of Bowdoin College

Vice-President Maine Genealogical Society
Member Maine Historical Society

Honorary Member Minnesota Historical Society
Member American Historical Association Member of Council, American Library Association

Author “Little Genealogy"

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The narrative here writ- cleus around which the church itself was built RICHARDSON ten concerns the family up in its early membership and found its early

and descendants of one support. Samuel Richardson died in Woburn, of three immigrant brothers, all of English March 23, 1658, and it may be said of him birth and parentage, who came to New Eng that he was one of the most useful men of the land and were among the first settlers in the town in his time. The baptismal name of his plantation at Woburn in the colony of Massa- wife was Joanna, but her family name is not chusetts Bay. They were Ezekiel, Samuel known. She bore her husband eight children: and Thomas Richardson, sons of Thomas and 1. Mary, baptized February 25, 1637-38, marKatherine (Durford) Richardson, of West ried Thomas Mousall. 2. John, baptized NoMill, Herts, England, whose marriage is re- vember 12, 1639, married (first) Elizabeth corded as of date August 24, 1590, and whose Bacon; (second) Mary Pierson; (third) Marchildren were baptized in the parish church at garet Willing. 3. Hannah, born March 8, West Mill. It is with the second of these 1641-42, died April 8, 1642. 4. Joseph, born brothers and his descendants that we have July 27, 1643, married Hannah Green. 5. particularly to deal in these pages.

Samuel, born May 22, 1646. 6. Stephen, born (1) Samuel, son of Thomas and Katherine August 15, 1649, married Abigail Wyman. 7. (Durford) Richardson, of West Mill, Herts, Thomas, born December 31, 1651, died SepEngland, was baptized December 22, 1602 tember 27, 1657. 8. Elizabeth. (or 1604), and died in Woburn, Massachu- (II) Samuel (2), son of Samuel (1) and setts, March 23, 1658. He was the last of Joanna Richardson, was born in Woburn, the three brothers to come to America. He Massachusetts, May 22, 1646, died there April inherited lands from his father and was ex- 29, 1712. He lived about one mile north of ecutor of his will, his father having died after the present village of Winchester. He was a March 4, 1630, the date of his last will and soldier of King Philip's war, and on April 10, testament. This business perhaps may have 1676, his family was attacked by Indians and delayed his coming over, for the will was not three of its members were killed. On the probated until 1634, and it was not until afternoon of that day Mr. Richardson and one 1635 that Samuel Richardson and his young- of his sons was at work in a field, and observest brother Thomas sailed for New England. ing a commotion near the house he hastened He appears first in Charlestown, Massachu- there only to find that his wife Hannah and setts, in 1636, and in 1640 was one of the son Thomas had been slain by the savages. signers of the town orders in Woburn. In The house had been plundered of much of its 1642 he was one of the founders of the church most needed belongings, and a further search in Woburn, and in 1644 and several times revealed the fact that his infant daughter Hanafterward was selectman of the town, and his nah had also been killed. Her nurse had fled, name appears in the first tax list there in 1645. carrying the child in her arms, and went in the In that year he paid the highest tax of any direction of the neighboring garrison house, settler in Woburn. In 1637-38 Samuel Rich- but being closely pursued she dropped the inardson was admitted to the church in Charles- fant in order to save herself, and it was slain town, and November 5, 1640, he was chosen where it fell. The father pursued the Inwith his brothers, Ezekiel and Thomas, and dians with a party of men and overtook them others, as commissioners for the settlement of in the woods near the edge of a swamp, where a church in the north part of Charlestown, they had seated themselves, and immediately and the part of the mother town which was fired upon them, wounding one of the Indians set off to form the new town of Woburn; and fatally, as the body was afterward found burwhen the church was established in Woburn ied under the leaves where his companions in August, 1642, Samuel Richardson and his had laid him. The fact of his being wounded brothers, with four others, formed the nu- was shown by traces of blood which led to the

place of concealment after being shot; and at Woodward. 4. Lydia, born about 1730, marthis place the Indians left behind them a bun ried, January 16, 1755, Abijah Fuller. 5. dle of linen in which was found the scalps of David, born February 24, 1732. 6. Samuel, one or more of their victims.

born April 25, 1734, married (first) DecemSamuel Richardson married (first) Martha ber 11, 1760, Sarah Parker; (second) Febru

who died December 20, 1673; (sec ary 6, 1764, Sarah Holland. 7. Jeremiah, ond) September 20, 1674, Hannah Kingsley, born March 13, 1736, married, day 7, 1761, who was killed by the Indians, April 10, 1676; Dorcas Hall. 8. Moses, born May 17, 1738, (third) November 7, 1676, Phebe, daughter of married, April 26, 1763, Lydia Hall. 9. CapDeacon Baldwin. She died October 20, 1679, tain Aaron, born October 2, 1740, married and he married (fourth) Sarah, daughter of Ruth Stingley. 10. Abigail, born May 16, Nathaniel Hayward, of Malden.

She sur

1743, married, March 28, 1765, Aaron Fiske. vived him and died October 14, 1717. Sam 11. Ebenezer, born June 14, 1745, married, uel Richardson had in all fifteen children, four May 3, 1770, Esther Hall. 12. Elizabeth, born by his first wife, one by his second wife, one September 15, 1748, married, January 18, by his third wife, and nine by his fourth wife: 1770, Daniel Richards. 13. Thaddeus, born 1. Samuel, born November 5, 1670, married May 29, 1750, married Mary Sanborn. 14. (first) Su annah Richardson; (second) Es Sarah, born August 25, 1755. 15. Mary, born ther 2. Thomas, twin with Samuel,

March 23, 1757 killed by indians, April 10, 1676. 3. Eliza (IV) Davil (2), son of David (1) and beth, borr, about 1672, married Jacob Wyman. Remember (Ward) Richardson, was born in 4. Martha, born December 20, 1673, died No Newton, Massachusetts, February 24, 1732, vember ( 1677. 5. Hannah, born April 11, died in Monmouth, Maine, May 27, 1825. He 1676, kied by Indians, April 10, 1676. 6. made his home in Newton until about the time Zachariah, born November 21, 1677, married, of his second marriage, then removed to PearFebruary 14, 1699-1700, Mehitable Perrin. 7. sontown, now Standish, Maine, lived there Thomas, born August 18, 1681, died Septem from 1778 to 1807, when he took up his resiber 9, 1681. 8. Sarah, born August 20, 1682, dence in the town of Vonmouth. He married married William Chubb. 9. Thomas, born (first) February 13, 1755, Mary Hall, born September 25, 1684, married Rebecca Wy- March 7, 1734, died 1775, daughter of Edman. 10. Ebenezer, born March 15, 1686-87. ward and Mary (Miller) Hall, of Newton. 11. Infant son, born August 17, 1689, died Married (second) September 20, 1778, Hansame day. 12. Hannah, born August 11, 1690, nah Mills, born June 3, 1748, died June 10, married - Pratt. 13. Eleazer, born Feb- 1809. David Richardson had sixteen children, , ruary 10, 1692-93. 14. Jonathan, born July nine by his first and seven by his second wife: 16, 1696, married Abigail Wyman. 15. David, 1. Sarah, born August 25, 1756, died young. born April 14, 1700.

2. Mary, born March 23, 1757, married Isaac (III) David, youngest of the fifteen chil Small. 3. Thomas, born November 2, 1758, dren of Samuel (2) and Sarah (Hayward) young. 4. David, born March 20, 1761, Richardson, was born in Woburn, Massachu- married, July 1, 1784, Sarah Wiley. 5. Josetts, April 14, 1700, died in 1770. He was seph, born July 3, 1763, see below. 6. Elisha, a blacksmith by trade, and lived during the born March 21, 1766, married Dorothy Frost. greater part of his life in the town of Newton, 7. Jonathan, born September 10, 1768, marMassachusetts, where he died. He married ried, March 14, 1790, Mary Thomas. 8. Hul(first) May 21, 1724, Esther, daughter of Ed dah, born May 13, 1771, married, September ward Ward, of Newton; she died February 26, I, 1791, Ephraim Brown. 9. Edward, born 1725. Married (second) October 19, 1726, 1773, died young. 10. Hannah, born August Remember, daughter of Jonathan Ward, and 4, 1779, married Captain Jonathan Moore. II. cousin of his first wife; she died in August, Esther, twin with Hannah, married 1760. Married (third) January 28, 1762, Abi Rich. 12. Saralı, born April 27, 1781, died gail, daughter of Joseph Holden, of West 1786. 13. Thomas, born April 27, 1781, twin minster; she died August 5, 1777. David with Sarah, married (first) Mary Aver; (secRichardson had fifteen children: 1. Esther, ond) Mary Dearborn. 14. Nancy, born Octoborn 1725, married, November 15, 1750, Elisha ber 8, 1782, married Captain Artemas RichFuller. 2. Edward, born February 26, 1726. ardson. 15. Lucy, born October 8, 1782, twin Children by second wife: 3. Jonathan, born with Nancy, married Philip Ayer. 16. WilJuly 1, 1727, married, October 31, 1751, Maryliam, born September 4. 1784, married Lydia

died young

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