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Ayer. The last seven children, all of the sec teacher in the common schools. He was a ond wife, Hannah (Mills) Richardson, were farmer by principal occupation and owned an at one time rocked together in one cradle. excellent farm in the town of Baldwin. He.

(V) Joseph, son of David (2) and Mary was a deacon in the Congregational church in (Hall) Richardson, was born in Newton, Mas Baldwin and also in Sebago from the time of sachusetts, July 3, 1763, died in Baldwin, organization in 1821 until his death. He was Maine, February 21, 1836. He went from a revolutionary soldier and served under GenNeuton to Standish in 1778 with his father's eral Peleg Wadsworth. He was one of the family, and about 1785 settled in Baldwin, original trustees of ministerial and school then called Flintstown, where he was one of funds until his death. He was clerk of said the oldest settlers. At that time the region boards for several years, selectman, assessor round about Baldwin was an almost unbroken and superintending school committeeman at wilderness, and there he built his log cabin on various times, also justice of the peace. About the southerly slope of Saddleback mountain, the year 1832 he changed his residence to a in a rough and densely wooded locality, but in more easterly part of Baldwin, where he died a region where the soil was rich and very pro- September, 21, 1848. Deacon Richardson ductive. A few old apple trees still remain to married, May 26, 1808, Charlotte Thompson, mark the spot where his cabin was built. He born May 2, 1786, in South Reading, Massamarried, about 1782, Mary Carpenter, born chusetts, now Wakefield, died in Baldwin, May 25, 1754, died September 23, 1848. Chil Maine, February 26, 1843, daughter of Isaac dren: 1. Samuel, born Standish, Maine, May Snow Thompson, M.D., and his wife, Char26, 1782, died March 14, 1785. 2. Abigail, lotte (Hay) Thompson. Dr. Thompson was born Standish, January 10, 1784, married, a physician in Baldwin, Maine, the eldest son September 8, 1805, Benjamin McCorison.


of Daniel Thompson, who was killed by a Joseph, born July 3, 1785, married Charlotte British grenadier in the retreat of the British Thompson. 4. Sarah, born Baldwin, June 22, troops from Concord, April 19, 1775. He had 1787, married, September, 1810, Eleazer Marr. enlisted from Woburn. Charlotte (Thomp5. Samuel, born May 1, 1789, married (first) son) Richardson

active, devoted June 3, 1813, Sarah Mansfield; (second) Christian; she was the first person to teach a Hannah Towle. 6. Huldah, born July 11, grammar school in Baldwin. Soon after their 1791, married, October 19, 1815, Barnabas W. marriage Mr. and Mrs. Richardson removed. Sawyer. 7. Ephraim, born June II, 1793, to a place in Baldwin, on the westerly slope married (first) October 22, 1822, Charlotte of Saddleback mountain, where all of their Wellington; (second) January 12, 1843, Mary eleven children were born. Children: I. Sprague. 8. Mary, born May 22, 1795, mar Charlotte Thompson, born May 20, 1809, died ried, 1817, Dudley Moody. 9. Hannah, born July 29, 1811. 2. Mary, born April 1, 1811, December 22, 1798, died February 11, 1799. married, March 5, 1838, Rev. Elkanah

(VI) Deacon Joseph (2), son of Joseph (1) Walker, who was a missionary, and shortly and Vary (Carpenter) Richardson, was born after their marriage they removed to Oregon, in Standish, Maine, July 3, 1785. He spent then a sparsely settled country, and here the his young life in a log cabin in the wilds of Rev. Mr. Walker began his labors; theirs was Maine. Soon after birth his parents removed the first white male child born west of the with him from Standish to Baldwin, then Rocky Mountains; Mrs. Walker died at the called Flintstown, from Eleazer Flint, one of age of eighty-six years, retaining her faculthe early settlers and a large proprietor of ties to the last. 3. Joseph Carpenter, born that township. Joseph committed to memory March 3, 1813, graduated from Bowdoin Colselect verses and hymns from a fragment of lege, class of 1840. 4. Daniel T., born Aua book which, together with a well worn copy gust 8, 1815. 5. Charlotte, born July 19, 1817, of the Scriptures, constituted almost the entire married, December 17, 1851, Joseph E. Smith. family library. In a log hut, by the corner of 6. Phoebe P., born July 30, 1819, died Februa large fireplace, by the light of pitch-pine ary 15, 1859; married, October 21, 1847, Rev. knots, he learned to cipher on a piece of whet- John H. Merrill. 7. Samuel Stone, born April stone. In these simple ways his education 21, 1821, died 1903; went to California in commenced, and he always took pleasure in 1849, returning in 1893. 8. Isaac Thompson, adding to it. He attended the common born October 5, 1823, died October 5, 1852; schools of his day, and later Fryeburg Acad- married, August 1, 1849, Maria Duncklee. 9. emy, and subsequently became a successful Ebenezer, born May 29, 1826, died March 29,

1829. 10. John, born November 19, 1828, died and whose friendship he retained to the last. February 27, 1848. 11. Persis Hannah, born The late T. B. Reed was a personal friend and April 2, 1831, died February 22, 1850.

entertained at the home of Mr. Richardson. (VII) Hon. Daniel Thompson, son of Dea- He took great pride in the accounts which it con Joseph (2) and Charlotte (Thompson) was necessary for him to keep in connection Richardson, was born in Baldwin, Maine, Au- with the various offices which he held, and gust 8, 1815, died May 12, 1890. He was these accounts were marvels of neatness and given a good early education, and at the age positive accuracy. At one time, while calling of eighteen years began teaching school. He at his house, it became necessary for Confitted himself for college at the seminary in gressman Reed to examine a set of the town Readfield, Maine, and graduated from Bow- books kept by him, and, after spending doin College with the class of 1841. After some hours with them, he said: “In all my leaving college he taught school for about one experience with the accounts of public offiyear and then, because of impaired health, cers, I have never seen a set of books kept so abandoned the life of a pedagogue and began neat and accurate." His death was a loss, not farming, which line of work he followed five only to the town of Baldwin and the county years. Later on, however, he removed to of Cumberland, but as one of the prominent, East Baldwin and engaged in mercantile pur- useful, public men of the state of Maine who suits, in which he continued for thirty-eight for nearly a half century had with unswerving years, all of which time he was postmaster of fidelity served the best interests of the comBaldwin ; was town clerk for more than thirty- munity, and his example of the highest type seven years; trustee of the ministerial and of citizenship will long be remembered. school funds forty-four years; member of the Daniel Thompson Richardson married, Auschool board over forty years; selectman, as- gust 8, 1843, Eliza Ann Sawyer, born in Baldsessor and overseer of the poor twenty-five win, July 17, 1820, died January 16, 1897, years, acting as chairman of all these boards a

daughter of Ebenezer, a soldier in the war of great many times; trial justice of Cumberland

1812, and Mary (Parker) Sawyer, of Baldcounty about forty years, and during this time win. Besides the ancestors, mentioned above, did a large amount of the probate business of who were in the revolution, there was also the town; and in a large measure acted as John W. Fuller, an ancestor of Mary Parker legal adviser for people of the town; he was Sawyer, who enlisted from Dedham and was also a surveyor and did the surveying for wounded in the Narragansett fight. Children Baldwin and surrounding towns. In 1850 and of Mr. and Mrs. Richardson : 1. Howard again in 1870 he took the census of the town Thompson, born April 17, 1845, served in the of Baldwin. After the close of the civil war Twenty-fifth Regiment of Maine Volunteers; he was United States claim agent, and also for married, January 18, 1866, Abbie C. Graffam, some time was deputy United States marshal. born April 2, 1843. Children: i. Edwin F., In 1860 he represented the towns of Baldwin born August 22, 1866, married Cecelia Minton and Harrison in the state legislature, and in and had Helen and Anna; ii. Hattie, married 1865-66 was senator from Cumberland county. Ernest C. Bauckman and had Clara C., Marion During the earlier part of his active life, while M., Howard C., and Harry W. 2. Joseph a teacher, Mr. Richardson taught in about Carpenter, born August 14, 1846, served in thirty-five schools. It is probable that no man the Twenty-sixth Regiment, Massachusetts of the past or present has ever taken a more Volunteers; married, February 24, 1872, active part, for so long a period, in the affairs Mary Laura Senior, of Philadelphia; Joseph of any one town in the state of Maine as did Carpenter died November 22, 1872. 3. Mary Senator Richardson. He was a public man in Elizabeth, born May 21, 1848, died September the highest sense of the word and endeavored 2, 1851. 4. Leland Sawyer, born January 21, to carry out every trust reposed in him with 1850, in Standish, married Mabel F. Ayer. 5. strictest integrity. He was a deep thinker and Daniel Thompson, born July 1, 1852, married a great reader, and he was especially profi- Nellie Gurney and had Edward and Florence. cient in the languages and mathematics. His 6. Mary Charlotte, born in Baldwin, January house was always open to his friends who 22, 1854, married Charles F. Gould and had were numbered among the most influential George P., who died at six years of age. 7. men of the state of Maine in his day and time. John Samuel, born August 25, 1855. 8. Ann As a student he attended college with ex-Gov- Eliza, born February 15, 1858, married Ether ernor Frederick Robie and other men who E. Flint; children: Annis B., Mary C., Fanlater became prominent in the affairs of state nie P. 9. Clara Augusta, born Baldwin, Jan

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