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Mahomet arose in a part of the Grecian Ema pire—and that he arose when the eastern die vision of the Roman Empire was considered as the Greek Empire, and in the latter time of that kingdom. It is certain too, that the core ruptions of the eastern churches had arisen to their full height when this scourge of the Christian world stood up ;--and that “ the false Prophet, or Teacher,” of Arabia, who professedly propagated his religion by the sword, is strikingly delineated by “ a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences.” — “ And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power,” As the kingdoms of the West gave their power to the Beast, or Papal Antichrist, so have the kingdoms of the East given theirs to the Mahometan Antichrist. But I conceive this is not all that is here meant --" The dragon” gave his power to the beast, and “ the angel of the bottomless pit” led on the Saracenic locusts; and thus the angel may be understood to say, “ The power of this horn shall bę not merely that which is common to the conquerors of the East, such as the he-goat, or the four beasts in the former vision; it is to be directed and supported by super-human art and strength; which shall enable it to de. stroy wonderfully, to prosper and practise, and z 3


destroy the mighty, and the holy people,” that is, both Jews and Christians. — “ And * through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand,” or “ shall cause fraud

and deceit to prosper, and he shall magnify · himself, and by peace shall he destroy many,”

or, “ in times of tranquillity he shall destroy multitudes u.” The policy and craft for which the Mahometan powers are notorious *, unquestionably agree with this description; and the titles which their chief assumes, of “ God on Earth, The Shadow of God, Brother to the Sun and Moon, The Giver of all Earthly Crowns y,as perfectly accord with the Prophetic intimation, that he should " magnify himself.” Such titles were indeed common in the East, among the antient Heathen potentates ; but they are utterly inconsistent with true religion, and have ever been so considered by Jews and genuine Christiáns ?. The multitudes which allured by promised " peace,” left the cross of Christ for the crescent of Mahomet; and

Wintle's Version of Daniel. . * « In a word, lust, arrogance, covetousness, and the most exquisite hypocrisy, complete their character.” Maun. drell, p. 149.

y Sce Ricaut's State of the Ottoman Empire.

z The titles assumed by the Pope are however strikingly, fimilar. .

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the luxury, effeminacy, and licentiousness, which are the allowed habits and proposed rewards of the followers of this pretended Prophet, may perhaps be allowed to explain " by peace he shall destroy many;" but as this power is yet existing, we may surely suppose it may hereafter become more clear, if this explanation be not perfectly satisfac


The angel having thus intimated, as I apprehend, that this formidable power Thould remain some time at rest, as it were, adds, " And he shall (also] stand up against the Prince of princes, but he shall be broken without hand.”- The perfecuting spirit of Mahometanism certainly corresponds with the opposition implied in this expression, marks its origin, and distinguishes the 'motives and views which actuate this power, from those which are the common causes of war and conquest among the rulers of the earth, but can hardly be considered as its full import. -- If this expression be confined to the Mahometan power, we may look to the future for a more literal accomplifhment, and suppose the angel to say, “Besides these wars against the sanca fuary and the holy people, and the covert mischief which he fhall be permitted to do, this power shall at last openly direEt his opposition against the Prince of princes -- then will the time come when he shall fall before him, like the image and the horn of the fourth beast in the former visions.” This passage however, and several others in the latter part of this Prophecy, will be found to agree very remarkably with the distin£t picture which I understand to be given in the Revelations, of the Infidel power; and if these paffages be allowed to refer to that as well as to the Mahometan power, the meaning of the angel may be then supposed to be, “ The power, of whom I now speak, who is to arise in the latter times, shall spring from the fame fource, and be of the same nature as the little horn in the former vifion--and his mark shall be, opposition to the Prince of princes, as it was in the horn of the fourth beast. - By this shall these peculiar powers be distinguished from the kings of the earth, and by this shall their common fate be foreknown-- they shall be broken without hand - not by the usual course of events - but they Thall fall before the son of man, when he cometh to take possession of his kingdom"_" And the vifion of the evening and morning is true. Wherefore shut thou up the vision, for it fall şe for many days."Surely this repetition



confirms the opinion that these predictions concern the latter times.

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Fourth Vifion.The King” of the Weft.

In the following vision the angel first declares, “ Now I am come to make thee understand what shall befal thy people in the latter days; for yet the vision is for many daysa." —Daniel had been previously informed of the precise time when the Messiah was to appear, and when“ he should be cut off, though not for himself;" and also, of the subsequent destruction of the city and the sanctuary, and “ of the desolations determined unto the end of the war, eyen unto the consummation, and that determined shall be poured out upon the desolate," or as it is in the margin of the English Bible,“ upon the defolator b."

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a Daniel x. 14. b My plan confines me to that part of this wonderful Prophecy, which appears to relate to Antichrist - or “the war between the Dragon and the Lamb," (see Rev. xii.) but I must beg the Reader to peruse the fixteenth of Bishop


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