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who refer that Prophecy solely to the Papal Power of Rome. This point will be exas mined presently. The following observa tions I would be understood to offer as core jęctureonly; but I dare not offer even a gonjecture relative to Prophecies which are not yet fulfilled, without stating the grounds upon which it is founded. It is very gene. rally allowed that the, fix yials are poured ow during the sixth trumpet, and that the seventh trumpet and seventh yial are contemporary. The fixth vial is poured out upon the great river Euphrates ja and the water thereof is dried up, that the way of the kings of the East: may be prepared.". Considering ithe Turkish power as originating in the Euphrates. (if I may fo speak), and that this river runs through the Afiatie part of their empire, I suppose the seat of the Afiatic Antichrist the Turkilb Empire, -- will either fuffer very considerable diminution, or be entirely removed, under the sixth vial. -- This opinion does not imply the destruction of Mas · hometanifm, any i more than the fifth vial implies 'the destruction of Popery -- but I think both the fifth and fixth vials will pro duce the decay and downfal of the power of both, though both will continue to exift s till the time of the end.” It should be X4


observed, that is the way for the kings of the Eaft" is 4s only preparedby this vial; they do not even appear, nor is there any thing more faid of them under that title The explanation and the consummation of the “ mystery” is reserved for the seventh trumpet nothing even seems to conclude till then. The seven vials are poured out in fucoefpon; but it does not follow that one ends when another begins ; on the contrary, I think it bigbly probable that the first will continue to the seventh. We find that the Fird of the seven vials was poured out upon the men“ which had the mark of the beast, and upon them (also) which worshipped his image":" In short, after considering the contents of the vials, and comparing them with history and the prefent state of the world, I think it appears that the feventh vial will find all the fix former vials,

' • Various have been the conjectures concerning these «Kings of the Eaft :" fome believe them to be the Eastern hations fome the tex tribes of Israel concealed in Tar. pary, or India - fome the Jews, or the twelve tribes collectively from the whole world - fome, the restoration of the Christian religion in its antient churches. It is not perhaps impossible to reconcile most of these opinions with each other....si - ron : iis , . - Rev. xvi. 2.


plaguing the earth--the first having had the longest and the sixth the Portest run. Aco cording to this mode of interpretation, Antichrift in all its forms - Heretical, Papal, Mahometan, and Infidel - will be upon the stage in the last scene of this great drama, and will all have their place in the final catastrophe.

General View of the Prophecies of Daniel. ::: Firft Vifon.---The IMAGE.

Before I proceed to state the grounds upon which I have ventured to found the opinion, that Infidelity is the third branch or form of the predicted Antichrist, I must request the Reader to take a general view of the Prophecies of Daniel, which will indeed lay before him a complete view of the whole subject, and afford additional evidence to the harmony of the prophetic fcheme.

The diffidence natural to a mind strongly impressed with the importance and facred nature of the subject it is about to difcufs, rendersi me anxious 3 to-conduct the Reader by a regular train of leftablished interpretation and accomplishinent, to the great points which form a material part of my hypothefis; and: I trust it will be allowed, that the following short, account of the Pro phecies concerning the four great empires, places the different origin of the powers which I apprehend to be diffinet from each other, in a conspicuous light. Upon a matter of such high-importance the ferious in. quirer after truth will value caution more than brevity.


“The golden head of the image!,” which Nebuchadnezzar faw in his dream, indifputably fignifies the Babylonian or Aflyrian Empire. it rinnois!.; 2 . Libri ini! ..." The breasts and arms of silver" -- the Medo-Persan Empire.-The-arms are gene

: Daniel ii. 3F, &c. : It appears from ancient coins and medals, that cities and people were often represented by figures of men and women. A great terrible human figure was therefore an emblem of human power and dominion ; and the various metals of which Nebuchadnezzar's image was composed, may be supposed to typify the relative importance of the various kingdoms which, lhould arise in the world. Newton, Dillo 13.:"is



rally fupposed to signify the two kingdoms of the Medes and Persians, which united and destroyed the Babylonian, and formed the Persian Empire.

« The belly and thighs of brass” - the Grecian Empire. — The Greeks were famous for their brazen armour.--The belly is fupposed to distinguish the Macedonian Empire under Alexander; and the thighs, the Syrian kingdom under the Seleucidæ, and the Egyptian kingdom under the Lagidæ, or Ptolemies; which were two of the four horns which we shall find came up in the place of the great born of the he-goat; that is, two of the divisions of Alexander's dominions after his death the other two, Macedonia and Bythinia, were soon fubdued by these, and became parts of their kingdoms. ,,

.“ The legs of iron, and the feet of iron mixed with clay" -- the Roman Empire in all its statęs. --The two legs of iron are supa posed by some to mean the two Roman Consuls; and it is certain that the similitude of the Consular government was continued after the government became Imperial; for the Emperors had almost constantly Asociates in the Empire, besides continuing the form of the


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