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an able Tract, which we have been accidentally prevented from noticing at some length, entitled The Policy of England towards Spain, and which is generally understood to have proceeded from authority. We here learn that Mr Honan, after having resided at Don Carlos' headquarters, and written letters in support of the Carlist cause, which appeared regularly in the Morning Herald, signed with his name, attempted to return to Madrid, but was stopped at Barcelona, in consequence of orders received from the Government; and that he afterwards, in spite of these orders, succeeded in reaching Madrid by a different route. Upon his arrival there, he waited upon the British ambassador, Mr Villiers, and informed him that he had returned to Madrid against his own will, and in spite of his having represented to the proprietors of the above Newspaper, the personal danger he should incur; as well as the political impropriety he should commit by visiting the capital of Spain, at a moment of great popular excitement, and when his opinions and his correspondence were publicly known. The Prime Minister also waited upon Mr Villiers, and informed him, upon the report of the Civil Governor, that the appearance of Mr Honan had caused great dissatisfactionthat he was generally believed to be an emissary from the Pretender—and that in the event of any tumult his life might be in danger. To prevent disastrous consequences, he therefore proposed to send Mr Honan away by Cadiz, or by the frontier of Portugal. Mr Villiers stipulated that Mr Honan should be allowed to take his own time for departure, and choose his own road. Mr Honan refused, however, to do either; and he was consequently conveyed by an officer of Police to the frontier.

The author of the Tract above-mentioned, goes on to show, that when disturbances were apprehended from the presence, in the capital, of a person who had come directly from the headquarters of the Pretender, from which he had written letters, proving him a warm partisan, the Spanish Government was justified in requiring him to leave Madrid. It is but an act of justice to Villiers to say, that he appears to us, in having procured for Mr Honan the choice of time for departure, and the road he would take, to have done all that the British Minister could have reasonably been called upon, or expected, to do.

No. CXXXII. will be published in July.


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