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death, and by his risyng to life againe, hath restored to vs euerlastynge life. Therefore. &c.

Upon the Assencion daye. THROUGH thy most dere beloued sonne, Jesus Christ our

1 Lorde, who after his moste glorious resurreccion, manifestly appered to all his disciples, and in their sight ascended vp into heauen, to prepare a place for vs, that where he is, thither mighte we also ascende, and reigne with hym in glory. Therfore. &c.

( Upon Whitsondaye. THROUGH Jesus Christe our Lorde, accordyng to whose

1 moste true promise, the holy Ghoste came doune this daye frõ heauen, with a sodain great sound, as it had been a mightie wynde, in the likenes of fiery toungues, lightyng vpon the Apostles, to teache them, and to leade them to all trueth, geuyng them bothe the gifte of diuerse languages, and also boldnes with feruent zeale, constantly to preache the Gospell vnto all nacions, whereby we are brought out of darkenes and error, into the cleare light and true knowlege of thee, and of thy sonne Jesus Christ. Therfore. &c.

( Upon the feast of the Trinitie. TT is very meete, righte, and oure bounden duetie, that we I should at al tymes, and in al places, geue thankes to thee O Lorde, almightye euerlasting God, whiche arte one God, one Lorde, not one onely person, but three persones in one substaunce: For that which we beleue of the glory of the father, thesame we beleue of the sõne, and of the holy ghost, without any difference, or inequalitie, whom the Angels. &c.

After whiche preface shall folowe immediatly. Therfore with Angels and Archangels, and with all the holy companye of heauen : we laude and magnify thy glorious name, euermore praisyng thee, and saying:

Holy, holy, holy, Lorde God of Hostes: heauen & earth are full of thy glory: Osanna in the highest. Blessed is he that commeth in the name of the Lorde: Glory to thee O lorde in the highest. This the Clerkes shal also syng. ( When the Clerkes haue dooen syngyng, then shall the Priest, or

Deacon, turne hym to the people and saye. Let vs praie for the whole state of Christes churche.

( Then the Priest turnyng hym to the Altar, shall saye or syng,

playnly and distinctly, this prayer folowyng. ALMIGHTIE and euerliuyng God, whiche by thy holy A Apostle haste taught vs to make prayers and supplicacions, and to geue thankes for al menne: We humbly beseche thee moste mercyfully to receiue these our praiers, which we offre vnto thy diuine Maiestie, beseching thee to inspire cotinually the vniuersal churche, with the spirite of trueth, vnitie and concorde: And graunt that al they that do cõfesse thy holy name, maye agree in the trueth of thy holye worde, and liue in vnitie and godly loue. Speciallye we beseche thee to saue and defende thy seruaunt, Edwarde our Kyng, that vnder hym we maye be Godly and quietly gouerned. And graunt vnto his whole coūsaile, and to all that be put in aucthoritie vnder hym, that they maye truely and indifferently minister iustice, to the punishemente of wickednesse and vice, and to the maintenaunce of Goddes true religion and vertue. Geue grace (О heauenly father) to all Bishoppes, Pastors, and Curates, that thei maie bothe by their life and doctrine, set furthe thy true and lively worde, and rightely and duely administer thy holy Sacramentes. And to al thy people geue thy heauenly grace, that with meke heart and due reuerence, they may heare and receiue thy holy worde, truely seruyng thee in holynes and righteousnes, all the dayes of their life: And we most hūbly beseche thee of thy goodnes (O Lorde) to coumfort and succour all them, whyche in thys transytory life be in trouble, sorowe, nede, syckenes, or any other aduersitie. And especially we commend vnto thy mercifull goodnes, this congregacion which is here assembled in thy name, to celebrate the commemoracion of the most glorious death of thy sonne: And here we do geue vnto thee moste high praise, and hartie thankes for the wonderfull grace and vertue, declared in all thy sainctes, from the begynning of the worlde: And chiefly in the glorious and moste blessed virgin Mary, mother of thy sonne, Jesu Christe our Lorde and God, and in the holy Patriarches, Prophetes, Apostles and Martyrs, whose examples (o Lorde) and stedfastnes in thy fayth, and kepyng thy holy commaundementes: graunt vs to folowe. We commend vnto thy mercye (O Lorde) all other thy seruauntes, which are departed hence from vs, with the signe of faith, and nowe do reste in the slepe of peace : Graūt vnto them, we beseche thee, thy mercy, and

euerlasting peace, and that at the day of the generall resurreccion, we and all they which bee of the misticall body of thy sonne, may altogether be set on his right hand, and heare that his most ioyfull voyce: Come vnto me, O ye that be blessed of my father, and possesse the kingdom, whiche is prepared for you, from the begynning of the worlde: Graunt this, O father, for Jesus Christes sake, our onely mediatour and aduocate.

O God heauenly father, which of thy tender mercie, diddest geue thine only sonne Jesu Christ, to suffre death vpon the crosse for our redempcion, who made there (by his one oblacion once offered) a full, perfect, and sufficient sacrifyce, oblacion, and satysfacyon, for the sinnes of the whole worlde, and did institute, and in his holy Gospell commaund vs, to celebrate a perpetuall memory, of that his precious death, vntyll his comming again : Heare vs (o merciful father) we besech thee: and with thy holy spirite & worde, vouchsafe to blesse and sanctifie these thy gyftes, and creatures of bread and wyne, that they maie be vnto vs the bodye and bloude of thy moste derely beloued sonne Jesus Christe. Who in thesame nyght that he was betrayed: tooke Here the

prieste must breade, and when he had blessed, and geuen thankes : he brake ?

be take the bread it, and gaue it to his disciples, saiyng: Take, eate, this is my into his hundes. bodye which is geuen for you, do this in remembraunce of me.

Likewyse after supper he toke the cuppe, and when he had Here the geuen thankes, he gaue it to them, saiyng : drynk ye all of this, for p

take the Cuppe this is my bloude of the newe Testament, whyche is shed for you into his hundes. and for many, for remission of synnes : do this as oft as you shall drinke it in remembraunce of me.

These wordes before rehersed are to be saied, turning still to the

Altar, without any eleuacion, or shewing the Sacrament to the

people. W H ERFORE, O Lorde and heauenly father, accordyng to

MV the Instytucyon of thy derely beloued sonne, our sauiour Jesu Christ, we thy humble seruauntes do celebrate, and make here before thy diuine Maiestie, with these thy holy giftes, the memoryall whyche thy sonne hath wylled vs to make, hauing in remembraunce his blessed passion, mightie resurreccyon, and gloryous ascencion, renderyng vnto thee most hartie thankes, for the innumerable benefites procured vnto vs by thesame, entierely desiryng thy fatherly goodnes, mercifully to accepte this our Sacrifice of praise and thankes geuing: most humbly

beseching thee to graunt, that by the merites and death of thy sõne Jesus Christ, and through faith in his bloud, we and al thy whole church, may obteigne remission of our sinnes, and all other benefites of hys passyon. And here wee offre and present vnto thee (0 Lorde) oure selfe, oure soules, and bodies, to be a reasonable, holy, and liuely sacrifice vnto thee: humbly besechyng thee, that whosoeuer shalbee partakers of thys holy Communion, maye worthely receiue the moste precious body and bloude of thy sonne Jesus Christe : and bee fulfilled with thy grace and heauenly benediccion, and made one bodye with thy sonne Jesu Christe, that he maye dwell in them, and they in hym. And although we be vnworthy (through our manyfolde synnes) to offre vnto thee any Sacryfice: Yet we beseche thee to accepte thys our bounden duetie and seruice, and commaunde these our prayers and supplicacions, by the Ministery of thy holy Angels, to be brought vp into thy holy Tabernacle before the syght of thy dyuine maiestie: not waiyng our merites, but pardonyng our offences, through Christe our Lorde, by whome, and with whome, in the vnitie of the holy Ghost: all honour and glory, be vnto thee, O father almightie, world without ende. Amen.

Let vs praye. A Sour sauiour Christe hath commaunded and taught vs, we A are bolde to saye. Our father whyche art in heauen, halowed be thy name. Thy Kyngdome come. Thy wyll be doen in yearth, as it is in heauen. Geue vs this daye our dayly breade. And forgeue vs our trespaces, as wee forgeue them that trespasse agaynst vs. And leade vs not into temptacion.

The aunswere.
But deliuer vs from euill. Amen.

Then shall the priest saye.
The peace of the Lorde be alwaye with you.

The Clerkes.
And with thy spirite.

The Priest.
YHRIST our Pascall lambe is offred vp for vs, once for al,

when he bare our sinnes on hys body vpon the crosse, for he is the very lambe of God, that taketh away the sinnes of the

worlde: wherfore let vs kepe a joyfull and holy feast with the Lorde.

Here the priest shall turne hym toward those that come to the holy

Communion, and shall saye. V OU that do truly and earnestly repent you of your synnes

I to almightie God, and be in loue and charitie with your neighbors, and entende to lede a newe life, folowyng the commaundementes of God, and walkyng from hencefurth in his holy wayes: drawe nere and take this holy Sacrament to your comforte, make your humble confession to almightie God, and to his holy church here gathered together in hys name, mekely knelyng vpon your knees. Then shall thys generall Confession bee made, in the name of al

those that are minded to receiue the holy Communion, eyther by one of them, or els by one of the ministers, or by the prieste hymselfe, all kneling humbly vpon their knees.

LMYGHTIE GOD father of oure Lord Jesus Christ, maker A of all thynges, iudge of all men, we knowlege and bewaile our manyfold synnes and wyckednes, which we from tyme to tyme, most greuously haue committed, by thought, word and dede, agaynst thy diuine maiestie, prouoking moste iustly thy wrath and indignacion against vs, we do earnestly repent & be hartely sory for these our misdoinges, the remembraunce of them is greuous vnto vs, the burthen of them is intollerable: haue mercye vpon vs, haue mercie vpon vs, moste mercifull father, for thy sonne our Lorde Jesus Christes sake, forgeue vs all that is past, and graunt that we may euer hereafter, serue and please thee in neunes of life, to the honor and glory of thy name : Through Jesus Christe our Lorde. Then shall the Prieste stande vp, and turnyng himselfe to the

people, say thus. ALMIGHTIE GOD our heauenly father, who of his great A mercie, hath promysed forgeuenesse of synnes to all them, whiche with hartye repentaunce and true fayth, turne vnto him: haue mercy vpon you, pardon and delyuer you from all youre sinnes, confirme and strēgthen you in all goodnes, and bring you to euerlasting lyfe: through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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