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with barsh words also, of holy prayers which for a thousand years rose through the aisles of our Village, equally with our Cathedral Churches, and of solemn rites by which devotion was not only quickened, but directed also to its proper end. Very much of this must in charity be attributed to ignorance: passing by of course the few whom no argument will reach, and with whom Genevan prejudice is infallible. Let then the documents themselves be produced, and I cannot but believe that that extreme and injudicious, because indiscriminating, love of present observances will become temperate : and with a better knowledge, we shall seek to regain the good things which may have been taken from us, and speak plainly, and claim undoubtingly, and insist with all earnestness upon the privilege of still possessing, many means, as well of conveying as of receiving grace, which we cannot help acknowledging, we had almost lost.

There certainly is daily, whether it be well advised or not, an increasing, though not as yet a loud demand for a convocation of the Church of England : a convocation, I mean, in fact, and not in mockery: a convocation which shall shew, by being permitted to deliberate and act, that the State to which the Church of England is bound, can protect as well as injure Her. When it does meet, the Book of Common Prayer will not fail to come before its notice: and upon the one side there will be members who, following the steps of their predecessors one hundred years ago, will attempt to bring in latitudinarian opinions, and infect with the heresies of Calvin and Zuingle and Luther, our established Forms: upon the other side there will be men advocating the restoration of serious errors of the Church of Rome,


from which we have so long been free. Surely, then, there is cause for making every effort which shall smooth the path to that great source of Catholic Truth, Catholic Antiquity.

To contend for matters in which the very essence of the means of Grace is to be found, will be very different from disputes about vestments and church ornaments, although in their due order they also are of great importance. Why do not some attempt to settle that dispute, so far as we are now concerned, by obeying the rubric which is so insisted on? Where is the Minister of the Church of England at the present day, whatever his degree, who does obey it ? and yet, all have sworn to observe it. Nay more: would obedience be passed over by our rulers with no more remark or token of dislike than disobedience has been ?

I would add that the book to which the above remarks have been prefixed is intended for the clergy, and from its title will be hardly one which will either attract the notice or fall into the hands of the laity. Hence, I have said, or rather have repeated, some things already often said by others in every age since Christianity was published, which, all-important as they are, in these times mere caution and the fear of being misunderstood would have reserved in general discourse, or in so called popular works.

One word also as to the Notes which are added at the end of the volume. Any person who is at all conversant with the subject will at once see, that they cannot even pretend to being a shadow of a Commentary upon the text. A large library might be formed consisting only of books illustrating and explaining the ancient


Liturgies of the Western Church. I shall be well satisfied if some one of them only may prove useful, by exciting a spirit of inquiry, and a desire to be better informed in this most important branch of Christian learning

Broadleaze, near Devizes,

June 19th, 1844.

1. Ordinarium Millae.

11. Canon.

Ordinarium Millae.


EBOR. Ad missam dicendam Ad missam di- Quando presbyter ladum sacerdos induit se cendam exe- vat manus suas ante sacris vestibus dicat cutor officii missam dicat hanc ohymnum :

cum suis mi- rationem :
nistris seindu-
ant. Dum in-
duit se sacer-
dos vestibus
dicat hunc

ENI Creator spiritus : mentes tuo-

rum visita : imple superna gratia, quæ tu creasti pectora. etc. V. Emitte spiritum tuum et creabuntur. R. Et renovabis faciem terræ. ! Oratio.

EUS cui omne cor patet et omnis TARGIRE sensi

voluntas loquitur, et quem nullum L bus nostris omnilatet secretum : purifica per infusionem potens Pater : ut sicut sancti Spiritus cogitationes cordis nos- hic abluuntur inquinatri: ut perfecte te diligere et digne menta manuum, ita a laudare mereamur. Per Christum. te mundentur pollutio

nes mentium, et crescat in nobis augmentum sanctarum virtutum.

Per. Deinde sequatur An- Deinde seq. tiph.


An. NTROIBO ad al- TNTROI INTROIBO ad altare.


1 tare.

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