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THE THANKSGIVING CHORUS. Mr. Gore's father then struck Elder Dor- him. Other men then appeared upon the

rity with his fist, but did not injure scene, but he outran them all and made By Clara Broughton Conant.

him. Friends intervened and prevented his way back to the church, where he A chorus of praise from a nation! any further trouble.

remained all night. Could our Father but hear it today

Pike county produces the usual mob. The Elders in the Middle Tennessee No heart that refused its oblation, Too ungrateful to sing or to pray!

who sent a bundle of hickory switches Conference were having splendid Like a wind that sweeps over the ocean,

to Elders May and Haycock. The people cess. They were traveling in the disWhile the sunlight is smiling above, also held a public meeting denouncing tricts where President Woodruff had Would be the grand pulse of emotion Uniting all souls in his love! the “Mormons."

traveled before the war.' Oh, think how his mercies are thronging

In Orangeburg, S. C., some mobbers During the six months ending Feb. 28 Around us and crowning our days;

lived. Elders W. H. Allen and J. T. the Elders had performed 124 baptisms, Cold hearts that can cherish no longing Tanner went into the town to preach. A blessed sixty-three children, disfellowTo join in the service of praise!

house was promised to them, but was shipped seven and located a number of My country! Think how he watched o'er us When many predicted our fall,

finally refused at the needed time. They Saints who had been lost track of. And join every voice in the chorus went about distributing tracts and had

(To be continued.) That ascends to the Father of all!

nearly finished their task when a mob asDear souls, we have watched for the morn

sailed them, casting stones and pieces of ing. ice at them. Further than a broken hat

In the mission that blossomed so fair, no damage was done.
Who feared lest that beautiful dawning

Should be veiled in the mists of despair: Elder J. W. Sykes was traveling alone. American Journal of Sociology.
Who with faith and love's sweet self-denial | He went to the small railroad town of The result of an analysis of a series
Praise him, we are safe through the trial, White Plains, where he held a meeting; of legal actions involving persecution of
And unite for another brave year!

A large crowd turned out to meet him and crime supposedly committed under the

paid devoted attention to him. At the Oh, enter his courts with thanksgiving, An eager and jubilant throng;

close of the meeting he had an experience spell of fanatical religious beliefs serve Wonld all were athirst for the living that many of us pass through—no one to to illustrate this point. Thus the ConOf the life that itself is a song! invite us home.

vulsionists, a sect existing in Paris about Athirst for the heavenly fountains,

Flowing bright in Emmanuel's ways; Waiting until the crowd had dispersed. 1760, were wont to crucify members of Then from seashore and valley and moun- he went in search of entertainment. He their order, in emulation of the crucifixion tains

had proceeded but a short distance when of Jesus, in the belief that the souls of the Would rise the glad chorus of praise.

he was accosted by a young man riding

a horse, who inquired Brother Sykes' surviving members would be saved by the History of the Southern States Mission.

business. Learning his trouble, he kindly sacrifice of their fellows. In 1817 the (Continued from page 401.)

offered to take him home. The invitation “Paeschelians," an Austrian sect, mur

was graciously accepted. They went dered a man, his wife and their daughter, The year 1893 came with chilly blasts down the road a short distance, when the under the delusion that the trio, who and weeping heavens. The adversary was voung man, pointing to a house, said : very alert and caused the brethren much “You go up to the house and I'll be refused to go with the fanatics, were trouble. Mobs were organized and the up directly, when I put my horse up." possessed of the devil. On the following cloven foot was very much in evidence. learned that a family of negroes lived ber, a girl of 18 years, who had suffere:1

Brother Sykes went to the house and day they crucified one of their own numSouth Carolina was much disturbed over there. Seeing the cruel joke, he returned herself for the death, in imitation of the the actions of a Mr. Gore, an apostate, to the road. Continuing down the road, death of Jesus, in order to save the souls who emigrated to l'tah in 1892 and soon

he soon met two other men, who also in

quired Elder Sykes' business. · When in- of her fellow-believers. In 1823 the leadreturned dissatisfied.

formed, they offered their hospitality to er of the Pietistic circle in Switzerland, Jan. 22 Elders Dorrity and Patrick him, which he eagerly accepted. The after having dispatched her sister, who were holding a meeting at Pineway. S. trio started through the woods, suppos- gave her life as a means of saving the C. Gore, with 100 followers, was in atedly going to the homes of these two men. souls of her relatives, was crucified by tendance, and after Brother Dorrity had they feigned to be lost and asked Brother order that she might die, rise again after

After walking some distance in the woods her followers at her own command, in concluded his remarks he was approached Sykes to pray. He then began to per- three days, and restore to life the sister by Gore, who called him an untruthful ceive their motives and refused. saying whom she had slain. In 1865 two mothperson and accused him of not being hon- he thought he would return to the road. ers, adherents of the “Holy Men,” slew est. Elder Dorrity, with much complais- Suiting the word to the action, he turned their sick children, believing them to be ance, told Mr. Gore that it was unwise and was about to he seized, when he com- victims of demoniacal

possession. In menced running. Being fleet he soon ran 1875 a Hungarian miller. belonging to to talk as he was, and that such words away from his captors, when they began the “Nazarenes,” killed his son seldom came from the lips of gentlemen. I shouting at him, and also shooting at offering for his own sins, after the fash

as an



ion of Abraham. In 1870, in Irkutsch,

A Clergyman on the “Mormons." communications received through mediRussia, ope of the “Schismatics" con

ums, which are said to be so remarkable vinced himself by prayer and fasting and According to the Hartford, conn., Post in the knowledge which they imply, that much Scripture reading that to save his of Monday, Oct. 9, Rev. Joseph Waite de- those who receive them are driven to consoul he must be crucified. Accordingly livered a discourse at Unity Church on

clude that they come from the spirits of

persons who lately lived on earth. Το he attempted self-crucifixion, and succeed

the previous Sunday, on his observations the average observer spiritualism seems ed so far as the circumstances of the ease would permit. In 1830, in the govern- among the “Mormons.” The paper gives a labyrinth of frauds and mysteries, some ment of Perm, Russia, a peasant killed this summary of his remarks:

deep, some shallow, wherein those who his child as an offering for sin, and buried “Mr. Waite admitted that he entered wander grope from delusion to delusion,

and arrive nowhere. The cry is not so the body in an ant bill. Likewise, in the state of Utah with a prejudice against much that all spiritualism is false, as the government of Vladimir, another peas- the Mormon sect. But the highly cultiant killed both his children in due Abra- vated and irrigated fields, the broad streets that whether false or not, it is all unprofitbam form, and while the babies bled under and avenues and magnificent buildings

able. That is the usual attitude the inthe father's knife, the devout mother cele- which burst into view as the train rolled telligent public has toward it, and it is brated the service by reading aloud select- into Salt Lake City after a tedious ride based on observation which is wide if not ed portions of the twenty-second chapter across the arid plains, dissipated the idea profound. For though we hear of repof Genesis. In 1854, in the government that a people who are looked upon as

utations damaged and lives apparently of Tamboff, Russia, a peasant, convinced polygamists must of necessity live in a

misdirected as a result of spiritualistic that to save his soul a man must have

experiments, we rarely hear of persons squalid condition. But the thrifty cona sin to repent of, killed a neighbor with dition of their homes and places of busi- whom spiritualism has helped. The quest

trivial and disconcerting; not usean axe in order to satisfy this highly imness was ‘an eye opener' and prompted

ful. perative condition.

investigation in every direction, and the It is part of the creed of the "Wander- statistics of the Mormon settlement as

Few of us think that spiritualism will ers," a Russian sect, that Antichrist rules compiled by the federal authorities, they to the satisfaction of the scientific mind.

ever prove the immortality of the soul in high places there and that, accordingly, being non-XIormonists, were searched for Still, when Prof. Hyslop, of Columbia good men must have naught to do with information as to their social relations University, declares that that very thing governmental affairs of any sort. In con- and public conduct. It was learned that is about to be done, we are quite ready formity with this belief, a man murdered. in the jails and reformatories the percent: to give him our attention. We have in various ingenious ways, twenty-five age or Mormons imprisoned was so small heard before of Mrs. Piper, the Cambridge men, women and children, including his that they may be said to be a non-criminal medium, who has been for ten or twelve own wife and babies, in order to free people. them from the danger of losing their souls

“There has been year after year when years in the charge of the Psychical Re

search Society. We know that she is by suffering the contaminating contact of there was not a representative of the looked upon as a remarkable medium, and the government census taker.

This OC- sect imprisond in the jail of Salt Lake that the closest watching for years past curred in 1897. The “Deniers.". another City. Of the thirty-five gambling houses has failed to detect her in deceit. It is quite interesting Russian sect, believe that of the city not a person connected with through her Prof. Hyslop says that the evil taints all earthly good, and that the them was a Mormon. Of the houses of ill proofs which he finds satisfactory have only escape is death. In 1865 sixty of fame of the city not a Mormon woman

They have come, then, by a nothese men, strong in the faith, after hav- was an inmate. There are no drunkards table and reputable route, and they are ing murdered their wives and children,

or illegitimate children among them. A endorsed by an observer whose endorsepermitted themselves to be put to death, further study of their history and cus

ment is probably as good as can be given, one by one, by their leader. The “Scourg- toms showed that the Book of the Mor; for Prof. Hyslop is not only a man of ers," who also form a widespread and in- mons on which their religious and social high character but of a ripe experience in fluential sect in Russia, in obedience to customs are founded never did nor does matters of this sort. the behests of their "saviors," are in the it now, advocate polygamy.

Psychology is his

specialty. He knows the tricks of comhabit of indulging in human sacrifices, the men who have taken a plurality of mercial spiritualism, and has often detectcannibalistic feasts, erotic dances, and wives, who have borne them children, deed and exposed them. It is human to other lewd procedures, as an extremely efclare that they will never abandon those err, and it is entirely possible that his cerficacious method of keeping the hand of women and their offspring.

tainties may turn vague on exposure, and evil from off their immortal souls. So

“Mr. Waite said that

the Mormon that his conclusions will not stand; but the “Muckers,” of Koenigsberg and the Church was growing at a rate that out. certainly his proofs deserve and will recelebrants of the black mass in Paris strips any other sect in the country, but ceive respectful inspection. afford further examples of the use of a polygamy is not encouraged. The Mor

But, of course, the question is not ritual of erotism, coupled with a prac- mons have suffered much in the way of whether or not we are going to believe tice of the most abandoned and obscene persecution at the hands of non-Mormons, the soul immortal, but merely whether behavior, to promote the eternal welfare but like the Jews of old,


we shall consider these newly advertised of the soul.”

from their possessions they began the proofs of it are worth anything. Most With such evidence as this, how can struggle for a living in a new country and of us instinctively believe in a future life neople say, who profess to know Jesus have always succeeded, and their growth it is, and will go on believing in it howChrist, that the satisfaction manifested and prosperity at present indicate that

ever new proofs may triumph or fail. by the conscience is a sure guide, and if their many virtues appeal to many pure. We think there must be a future life. It a "good conscience," or contentment of minded people who adopt their creed."

is not improbable. What is grossly immind is enjoyed by professors of religion The Post adds :

probable is that there is none. The wonthey will be saved, regardless of their be- “The lecture abounded with facts and der is not that there should seem to be lief? Can anvone deny that the neople figures relating to those people, which feeble glimmerings of intercourse between aforementioned were not sincere and had

a revelation to the hearers, and us who are still here and those who have a satisfied conscience to hear them out in they left the church with a different opin- gone before. The wonder is that it has their dreadful religious rites?-Ed. ion of the Mormons' than when they en-proved to be so extraordinarily difficult

tered it. It is hoped the lecture will be to speak across a grave. Prof. Hyslop The Worst Ever. repeated."

has probability overwhelmingly with him Burgling Bill-Is he lazy? Why, hon- It is so unusual to hear anything favor- in his general contention. If we are not estly, if dat feller wuz goin' ter commit able of the Latter Day Saints from reli- agitated by his promises and impatient to murder, he'd do it in New York state, gious teachers, that the foregoing is quite read his disclosures, it is because proofs so's he could sit down when he died.- refreshing. In the main it is correct, þut of the sort he deals with have heretofore Kansas City Independent.

still there are some inaccuracies as may been inconclusive and disappointing. For

be expected from one not perfectly fa- some reason the life of earth seems to He served His Time.

miliar with the doctrines and claims of have been isolated. We scarcely even our people.

dream of what life may have preceded it, Lonisville Post.

and though we do dream much about the Kind Old Lady-Poor man! You look

A Vain Seeking.

life that is to follow, we gather surprisas if you had seen better days.

ingly little information about it. Mr. Willie Deadtired—I have, madam. Scribner's Magazine, Once I dwelt in granite halls.

The recent announcements by several Coffee has its name from Caffa, the Kind Old Lady-And why the loss of

men of science that they believe that they Arabian port whence it was first brought such a home?

have sure proofs of the immortality of the to Europe. Mr. Willie Deadtired-My term ex

soul may not be so important as they pired.

seem to the gentlemen who make them, Beauty in a woman is like the flowers One who has a mind to think will soon but at least they are interesting. The in spring; wut virtue is like the stars of have a thinking mind.

proofs that are relied upon are chiefly I heaven.



* but


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rifice at Calvary on our memories that A LITERARY CURIOSITY.

He permits us all to partake of the emEditorial Thoughts, Juvenile Instructor.

blems--the bread and wine. As an ob- (Each line of the following poem, as it The question has been asked, "What ject lesson it would not be as effective appeared in the St. Louis Republic, is said shall be done with the broken bread that took, or, indeed, if it were extended to if the President of the meeting alone par- to be a quotation from some one of the

standard authors of England and America, remains untouched after the sacrament the Priesthood only. But so that we may

and is the result of laborious search among of the Lord's supper has been adminis- all remember Him, all who are members

the voluminous writings of thirty-eight leadtered ?" of the Church are permitted to partake, ing poets of the past and present. The num

ber of each line refers to its author below): We reply, in the first place, the officiat. as are also the unbaptized children who ing Elders or Priests should endeavor not have not reached the years of full

LIFE. to break much more bread than is need- | countability.

1--Why all this toil for triumphs of an ed; in other words, they should adapt the We remember once visiting a branch in

hour? amount broken to the number present to England where the strange practice pre

2-Life's a short summer, a man, a flower; whom it is to be administered. If any vailed of breaking the bread some time 3-By turus we catch the vital breath and remains over it should be returned to the before the meeting opened. After being

die care of the brother who provides the broken it was put away on plates in the The cradle and the tomb, alas, so nigh. bread for the ordinance, and he should be desk on the top of which it was after

5-To be is better far than not to be, admonished to see that it is not used for wards blessed. This custom affected us

6–Though all man's life may seem a tragimproper purposes; for instance, we do quite painfully, as we felt that it was an

edy; not think it should be fed to the fowl or unwarranted departure from the custom

7.-But light cares speak when mighty griefs swine, or carelessly thrown away in the of the Savior and the prevailing practice

are dumb, street, or back yard, or elsewhere. of the Church, a departure from which

8--The bottom is but shallow whence they We learn from the writings of the early no advantage could in any way be gained. Christian fathers that it was the custom It was, on the other hand, not only un

9-Your fate is but the common fate of all; in the ancient Church in the days of the desirable in itself, but was a dangerous 10–Unmingled joys, here, to no man befall

: Apostles and their immediate successors, example which might lead to other unaufor the Deacons, after the sacrament

thorized changes in other ordinances; for 11-Nature to each allots his proper sphere, meeting was closed, to carry the bread to

we realized that by practices such as this 12-Fortune makes folly her peculiar care; the homes of those Saints who from sick the ancient Church gradually departed 13–Custom does not often reason overrule, ness or other justifiable causes were prefrom the true order of God, and estab

14-And throw a cruel sunshine on a fool; vented from being present at the assem

lished the errors and mummeries that bly of the Saints. Those thus kindly re

destroy the efficacy in modern Christian 15–Live well, how long or short permit, to membered partook of the bread with sectaries not only of the sacrament, but 16–They who førglve most shall be most forgladness. We have known this to be of other ordinances of vital importance

given. done in these days, and believe such ac

to all who are seeking salvation. Where tion, whether by the Deacons or others, the Lord has condescended to give us a

17—Sin may be clasped so close we cannot to be justifiable and praiseworthy, but form of words or a manner of procedure 18-Vile intercourse where virtue has not in the organized wards of the Church, it in the performance of any ordinance in

place. should be done with the knowledge and His Church, we should esteem it a pleasconsent of the Bishop. The Lord has

ure and a duty to observe strictly what 19—Then keep each passion down, however not commanded that the emblems of His the Lord has revealed and neither add 20-Thou Pendulum betwixt a smile and infinite sacrifice should only be partaken to nor diminish from His expressed

tear; of at a public meeting or on a certain wishes and commands. Where no exact day. We make this observation as we

formula is given of Him we are safest 21--Her sensuai sneers, let faithless pleasure have heard of brethren claiming that the in following the usual practice of the 22–With craft and skill to ruin and betray; sacrament could only be properly admin-Saints, sanctioned by the presence or istered on the Sabbath. Neither the reyteachings of "those who hold the keys." 23—Soar not too high to fall, but stoop to

rise, elations of the Lord nor the practice of/ Then for the rest, let the Holy Spirit 24–We masters grow of all we must despise. the Saints justifies such a conclusion. We guide us as to the details and the exact have had the pleasure of partaking of language to be used. If we are living 25–Oh, then, renounce that impious self

esteem; this ordinance in the house of the Lord our religion as faithfully as we should be, on other days than Sunday when the pro- there is little fear of our going far astray 26-Riches have wings and grandeur is a

dream. ceeding was sanctioned by the presence while we thus officiate as His servants.

27-Think not ambition wise because 'tis and participation of all the general au

brave, thorities of the Church, and was under


28—The paths of glory lead but to the grave. the immediate direction of our Prophet, seer and revelator, God's earthly mouth-Lines on the death of Sister Ethel Lowry 30-Only destructive to the brave and great.

29-What is ambition !-'tis a glorious cheat, piece, both him who now lives and those Reid, by Sister Rhoda Watson Smith, who have gone before.

Manti, Utah.)

31-What's all the gaudy glitters of a crown? 32-The way of bliss lies not on beds of

It has also been asked, "Is it right and Dear Father, Mother,, do not weep.
proper to use at the ward sacrament

Tho' your dear child was from you torn,
And in the silent grave will sleep

33—How long we live not years, but actions meeting in the afternoon or evening the Until the Resurrection morn.

tell; bread that remains over from the admin

34That men live twice who llve the first

life well. istration of the ordinance in the morning God sent to you that gentle flower, at the Sunday School ?" No, we consider | But in an unexpected hour

35--Make, then, while yet ye may, your God such an act improper. The breaking of You had to bear her to the tomb.

your friend,

36-Whom Christians worship, yet not comthe bread is a part of the ordinance "Twas but the clay you carried there,

prehend. which should always be performed in the Dear Ethel you again will meet.

37-The trust that's given guard; and to meeting, and at the time that it is par Methinks I see her form so fair taken of. To do this at any other time Waiting her loved ones all to greet.

yourself be just; 38-For liye we how we can, yet die we

must. lessens the solemnity of the rite and robs To that bright world, where pain and care, it of much of its symbolism.

Parting and sorrow will be o'er,

They'll gladly bid you welcome there, 1: Young; 2, Dr. Johnson; 3, Pope; 4, We partake of the sacrament, for one She, and her brother, gone before.

Prior; 5. Sewell; 6, Spencer; 7, Danlel; 8. most important reason, that we may al

Sir Walter Raleigh; 9, Longfellow; 10, SouthAh! yes, and here's her baby, too,

well; 11, Congrove: 12, Churchill; 13. Rochways remember that sacred body, that

Think you he's left without her care?

ester; 14. Armstrong; 15, Milton; 16, Bailey: was offered up for our salvation, by Xo! No! She'll ever watchful be

17, Trench; 18, Somerville; 19, Thompson; 20, which the ransom was paid and we were That he with you might join her there.

Bryant; 21, Smoillet; 22. Crabbe; 23, Mas.

singer; 24, Cowley; 25, Beattie; 26, Cowper: brought into communion with the Father, So Brother, Sister, cease to grieve,

27, Sir Walter Darenport; 28, Gray; 29, Wiand made heirs of salvation and joint It pained you with your child to part, lis; 30, Addison; 31, Dryden; 32, Francis heirs with Him who made the sacrifice. (ur Father will that pain relieve;

Quarles; 33, Watkins; 34, Herrick; 35, MaTo rob the ordinance of any of its signifi

And He will help you bear the smart. son; 36, Hiil; 37, Dana; 38, Shakespeare. cance by omitting any of its parts is not Oh! but a tear brings such relief

(ince I was pure as the snow, but I fellpleasing to the Lord, for to do so obyi- When hearts are filled to overflow,

Fell like a snowflake, from heaven to hellIt will assuage the keenest grief

Fell, to be trampled as filth in the streetously weakens the intent for which it

When to His will we're called to bow. Fell, to be scoffed at, spit on, and beat; was established as an ordinance of the

Praying, cursing, wishing to die, everlasting Gospel. So effectually and Then drop a tear, and gently weep

Selling my soul' to whoever would buy,

For that lov'd form that's 'neath the sod, | Dealing in shame for a morsel of bread, permanently does the Lord wish to imShe is not dead, she rests in sleep,

Hating the living, and fearing the dead. press the remembrance of that great sac- Her spirit hath return'd to God.



Per year

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weeds. “If he sows the wind he reaps

the whirlwind," and therefore the intelliIn our second volume it will be our gent farmer will apply God's gracious most earnest endeavor to fulfill the heart

sun and rain to the best advantage; harfelt wishes of all and supply some food ing a belief and faith, which is a perfor reflection that will be for the future reap, and he applies this faith by planting

fect assurance that what he sows he will good of our readers. Our acquaintance corn, and tilling it, and otherwise workthrough the Star has been pleasant; if ing ito until it matures and is ready for

we have your confidence and friendship the harvest. Thus we see grace, faith, Publlahod Wookly by Southern Status Mission Church it will be our pleasure to retain them. / and works and a grand result. of Josus Chrlot of Latter Day Saints, Chattanooga, Toan. and do such things as will strengthen tire failure without the other, and the

Any one of these gifts would be an enthose ties. When we were young we re- belief in the Lord Jesus Christ alone is $1.00

ceived many impressions, good and evil, not adequate to salvation. James says, Torms of Subscription : Six months .50 (In Advanco) Throe months .25

many of which were learned through in his second chapter, that "faith without

things we read. We have possibly read works is dead" and that "the devils beSingle Coplos, 5 Cents.

lieve and tremble." So we should be of the bold highwayman, the bloodthirsty careful how far we allow ourselves to Subscribers removing from one place to another, Indian, or perchance the noble patriot, rely upon the grace of God. His Gospel and desiring papers changed, should always give the hero and other worthies. All such ship is freighted and sailing toward the former as well as present address, by postal card or letter.

created impressions, either good or evil. Millennium. Its officers, Apostles, ProphEntered at the Post Ofice at Chattanooga, Tenn., as

Our intention is to produce only those ets, Seventies, and Elders, have control, second class matter. articles that will impress readers to be life buoys of grace are being distributed

under the great Captain, Jesus, and the Correspondence from all parts of the missionary good, virtuous, honest and holy, to strike in all the world; but the poor sinner who field is solicited. Give name and address, or articles out for whatever is right and manly; to is floating on the sea of life would rather will be rejected. Write on one side of paper only make principle and not popularity, one

drown than apply the effort and faith when sent for publication, either ehminate or reject any communication sent in. milestone in your career, in short, to do and be saved, and will rather float to

necessary to grasp that God's life buoy, Address Box 107

good. To make it available we have his doom, while the ship takes two of a SATURDAY, LECEMBER 2, 1899.

placed the subscription price at $1 for family and one of a city, who are of the this volume.

seed of Israel, and carries them safe to

Zion, where they learn more of the ways ARTICLES OF FAITH

of their great Captain, and go on to per


Would that all could fully appreciate LATTER-DAY SAINTS.

Modern Christianity has been for ages the grace of God so as to love Him and 1. We believe in God the Etoros) Father, and in Bis Son

relying upon the grace of God for salva- keep His commandments, which is Jour Christ, and in the Holy Ghost.

2. Wo bollore that men will be punished for their own tion, and have entirely neglected the equivalent to doing good works, and doo, sod, not for Adam's transgression.

d. We believe that, through the atonement of Christ al) weightier matters, thinking that by a obeying His laws. Then we can come to mebkind may be saved, by obedience to the laws and ordi. Diece of tb Gospel.

simple belief in the Nazarine Jesus, who perfection; as He desires us to be per4. We believe that the first priociples and ordinances of

fect. Let us follow the admonition of the Gospel are: Pint, Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ ; second, dwelt in Judea 1900 years ago, their sal- John when he speaks of the Saints and Ropontanco; third, Baptism by immersion for the remission ol aldo; lourth, Laying on of Hands for the Gift of the Holy

vation is secured. In consequence of this, says, "hereby we do know that we do Obost. 6. w. believe that a man must be called of God, by

many Priests waft into the arms of know Him, if we keep His command prophecy, and by the laying on of bands," by those who are

Jesus, men accused and guilty of the ments. He that saith, I know Him, and Id authority, to preach the gospel and administer in the ordi. most wicked crimes.

keepeth not His commandments, is a liar

Murderers from 6. Wo beliove in the same organization that existed in

and the truth is not in him." (John 2-3.) the primitivo church- namely, Apostles, Propheta, Pastory, the scaffold are swung by the neck into “But if we walk in the light as He is in Teachers, Evangelista, eto. .7. We beliovo in the gift of toogues, prophecy, rovelation,

the arms of Abraham-saved in the King- the light, we have fellowship one with visions, bealing, interpretation of toogues, etc.

dom of God (?). Criminals of all de- another and the blood of Jesus Christ 8. We beliovo the Bible to be the word of God, ts far us it la translated correctly; we also believe the Book of Mormon

scriptions are made secure by acknowl- His Son cleanseth us from all sin.” (I 9. We beliove all that God has revealed, all that He dòno

edging a simple belief in Jesus, and by John 1). "Then are we in very deed the dow roreal, and we believe that He will yot reveal many great mourning at a penitent form, and exhiband important thing pertaining to the Kingdom of God.

sons of God, and it doth not yet appear 10. We believo in the literal gathering of leraal and in the iting a worldly sorrow.

that we shall be; but we know that, when restoration of the Ten Tribes; that Zion will be built upon Such preposterous innovations coming He shall appear, we shall be like Him; this (tho American) continent; that Christ will reigo person. ally opon the earth, and that the earth will be renewed and

from the dark age, are from beneath, not for we shall see Him as He is. And receive its paradisiacal glory.

from God. Of course the devil can quote every man that hath this hope purifieth 11. Wo claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty

God according to the dictates of our conscience, and allow all Scripture, as we find by reading the himself, even as He is pure.' men the unde privilego, let them worship bow. wbero, or what tboy way.

temptations of Christ. The servants of The whole teachings of the Gospel of 12. Wo bellove in being sobject to kings, presidents, rulers, the devil can also place a wrong construc-Jesus induces faith and works, and a and magistratos; in obeying, honoring and sustaining the la.. ILOW. beliove in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent,

tion on the word of God, as they do in heartfelt gratitude to God, for the gravirtuous, and in doing good to all mon; indeed, we may way these latter days, and you often hear cious gift of His Son; with the bounteWhat we follow the admonition of Paol, "We believe all things, hope all things," we bave endured many things, and bopo

great sermons preached from the follow- ous plan of redemption to the whole huto be able to ondoro all things. If there is anything virtuou, ing text: “By grace are ye saved through man family, who will be saved in the

poly, or of good report or praiso vorthy, we vook attor bons daca-JOSEPH SMITE..

faith; and that not of yourselves; it is a due time of the Lord by His grace, and gift of God." (Eph. 2-8.) Also, “God so

their faith and works. loved the world that He gave His only And he gave some, Apostles; and some, begotten Son, that whosoever believeth modern Christians will learn to obey

May the time speedily come when Prophets; and some, evangelists; and in Him should not perish, but have ever-God, and keep His commandments, and some, pastors and teachers; for the per-| lasting life." (John 3-16.) fecting of the Saints, for the work of

not depend wholly upon His grace.

The above, of course, deals directly on the ministry, for the edifying of the body the grace of God, who is indeed gracious Christ; till we all come in the unity of to His children, in Sending His Son, as

Thanksgiving each year brings many the faith and the knowledge of the Son of that is really the foundation of the happy reunions around the family board. God, unto a perfect man, unto the meas- Christian religion. Therefore, God's The hearts of the fathers are turned to ure of the stature of the fulness of grace and charity are at the foundation their children, and the hearts of their Christ; that we henceforth be no more of our faith. We cannot be saved with children to their fathers. Family ties children, tossed to and fro, and carried out grace, we cannot be saved without are strengthened and love for each other about with every wind of doctrine, by faith, and we cannot be saved without increased. It is a rekindling of the fire the sleight of men, and cunning crafti- works.

of love and reliance in God, without ness, whereby they lie in wait to de

To illustrate, if a farmer owned 100 which nations perish. Long live Thanksceive. (Eph. 4.)

acres of good land, which God had giving day. There is no place in the Bible where blessed with His sun, and with His rain, it says these important officers were to in fact, He might be very gracious to that Brethren-We hope you did not miss be done away—they were to remain in land; as to its environments, it might be

the turkey. the Church until we all come in the capable of producing abundantly. But unity of the faith. Are we all in the if the farmer is devoid of faith, and uaity of the faith? Are they in the works, he will never expect anything but Never be persuaded contrary to your Church?

a harvest of thorns, briars, and noxious | better judgment.

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to be the word of God.

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