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said to me.” She suffered greatly all that day, but frequently observed, What are my sufferings compared with Christ's on the cross.” When asked if her nearest and dearest relatives should be sent for, she said she should like to see them, but lest she should die before they arrived, she left messages for them. For a cousin, nearly her own age, whom she tenderly loved, she prayed fervently, that she might seek an interest in Christ, and entreated her mother to talk with her, that she might not have a Saviour to seek on her death bed.

During the sabbath she was read to nearly the whole day, and many times did she wish her mother to pray. To one of her aunts she observed, “ Before next Sunday these hands will be in the dust.” On the Monday she was again worse ; and having said she did not think she should live through the day, she took leave of all the relations who were near her, in a most affecting manner, addressing them one by one. She asked some where they placed their trust ? and entreated them if they wished to meet her in heaven, to go to Christ, for in him were placed all her hopes; she told them how thankful she felt for pious parents, and warned them to train up their children in the fear of God. To one who was aged, she observed, “ There is mercy at the eleventh hour; but it is hard trusting to a dying bed; what should I do now, if I had a Saviour to seek?” Monday passed as the preceding day. Tuesday she was in the same peaceful frame: after parting with her brother, she fell asleep, and on awaking she spoke of the “ Rose of Sharon,” and of the beautiful vision in the Revelation, and exclaimed, Oh, that all the world were converted to Christ!” She sang occasionally; but on that day she seemed to have caught the notes of a brighter sphere, whilst singing, “ Guide me, O thou great Jehovah.” That afternoon her uncle and aunt from a distance were scarcely alone with her before she asked them to pray; when her aunt had implored that the everlasting arms of love and mercy might lie beneath her, and grant an easy dismissal, she said with great animation, Thank

you, dear aunt. His arms have been, and they are beneath me, and I hope and think they will to the end, and then all will be well.” The hymn, “ Lord, I am thine, but thou wilt prove,” was read at her request, and when the verse, “Oh, glorious hour! Oh, blest abode !” was concluded, she requested it to be repeated.

The religious instruction received when in health, returned with the power of a mighty rushing wind, thus encouraging Christians to expect the fulfilment of the truth, Though the promise tarry, it will come, and will not tarry, Hab. ii. 3. A few days after when hope was given by the medical attendant,


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she told her parents she had no wish to live, unless she could do something for the glory of God. She longed to go home, as she termed her departure from this world. From the 5th of May she prayed aloud, but previously requested every one to leave the room, stating as a reason, that she did not wish to be thought like the Pharisees: some who heard her were astonished at her fervent supplications, not knowing what it was to be taught by the Spirit of God. After giving her hymn book to her mother, she said, “ You will like to know which are my favourite hymns; I will tell you: they are,

Jesus, lover of my soul.' 'Oh for a closer walk with God.' • Guide me, Othou great Jehovah.' 'Am I a soldier of the cross ? There is a land of pure delight.'' At eight o'clock in the evening, she asked her father to go into the adjoining room whilst she prayed; on his re-entering the apartment, some hymns were repeated to her, and the conversation was on the bright realities of heaven, the joy of that state where the sabbath knows no end. When the bed was making, she said, “ Make haste, I want to have a long night's rest.” On being placed in it, her father engaged in prayer, but scarcely had he commenced, when she said, down,” and after giving two sighs, her happy spirit, there is no doubt,

entered, through the sufferings and merits of her adorable Redeemer, the heavenly Jerusalem. Her age was twelve years and three months. The gracious dealings of God to this dear child were dwelt upon by her respected minister, who improved the event in a striking manner from the words, “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth,' Eccles. xii. 1. May the Lord cause this imperfect sketch to be carried home to the hearts of some of the rising generation, and may they unite with her in singing, “Worthy is the Lamb that was slain from before the foundation of the world."

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ANN BULLEN'S WALK. OBJECTS which lead us to compare the past days of darkness with the increasing knowledge and light of the present time, must ever be interesting to the Christian, and will readily call up heartfelt emotions of gratitude to that God who has caused all things to work together for good, that his purposes of mercy might be accomplished towards our favoured land.

A highly interesting scene was witnessed during the summer season by the writer, very near 'a spot which bears the name of Ann Bullen's Walk. It was the anniversary of a flourishing Sunday school in the town of R- After the earlier services, the numerous friends of the institution as

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sembled together to conclude the day. A spacious tent in a neighbouring field was erected, and tastefully adorned with green boughs and a profusion of flowers; numerous tea trays, liberally stored by the friends of the school, were gratuitously supplied, in order that the remuneration made by the assembly for their tea, might be devoted entirely to the benevolent objects of the school.

Around the tent various striking mottoes met the eye, and the whole, though so animated and cheerful a scene, was conducted with the greatest quiet, order, and propriety. The evening was concluded by reading the Report, and several excellent addresses were made, setting forth the value of such institutions, animating the hearts of those who had been active in such labours of love, and cheering the hopes of those who were looking on anxiously to the time when the knowledge of the Lord should cover the earth as the waters cover the face of the mighty deep. While witnessing this cheering scene, within sight of the fine old trees which form an avenue called Ann Bullen's Walk, and an ancient hall, said to have been once the home of her family, who could help reverting to the time when her influence was used by an over-ruling Providence as one of the means of forwarding the then dawning reformation; when the dark night of superstition was yielding to the day-star of truth, spreading Bibles, and tracts, and Sunday schools throughout our land? How has the little one become a thousand, the stream of knowledge widened to a mighty river, since the days of 1535!

SUCCESSFUL PERSEVERENCE. A LOAN tract distributor, at Christ Church, going to a village to distribute tracts, called on an old woman, who angrily rejected her little messengers of mercy, saying, she felt quite safe in the prospect of eternity, and closed the door against her. This, however, did not prevent a second visit; when the old woman, with much surprise, exclaimed, “What! have you come again? I will not have my mind disturbed with your books. I have been a good mother and a good wife, and all will be well with me.” The distributor, after some diffi, culty, prevailed on the old woman to receive a tract, and left with her No. 367, “ Plain Words for those who can Read but Little.” At the end of six weeks she called again, when the mind of the aged female was so far subdued, that she allowed the distributor to sit down to read the tract. A holy change has followed these Christian and persevering efforts, and the once scornful Pharisee is now a humble Christian.




I WILL tell you why I like the tracts of the Religious Tract Society.

1. Because they set forth man in his true character, that he is a fallen being, and unable to repair himself either by his good works or any thing else.

2. Because they set forth the Lord Jesus Christ in his true character, and his once suffering death for sinners; that he is a suitable Saviour for their every need, care, circumstance.

3. Because they set forth the Trinity in Unity and the Unity in Trinity, that there is but one God, and three Persons in that one God, one in essence, in character, and in perfection.

4. Because they set forth the Scriptures as their standard. They take the Bible; and all not founded upon the Bible they discard as injurious.

5. Because of the spirit in which these tracts are written. They are written in a Christian spirit, free from all bigotry. Their one great and grand object is to promote the benefit of man and the glory of God.

These are a few of my reasons, who am an humble individual, and an humble supporter of the Religious Tract Society, why I like their tracts.

O my friends, help forward this great cause of Christ. Every one can give a tract; and some can give their time, some their money, and all their prayers in the furtherance of this great object.

Let us then go forward, and may the Lord bless us all, instrumentally, to the salvation of immortal souls, and give us to see that our labour is not in vain in the Lord.

S. L.

UNIVERSAL PHILANTHROPY. LOVE is a debt due to every man; “Owe no man any thing, but to love one another,” Rom. xiii. 8. This debt is owing from every man; it must be continually paying, and yet it is ever owing. The book of love must never be crossed; for although men do never so many kindnesses one to another, yet still more are owing. He that rendereth not love, payeth not his debts. This is a debt that grows due faster than it can be paid ; and it must be continually paying.

W. Gearing


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HOW much am I bound to God that hath given me eyes
to see this man's want of eyes : with what suspicion and
fear he walks! How doth his hand and staff examine his
way! With what jealousy doth he receive every morsel,
every draught, and yet meets with many a post, and stum-
bles at many a stone, and swallows many a fly! To him
the world is as if it were not, or as if it were all rubs and
snares, and downfals; and if any man will lend him an
hand, he must trust to his (however faithless) guide, without
all comfort save this, that he cannot see himself miscarry.
Many a one is thus spiritually blind, and because he is so,
discerns it not; and not discerning, complains not of so
woful a condition. The God of this world hath blinded

of the children of disobedience; they walk on in the

ways of death, and yield themselves over to the guidance of him who seeks for nothing but their precipitation into hell. It is an addition to the misery of this inward occasion, that it is ever joined with a secure confidence in those whose trade and ambition is to betray their souls.

TRACT MAG., THIRD SERIES, NO. 82, oct. 1840.

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