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admonitions, all tending to the confirming, strengthening, and building of us up in our most holy faith and hope towards God and our Lord Jesus Christ; and also for the ordering our conversations aright, and to bear our testimonies as christians faithfully in the world. And when divers (inclining to an undue liberty) against the counsel of God given them, run out into a spirit of strife and contention, and since into an open separation, whereby the tender-hearted, who abode in the truth, were sorely grieved and burthened, and became great sufferers, and were often distressed and bowed down; in this season of great exercise, did our dear friend, abovesaid, G. F. tenderly sympathize, and send many greetings of tender love, fatherly care and sound advice, whereby christian encouragement was received, and divine strength renewed unto them who were near ready to faint, who with joy to God's glory can testify, that he hath many times lifted up the hands that hung down, and strengthened the feeble knees: and although those contentious persons, in a spirit of strife opposed him in the work of God, seeking to lay waste and make void his labours, and to overcome him; yet the Lord bore him up, so that all his enemies by all their striving against him, were so far from prevailing, that they always wounded themselves against that rock whereon he was fixed. Wherefore we (many of us) having received much comfort and benefit, did look upon ourselves in duty obliged to give forth this short testimony, as a thankful remembrance of his labours and travels amongst us, desiring it may stand to posterity, for the honour and glory of the ever-living God, who so gloriously appeared, and dwelt, and wrought in him, which made him a blessing to the nation.

The 30th of the 11th month, 1691.

Oxfordshire Friends' Testimony-For that faithful and honourable servant of God, and minister of the everlasting gospel of Christ Jesus, G. F.

He was a true and faithful labourer in the work and service the Lord called him unto, in turning many from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to Christ, the power of the living God; and the Lord was with him, and made his work to prosper in his hand; insomuch, that in a short time, many that were as scattered sheep, that had no shepherd, were by him gathered (as an instrument in the hand of the Lord) to Christ, the true shepherd and bishop of the soul; for he came forth in the name of the Lord, in his mighty power, in the breaking forth or dawning of his glorious day, and sounded the trumpet out of Sion, that gave a certain sound (and an alarm from the Lord's holy

mountain) in this our age, which alarmed the nation, and awakened many of the inhabitants thereof unto righteousness; for the power of the word of the Lord through him, shook the sandy foundations of many, and overthrew the Babylonish buildings, which many people had built in the time of darkness and ignorance, and nature of unrighteousness; then was the deceitfulness of Babel's builders laid

open and discovered, which made them rage like the troubled sea (and to call to rulers to help them) and like the craftsmen of Ephesus, that made silver shrines for Diana, for they began to see their trade was in danger. (Oh!) the wonderful work of that time; this alarm was sounded from north to south through this valiant warrior of the Lamb, by whom the Lord wrought wonderful things, who never turned his back in the day of his spiritual warfare: some of us can well remember when he first came up out of the north country into the south parts, with dread, power and authority, which he was attended with from God, which made the hearts of many to fear and tremble; for many that were as sturdy oaks and tall cedars, high in notion and profession, were made to bow at the power of the word of his testimony: he was endued with a spirit of discerning of the false spirit, and opposed it, and gave a true and just judgment upon it, which was of a very great service to the church of Christ; for he was in the hand of the Lord as a wall of de. fence to the lambs and little ones of the flock of Christ, in the days of their infancy. As to his ministry, it was plain, yet powerful, consisting much in prophetical openings, declaring the day was come in which God was fulfilling the prophecies of the prophets, though not decked nor flourished with the words of man's natural wisdom, but delivered in the gospel simplicity, power and demonstration of God's eternal spirit, and in the wisdom of God, so known only to the truly sanctified. He was a man given up to serve the Lord, and to spend himself and be spent, endeavouring to promote the truth, that the knowledge of it might increase in the earth, and all sober-minded and well-meaning people, of what religion or profession soever, might be brought to the knowledge of it, that in it they might find rest and peace to their immortal souls, little minding the things of this world, but the things of God relating to man's happiness in the world to come.

He was a man greatly beloved; for all good people that truly feared God, and loved Christ the truth, that were acquainted with him, loved him for the truth's sake, and had an honourable esteem of him, as indeed he was worthy of double honour, who ruled well in the church of Christ; not seeking his own things, but the things of God, and the wel. fare, peace and prosperity of his church and people; not exercising lordship, or seeking dominion over them, but rather cherishing all the tender hearted; but a terror he was to the evil doers, and zealous in

his testimony against deceit, to the end of his time; for which cause
evil-minded men, hypocrites and deceivers, hated him: he was unto such
as a butt or a mark to shoot at; and it may be said of him in that re.
spect, as it was said of Joseph ; many archers shot at him, and they
hated and grieved him, but his bow abode in strength, when their's was
broken, and the arms of his hands were made strong, and continued in
strength by the hands of the mighty God of Jacob; and no weapon
formed against his life ever prospered; nor any tongue lifted up in judg.
ment, but was by his innocent life condemned, whereby he was made
to stand in his testimony to the end, over the heads of all his enemies, to
the finishing his course in faithfulness, and the laying down his head in
peace; and is (we are satisfied) at rest in Christ, whom he faithfully
served, and hath left a good savour behind him: so we shall conclude
with this short testimony, that he was a blessing in the hand of the
Lord to many thousands in this nation, and other nations, and his memo-
rial will live through generations to come; in whose behalf our souls
have cause to bless the name of the Lord, and to render to him the
praise, honour, glory and thanksgiving, for he only is worthy, who is
over all the heavens and the earth, God, blessed for ever, and for ever-




JOHN Watts,



John Long, Sen.





Whether they be in forms, without forms, or got above all forms.

A direction to turn your mind within, where the voice of God is to be heard,

whom you ignorantly worship as afar off; and to wait upon him for the true wisdom.

That you may know truth from error, the word from the letter, the power from

the form, and the true prophets from the false.

Given forth by one of those whom the world in scorn call Quakers. G.F.

Christ saith, except a man be born again of water and of the spirit, he cannot see the kingdom of God, nor enter into it, John 3. 3, 5, 8. So no man in his first natural birth can see the kingdom of God, nor enter into it, nor know the things of God: for they that see the king. dom of God, they must come to the spirit of God, and the spiritual birth by which the things of God are known, and the kingdom of God: and John the divine said, he was in the kingdom, Rev. 1. 9. then he saw it: and the apostle said, God hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear son: so then these saw the kingdom, and were in it, Col. 1. 13.

And as many as receive Christ, he gives them power to become the sons of God; even to them that believe on his name, which were born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God, John 1. 12, 13. This is the birth that sees, and enters God's kingdom.

I am the light of the world, saith Christ, who enlightens every one that cometh into the world : Christ hath enlightened every one that's come into the world. Thou that lovest that light, which Christ hath enlightened thee withal, thou bringest thy works to the light, that thy deeds may be proved that they are wrought in God; and he that walks in the light, there is no occasion of stumbling in him ; it teacheth righteousness and holiness; it will keep thee from lieing, and not let thee lie, and keep thee in tenderness of conscience towards God and man, and never let thee swear; it will check thee if thou dost; the light will not let thee take God's name in vain, it will let thee see if thou doest, thou must not go unpunished; and will never let thee follow drunkenness, bor vain company, for who lives in that nature, are without God, and shall never inherit the kingdom of God; therefore beware, this light will keep thee from adultery and whoredom, for such will God judge; and the light will keep thee from theft, quarrelling and fighting, and abusing thyself with mankind, and envy, and it will keep in the fear of God; this light which is of God, lets thee see all the works of the world, and draws thee out of the worships of the world, and keeps thee in the fear of God; where the true wisdom is made manifest, the pure wisdom is made manifest to the pure, and put into the pure heart, and then thy own wisdom thou wilt see with the light, arising out of the earthly part in thee; which wisdom is sensual, and devilish, and earthly : for while there is enviousness in thee, there lodgeth the man slayer, and all the wisdom is from below, while that nature stands: there are sects, and there are opinions, and there are conceivings arising out of this earthly part, where lodgeth this wisdom, and self-conceit, and pride, and by this wisdom the living God is not known, and so all who dwell in this wisdom put the letter for the word, and give meanings and expositions upon it, and so gather together with the outward letter, not having the power and life that gave it forth; so there are castles built, and strong holds, and fenced cities, and high walls, as the Jews, who had the outward form of that which was given forth from the power, the form of the prophets, and Moses and David, and Abraham, who saw Christ, who lived in power; but the Pharisees and the Priests getting their words, knew not Christ; so it is now with this generation of the world: for you say, ye know Christ, the Jews said, they were of Abra. ham, so they had gotten the letter, and others' words which had the power, and all these are but imitations and likenesses which are above, lifted up above the pure spirit, and here lodgeth the serpent in this earthly part: but as the eternal light which Christ hath enlightened you withal, is loved, minded, and taken heed unto, this earthly part is wrought out, the daily cross is taken up, the fear of the Lord grows, the true wisdom increaseth, the errors of the wicked are discovered and made manifest, the unjust comes to be slain, the just comes to reign, the wisdom of the world comes to be confounded, then the heathen begin to rage, then tumults arise.

But dwelling in the light, all sects, and all opinions and religions are discovered, and stand naked before the Lord, (and before all who are of God, and are seen with the eternal eye) that arise out of the earth, and the earth is but one, and all such do raise their ground from the letter, which was given forth from the power of God. Now dwelling in the power,

in the eternal light, all sects, and opinions come to be judged

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