The Poetical Works of William Somervile: In Two Volumes. Collated with the Best Editions:

Przednia okładka
Printed at the Stanhope Press, by Charles Whittingham, ... for John Sharpe, 1808

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Strona 35 - The pack wide opening load the trembling air With various melody ; from tree to tree The propagated cry redoubling bounds, And winged zephyrs waft the floating joy...
Strona 151 - IF this pale Rose offend your sight, It in your bosom wear, Twill blush to find itself less white, And turn Lancastrian there...
Strona 24 - Torn and embarrass'd bleeds: but if too small, The pigmy brood in every furrow swims; Moil'd in the clogging clay, panting they lag Behind inglorious; or else shivering creep Beuumb'd and faint beneath the sheltering thorn. For hounds of middle size, active and strong, Will better answer all thy various ends, And crown thy pleasing labours with success.
Strona 27 - Their pointed bristles stare, or 'mong the tufts Of ranker weeds, each stomach-healing plant Curious they crop, sick, Spiritless, forlorn. These inauspicious days, on other cares Employ thy precious hours ; th' improving friend With open arms embrace, and from his lips Glean science, season'd with good-natur'd wit.
Strona 32 - The tumult rais'd within their little breasts, But give a loose to all their frolic play : So from their kennel rush the joyous pack; A thousand wanton gaieties express Their inward ecstasy, their pleasing sport Once more indulg'd, and liberty restor'd. The rising Sun, that o'er th...
Strona 20 - First let the kennel be the huntsman's care, Upon some little eminence erect, And fronting to the ruddy dawn ; its courts On either hand wide opening to receive The Sun's all-cheering beams, when mild he shines, And gilds the mountain tops.
Strona 69 - Unnumber'd accidents, and various ills, Attend thy pack, hang hovering o'er their heads, And point the way that leads to Death's dark cave. Short is their span ; few at the date arrive Of ancient Argus in old Homer's song So highly honour'd : kind, sagacious brute ! Not ev'n Minerva's wisdom could conceal Thy much-lov'd master from thy nicer sense.
Strona 25 - Or if the harmonious thunder of the field Delight thy ravish'd ears ; the deep-flew'd hound Breed up with care, strong, heavy, slow, but sure, Whose ears, down-hanging from his thick round head, Shall sweep the morning dew; whose clanging voice Awake the mountain echo in her cell, And shake the forests : the bold Talbot kind Of these the prime, as white as Alpine snows ; And great their use of old.
Strona 58 - O grant, indulgent Heaven, no rising storm May darken, with black wings, this glorious scene ! Should some malignant power thus damp our joys, Vain were the gloomy cave, such as, of old...
Strona 33 - Th' harmonious concert breaks; till more assured With joy redoubled the low valleys ring. What artful labyrinths, perplex their way ! Ah! there she lies; how close! she pants, she doubts If now she lives; she trembles as she sits, With horror seized.

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