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Portrait of the Princess Charlotte, as Frontispiece,

to face the Engraved Title-page..... Portrait of the Prince Regent

1 Portrait of the Princess of Wales

5 Portrait of Prince Leopold

211 View of Claremont

335 Princess and Prince going to Esher Church Gothic Temple at Claremont

469 Fac-Similes of H. R. H.'s Music and Writing 478 Coffins of Her Royal Highness and the Infant, and the Um


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Funeral Procession


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The SUPPLEMENTARY PART, or “ Sacred MemoRIAL”, with the Vignette Title-page, to be placed immediately after page 696.

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PRINTED FOR T. KELLY, 53, PATERNOSTER-ROW, LONDON, And sold by most Booksellers md Venders of Publications

in the British Empire.

1. A SACRED MEMORIAL of Her late Royal Highness CHARLOTTE AUGUSTA, PRINCESS OF WALES, and of Saxe-Coburg Saalfeld, being Extracts from One Hundred and Twenty Sermons, preached on the Day of her Interment, by the most eminent Divines of all Denominations, and forming a Supplementary Part to this work, with a beautiful Monumental Vignette, price 3s. Selected by ROBERT HUISH, Esq., Author of “ Memoirs of the Princess Charlotte," &c.

To our children and our children's children, the character of this illustrious and virtuous Female should be handed down as the brightest pattern of moral excellence, of conjugal affection, and of strict conformity to the dictates of her God.”

2. KELLY'S BATTLE OF WATERLOO ; including every particular relative to the Second Restoration of Louis ẤVIII.; the Deportation of Buonaparte to St. Helena, and the Ex-Emperor's Conduct and Mode of Life in his Exile : with Biographical Sketches of the most distinguished Waterloo Heroes. Compiled from official Documents : with original Communications from a Gentleman who has recently visited Waterloo and its Vicinity. Embellished with beautiful Engravings, and completed in 42 Numbers, in 4to., at 6d. each; or may be had in 7 Parts at 3s. or, in Boards, 24s

3. KELLY's HISTORY OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION, and the WARS produced by that memorable Event, to the Deportation of Buonaparte to St. Helena : handsomely printed in 4to.,' and embellished with upwards of 60 interesting Engravings. Completed in 20 Parts, price 3s. each; or, 120 Numbers, price od. each; or 2 vols. Boards, 31. 6s.

4. KELLY's New System of UNIVERSAL GEOGRAPHY; or, an authentic History and interesting Description of the whole world, and its Inhabitants : comprehending a copious and entertaining Account of all the Empires, Kingdoms, States, Republics, and Colonies, of Asia, AFRICA, AMERICA, and EUROPE: elegantly printed in Quarto, with numerous Engravings, and a set of entirely new Maps, forming a beautiful Atlas; to be comprised in 14 Parts, at 6s. or 168 Numbers, price 6d. each:

5. A NEW EDITION OF MATTHEW HENRY'S FAMILY BIBLE; containing the Sacred Texts of the Old and New Testaments at large; with Notes and Aunotations; handsomely printed in grand folio, embellished with elegant Engravings; and completed in 168 Numbers, price 6d. each, and in Parts, at 6s. ; with a complete CONCORDANCE, by the Rev. 1. SMITH.

6. MALHAM's HISTORY and LIFE of our Blessed LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST, his Apostles, &c. To which is subjoined, EVIDENCES of the CHRISTIAN RELIGION; including the Faith and Duties of a Christian; by Dr. PORTEUs, late Lord Bishop of London; in folio, with fine Engravings ; complete in 60 Numbers, price 8d, each, or in Calt gilt, 21. 128. 6d.

7. FOX's BOOK of MARTYRS, or the Acts and Monuments of the Chris. tian Church; being a complete History of MarTYRDOM from the Com. mencement of Christianity to the present Time. Including the Trials, Tortures, and triamphant Deaths of the English Martyrs in the Reign of Queen Mary, &c. &c. *Revised and improved by Malbain, ia large folio, with many striking Copper-plates; comprised in 100 Numbers, price 8d. each.

8. The GRAND NATIONAL HISTORY of ENGLAND, Civil and Ecclesiastical, from the earliest Perion of genuine Record to the year 1816; comprehending a faithful Narrative of Historical Occurrences from the first Sources, their Causes, and the Consequences and Events therewith connected; founded on the best Information and Authority; with superb Engravings, in large Folio, by the Rev. J. Malham, and other eminent Historians : completed in 144 Numbers, price 8d. each, or in 12 Parts, at 88.

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Published by T. Kelly, 53, Paternoster-row. 9. GREEN'S ROYAL QUARTO FAMILY BIBLE, with Notes, Marginal References, and fine Embellishments. Uniformly printed with the Royal Quarto Edition of Burkitt on the New Testament. Completed in 147 Numbers at only 6d. each ; and may also be had in Parts, price 3s. each.

10. BURKITT ON THE NEW TESTAMENT of our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST. Elegantly printed in royal Quarto, uniformly with Green's Royal Standard Family Bible; illustrated with superior Engravings, complete in 83 Numbers, price only 6d. each, and also may be had in Parts, at Ss. each.

11. KNIGHT's EVANGELICAL FAMILY BIBLE, in grand folio, very large Print.—The Notes selected from Matthew Henry, Brown, Gill, Doddridge, &c. Embellished with upwards of Fifty superior Engravings; and completed in 154 Numbers, including the Apocrypha, price 8d. each.

12. MALHAM'S CHRISTIAN'S FAMILY BIBLE; or, Library of Divine Knowledge, in small Folio, with beautiful Engravings, complete in 178 Numbers, price 8d. each.

13. MALHAM'S COMMON PRAYER BOOK, very large Print, 8vo., containing the Articles of Religion, Companion to the Altar, the New Version of the Psalms, &c., illustrated by Notes and useful Directions; with a view to instruct and enlighten the minds of the most ignorant, as well as to assist the more informed Christians in the important exercise of Divine Worship ; embellished with 13 Engravings, 32 Nos. price 6d. each, or in Black Calf, 218.

14. HERVEY's MEDITATIONS and CONTEMPLATIONS, with the Life of the Author, and his Funeral Sermon by the Rev. W. ROM AINE, A.M. Neatly printed in 8vo., with fine Engravings, and comprised in 18 Numbers, price 6d. each, or, neatly bound, price 118. 6d.

15. HERVEY's DIALOGUES and LETTERS, or, THERON and ASPASIO; being a series of Dialogues and Letters on the most important and interesting Subjects of the Gospel: printed uniform with the above, embellished with beautiful Engravings, and completed in 40 Numbers, price 6d. each. or 9 vols. Bound, 248.

16. The NEW WHOLE DUTY of MAN, containing the Faith as well as Practice of a Christian; with Devotions proper for several Occasions ; also a Help to reading the Scriptures: printed in 8vo. embellished with Engravings, and comprised in 23 Numbers, price 6d. each, or Bouud 148.

17. BUNYAN's PILGRIM's PROGRESS, from this world to that which is to come, delivered under the Similitude of a Dream : in three parts : with Mason's explanatory Notes, and evangelical Reflections from the Rev. J. Newton, J. Bradford, and Dr. Hawker; beautifully printed in 8vo. embellished with fine Engravings, and comprised in 18 Numbers, price 6d. each; or, neatly buund, price 118. 6d.

18. RUSSELL'S SEVEN SERMONS on the unpardonable Sin against the Holy Ghost, &c. With Prayers for every Day in the Week, and on several Occasions. Printed in octavo, op a large Type, embellished with Seven Engravings, and completed in 26 Numbers, price 6d. each, or Bound, 158. 6d.

19. BAXTER'S SAINT'S EVERLASTING REST; or, a Treatise on the blessed State of the Saints in their Enjoyment of God in Heaven. Also, a CALL TO THE UNCONVERten to turn and live, and accept of Mercy while Mercy may be had. And Now Or Never; or the serions Believer justified, encouraged, excited and directed. Elegantly printed in 8vo., embellished with Engravings, and completed in 27 Numbers, price 6d each, or Bound, 168.

20. WATTS'S WORLD TO COME; or Discourses on the Joys and Sorrows of departed Souls at Death, and the Glory or Terror of the Resurrection. To which is prefixed, an Essay toward the Proof of a Separation of Souls after Death. To which is added, the Life of the Author. Embellished with Engravings, and completed in 18 Nos, in 8vo., price 6d. eack, or 118 6d. Bound

21. The DEATH of ABEL, (in Five Books,) translated from the German of Solomon Gessner, by Mrs. Collyer, with Memoirs of the Author. To which is added, the Death of CAIN, the Life of Joseph, and Death, a Vi.


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in 19 Parts

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3 Published by T. Kelly, 53, Paternoster-row. sion; neatly printed in 8vo., embellished with Engravings, and comprised in 20 Numbers, price 6d. each, or Bound, 128. 6d.

22. DRELÍNCOURT'S CHRISTIAN'S DEFENCE against the FEARS of DEATH, with seasonable Directions how to prepare ourselves to die well: including the Life of the Author, with an Account of his last Minutes. Beautifully prin!ed in 8vo. with 11 elegant Engravings, and completed in 24 Numbers, price 6d. eachi, or 148. 6d. Bound.

23. The DIAMOND POCKET PRAYER-BOOK, published by Authority of His Majesty's Printer. Illustrated with fine Engravings, by Thurston, Pye, and Armstrong. Beautifully printed, in 16 Numbers, price 6d. each, of bound in morocco, 128.

24. NEWTON's LIFE of CHRIST. Printed in 4to., illustrated with En. gravings, and comprised in 50 Numbers, price 6d. each.

25. Mrs. ROWE's LETTERS ON FRIENDSHIP IN DEATH, from the Dead to the Living : with Letters moral and entertaining, in Prose and Verse. To which are added, Devout Exercises of the Heart Printed in 8vo. embellished with elegant Engravings, and completed in 18 Numbers, price 6d. each, or 118. 6d. Bound.

26. The New FEMALE INSTRUCTOR; or Young Woman's Companion and Guide to Domestic Happiness. Completed in 24 Numbers, price 6d. each, with appropriate Engravings, or Bound, 14s. 6d.

27. The YOUNG MAN'S COMPANION and Book of General Knowledge. Completed in 24 Numbers, price 6d. each, with appropriate Engravings, or 148. 6d. Bound.

28. BUCHAN's DOMESTIC MEDICINE; or, a Treatise on the Prevention and Cure of Diseases, by Regimen and simple Medicines. Including the Life of the AUTHOR, and his Advice to MOTHERS on the Subject of their own Health, and the Means of promoting the Health, Strength, and Beauty of their Children. Embellished with Eight Plates, and completed in 28 Numbers, price 6d. each, or 168. 6d. Bound,

29. SELECT NOVELS; or, Gentleman and Lady's entertaining Library: being a Collection of universally approved Novels, Histories, Adventures, Tales, &c. By the most esteemed Authors. Neatly printed in 8vo., and embellished with elegant Engravings and Vignette Title-pages. Each Volume will consist of about 20 Numbers, price 6d. each, and may be bound separately.

.30. The ARABIAN NIGHTS' ENTERTAINMENTS; or, The Thousand and One Nights ; translated from the French of M. Galland, hy G. S. BEAUMONT. Neatly printed in 8vo., embellished with eight elegant Engravings, and comprised in 34 Numbers, price 6d. each. or 148. 6d. Bound.

31. PAMELA, or Virtue REWARDED: in a Series of Letters from a beautiful Young Damsel to her Parents : published in order to cultivate the Principles of Virtue and Religion in the minds of Youth of both Sexes. To which are prefixed, Extracts from several curious Letters written to the Editor on the Subject. Embellished with numerous superb Engravings, and completed in 25 Numbers, 8vo., price 6d. each, or 15s. Bound.

32. NEW WEEK's PREPARATION for receiving the Lord's Supper, bound in black, price 38. 6d.

33. COMMON PRAYER-BOOK, 24mo., with Frontispiece, bound in black, and gilt edges, 38.

34. KELLY'S STEREOTYPED READY-RECKONER, printed on large Figures, price 2s. bound.

35. TIME, and the END OF TIME, by John Fox, price 36. bound.

The Parts and Numbers of most of the above Works being already printed off, the Whole, or any portion of them, may be had at the Option of Purchasers,

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