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Secretary to the The Lord Chamberlain

The Vice Lord Cham of his Majesty's House

Chamberlain, berlain,


Vis. Jocelyn.
J. Calvert, Esq. ( The M. of Hertford, K.G.
Supporter of the pall,

Supporter of the pall the Right Hon. Lady

the Right Hon. Lady Ellenborough.


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Supporter of the pall,

Supporter of the pall, the Right Hon. Lady

the Right Hon. Lady Grenville.

Boston. Covered with black velvet pall, adorned with eight escutcheons of her late Royal Highness's arms, the coffin carried by eight Yeomen of the Guard, under a canopy of black velvet,

borne by eight Gentlemen Ushers. His Royal High

His Royal HighCHIEF MOURNER, ness the Duke of His Serene Highness

ness the Duke of Clarence, in a long the Prince Leopold, York, in a long black cloak, his in a long black cloak, black cloak, his

bis train borne by
borne by

train borne by
Baron de Harden-
Rear Admiral the

broke and Lieut.-col. / Lieut.-Col. ArmHon. Sir Henry Sir Robert Gardiner, strong and Lieut.

K.C.B., Aides-de- Col.Cooke, Aides-
Blackwood, Bart.

camp and Equerries
and the Honour.
to His Serene High-

de-camp to his Courtenay Boyle.

Royal Highness. ness. His Royal Highness the His Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex, in a long Duke of Cumberland, in a black cloak, his train borne long black cloak, bis train by Major-General Sir George borne by General Vyse CompTownshend Walker, G.C.B. troller of the Household, and Groom of the Bedchamber, Lieut.-General Henry Wyn. and Major Perkins Magra, yard, Groom of the BedEquerry to his Royal High- chamber of his Royal High

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His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester, in a long black cloak, his train borbe by Colonel Dalton, and Lieutenant-Col. Cotton, Grooms of the Bedchamber of his Roval Highness.

Lady John Thynne, one of the Lady Gardiner.

Ladies of the Bedchamber of her

late Royal Highness,
Women of the Bedchamber of her late Royal Highness.

Miss Charlotte Coates. Mrs. Campbell.
His Majesty's Establishment at Windsor, viz.,

Groom of the Stole,

The Earl of Winchilsea, K.G.
Master of the Robes,

The Right Hon. Lord Vernon. Lord John Thynoe:

Lords of the Bedchamber, The Rt. Hon. Lord Rivers, The Rt. Hon. Lord Somerville, The Rt. Hon. Lord Arden, The Rt, Hon. Lord St. Helen's.

Grooms of the Bedchamber, Vice-Admiral the Hon. Sir The Hon. Robert Fulk Greville,

A. K. Legge, K.C.B., Vice-Admiral Sir Harry Neale,
Lieut.-Gen. Sir Henry F. Bart. K.C.B.
Campbell, K.C.B.

Clerk Marshal and First Equerry,
General Robert Manners.

General George Garth, General Francis Edward Gwynne.
Lt.-Gen. Sir B. Spencer, G.C.B. Lt.-Gen. W. Cartwright,

Lieut.-Gen. William Wynward.

Master of the Household,
Benjamin Charles Stephenson, Esq.
Her Majesty's Establishment at Windsor, viz.,

Master of the Horse,

Earl Harcourt. Treasurer of the Household, Vice-Chamberlain, Major-General Herbert Taylor, Edw. Disbrowe, Esq.

Equerries, Maj.-Gen. Hon. Sir E. Stopford, K.C.B. Col. Hon. A.P. Upton.

Ladies of Her Majesty's Bedchamber,
The Countess of Ilchester. The Countess of Macclesfield,

Viscountess Melville.

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Women of Her Majesty's Bedchamber,
The Hon. Mrs. A.M. Egerton. The Rt.-Hon. Lady Radstock,

The Hon. Mrs. Courtenay Boyle.

Gentlemen Ushers,
G. N. Vincent, Esq. Chas. Rooke, Esq. Thos. Gore, Esq.
Ladies of the Bedchamber of their Royal Highnesses the

Lady M. Poulett, Lady M. Taylor, Lady Eliz. Montagu.
Women of the Bedchamber of their Royal Higbresses the

Miss Disbrowe, Lady Campbell,

Miss Vyse.
Attendants on Her late Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte,
Mrs. Cronberg, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Phillips,

Attendants on Her Majesty and the Princesses,

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Upon entering the choir, the body was placed
on a platform, and the coronet and cushion laid
upon the coffin.

The Chief Mourner sat on a
chair placed for his Serene Highness at the head
of the corpse, and their Royal Highnesses his
supporters, on chairs on either side ; the sup-
porters of the pall sat in their places near the
body, and the Lord Chamberlain of His Majesty's
Household on a chàir at the feet of the corpse.
The Royal Dukes, and the Nobility, Knights of
the Garter, occupied their respective stalls; and
the Ministers of State, Officers of the Household,
and others of the procession, were conducted to
their respective places.
The part of the service before the interment,

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and the anthem, being performed, the body was deposited in the royal vault. The office of burial being concluded, after a short pause,

Sir Isaac Heard, Knt. Garter Principal King of Arms, proclaimed the style of her late Royal Highness as follows:

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THUS it hath pleased Almighty God to take out of this trao

sitory life unto his Divine Mercy, the late post illustrious Princess CHARLOTTE AUGUSTA, daughter of His Royal Highness George Prince of Wales, Regent of this United Kingdom ; consort of His Serene Highuess Leopold George Frederick, Duke of Saxe, Margrave of Misnia, Landgrave of Thuringia, Prince of Coburg of Saalfe.d; and graod-daughter of His Most Excellent Majesty Geige the Third, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Irelaod, Kirg, De ender of the Faith, whom God bless and preserve with long life, health, and honour, and all worldly happiness,

After which, his Serene Highness the Chief Mourner, the Princes of the Blood Royal, the great Officers, Nobility, and others who had composed the procession, retired; having witnessed that every part of this most mournful and afflicting ceremony had been conducted with great regularity, decorum, and solemnity.

The following additional particulars were transmitted from Windsor by an eye-witness :

Upwards of 400 of the Foot Guards lined the paths leading to the porch of the Chapel, in single files, and every fourth man held a flambeau. There were 330 used on this occasion. General

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Bolton had the command of the infantry. At nine o'clock precisely the gates were thrown open, and the procession moved on in the following order:

A guard of honour, consisting of fisty men of the Horse-Guards, took their stations in the

open causeway, opposite the portico; nine of the trumpeters followed in state liveries. The pages of the royal household, and the establishments of their Majesties, the Prince Regent, and Prince Leopold, walked to the chapel-door, most of them holding a flambeau. The hearse was drawn by eight of the King's black horses, escorted by a detachment of the Tenth Royal Hussars. The next carriage, with six horses, was the Princess Augusta's, containing Prince Leopold, the Dukes of York and Clarence, as mourners. The second was the private carriage of his Serene Highness,

The third, fourth, and fifth, were the carriages of the Prince Regent; the sixth and seventh were those of the Duke of York ; the eighth was that of the Duke of Sussex; the ninth was the Duke of Cumberland's; and the tenth, the Duke of Gloucester's. Each of them were drawn by six horses; the coachmen in full state liveries, with hatbands. Another detachment of fifty of the Horse-Guards closed the procession. With the exception of the first carriage, with his Serene Highness Prince Leopold, and the Dukes of York and Clarence, the rest moved in the procession with the windows

closed up.

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