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Upon the arrival at St. George's Chapel, the servants, grooms, and band, filed off without the south door.

At the entrance the Dean and Canons, attended by the choir, received the body; and the procession, (which had been formed under the direction of Sir George Nayler, Knt. York Herald, exe. cuting this part of the duty on behalf of Garter), being flanked by the Foot Guards, every fourth man bearing a flambeau, moved down the south aisle, and


nave, in the following order :

Poor Knights of Windsor.
Pages of their Royal Highnesses the Princesses Augusta,

Elizabeth, and Sophia,
Mr. Harding, Mr. Moore, Mr. Gollop.

Pages of the Prince Leopold,
Mr. Ammershaber, Mr. Phillips,
Mr. Lyons,

Mr, Fairbairn, Mr. Hewett,
Mr. Heock, Mr. Bagster,
Mr. James Sims, Mr. Thomas Poole,
Mr. Henry Forschütz,

Mr. Paul Mechin.
Pages of His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester,
Mr. Hart,

Mr. J. Moss,

Mr. J. Venables.
Pages of His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge,
Mr. Urlin,

Mr. Sams.
Pages of His Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex,
Mr. Redbourne,

Mr. Blackman.
Pages of his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland,
Mr. Salisbury,

Mr. Gaspar Perelion,
Mr. J. Ball,

Mr. Paulet.
Pages of his Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence,
Mr. Redwood,

Mr. Jemmett,
Mr. Hutt, Mr. Robinson.

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Pages of his Royal Highness the Duke of York,
Mr. Lumley,

Mr. Silvester, Mr. Gibbon,
Mr. Worley,

Mr. Kendal, Mr. Frantz,
Mr. Goodes, Mr. Shell,

Mr. Patte.
Pages of his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, viz.,

Pages of the Back Stairs,

Samuel Wharton,
Charles Becket, Benjamin Lucas.

Pages of the Presence,
Joseph Ince,

Thomas Messenger,
John Dobell, George Wedgberrow.

Pages of the Bed-chamber,
Jenkins Stradling, Joseph Norden,
Robert Jenkins, Samuel Bowtell,
John Wood,

Charles Downes, Esqrs.

Pages of Her Majesty,
Christopher Papendick, H. F. Grobecker,
William Duncan,

Daniel Robinson, Esqrs.
Pages of His Majesty,
Joseph Bott,

Joho Clarke,
Anthony Healy, William Baker,
John Bott, Henry Cooper, W. Smart, Esqrs
Solicitor to her late Royal Highness,

John Smallpeace, Gent.
Apothecaries of her late Royal Highness,
Mr. Richard Walker, Mr. E. Brande.

Surgeons of her late Royal Highness,
Mr. Neville,

Mr. Robert Keate.
Rector of the Parish of Esher,

Reverend J. Diggle.

Sergeant Surgeons to the King.
Sir David Dundas, Bart. Sir Everard Home, Bart.

Physician to the Prince Leopold.

Christian Stockmar, M. D.
Physicians who attended her late Royal Highness,
John Sims, M. D. Matthew Baillie, M. D.

Sir Richard Croft, Bart. M. D.

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"Chaplains to her Royal Highness, and to his Serene Highness

the Prince Leopold, The Rev. Alex. Starkey, The Rev. William Kuper. The Rev. J. Hammond, The Rev. Dr. Short.

Equerry to her late Royal Highness.

Lieut.-Col. the Hon. Henry Percy.
Equerries to his Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester,
Edmund Currey, Esq. Lieut.-Col. Samuel G. Higgins,
Equerries to his Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge,

Captain White. Lieut.-Col. Count Linsingen.
Equerry to his Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex,

H. F. Stephenson, Esq.
Equerries to his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland,

Captain Jones. Major Frederick Poten. Colonel Charles Wade Thornton: Equerries to his Royal Highness the Duke of Kent,

Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Henry Carr, K.C.B. Major General James Moore, Lieutenant General Frederick

Augustus Wetherall. Equerries to his Royal Highness the Duke of York. Lieut.-Colonel the Hon. James Stanhope, Lieutenant-Colonel

Delancy Barclay. Equerries to his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, Col. Seymour, Maj.-Gen. Sir R. Hussey Vivian, K.C.B.

Sir William Congreve, Bart.

Clerk Marshal and First Equerry,
Lieutenant General Francis Thomas Hammond.
Military Secretary to the Commander-in-Chief,

Major-General Sir Henry Torrens, K.C.B.

Quarter-Master-General. Adjutant-General. Sir J. Willoughby Gordon, K.C.B. Sir Harry Calvert, G.C.B.

Officers of the Duchy of Cornwall, viz.,

Solicitor-General, Attorney-Genera!. William Harrison, Esq. William Draper Best, Esq.

Lord Warden of the Stannaries.

The Earl of Yarmouth.

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Chancellor and Keeper of the Great Seal.

John Leach, Esq.
Chamberlain to the Great Steward of Scotland,

Admiral Lord Viscount Keith, G.C.B.
Grooms of the Bedchamber to the Prince Regent,
Ad. Sir G. Campbell, K.C.B. Gen. Hon. Sir E. Paget, G.C.B.
Lt.-Gen. Sir T. H. Turner, Kt. Gen. Sir W. Keppel, G.C.B.
Gen, Sir John F. Cradock, G.C.B. Lt.-Gen. Hon. E. Finch.

Pursuivants of Arms.


G. F. Beltz, Esq.
Rouge Dragon,

C. G. Young, Esq.

F. Martin, Gent.
Treasurer of the Prince Regent's Household,

Lord Charles Bentinck.

Heralds of Arms,

J. Cathrow, Esq.

J. Hawker, Esq.

E. Lodge, Esq.

G. M. Leake, Esq.
Privy Purse and Private Secretary to the Prince Regent,
The Right Honourable Sir Benjamin Bloomfield.

Lords of the Prince Regent's Bedchamber,
Right Hon. Lord Amherst, Right Hon. Lord Graves,
The Earl Delaware,

Lord Viscount Lake,
Lord James Murray,

Lord Viscount Melbourne,
Marquess of Headfort,

Lord Charles Spencer.
E. Townsend, Esq. Windsor Herald,

acting for

Norroy, King of Arms.
Rt. Hon. Lord Ellenborough. Rt. Hon. Lord Grenville.
Lord Bishop of Exeter. Ld. Bishop of Salisbury, C. G.

The Lord Bishop of London.
The Minister of State of Hanover, and the Minister of Saxony,
Count Munster,

Baron de Just.
The Deputy Earl Marshal.
Lord Henry T. Howard Molyneux Howard.

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The Earl of Chichester.
Marquess Cornwallis. Marquess of Salishury, KG.

His Majesty's Ministers, viz.,
Right Hon. C. Bathurst, Right Hon. W. Wellesley Pole.
Right Hon. Geo. Canning, Right Hon. N. Vansittart.
Lord Viscount Sidmouth, Lord Viscount Melville.
Lord Vis. Castlereagh, K.G. Earl of Mulgrave.
Earl of Liverpool, K.G. Earl Bathurst, K.G.
Earl of Westmorland, K.G. Earl of Harrowby.
Lord Privy Seal, Lord President of the Council,
The Right Honourable Lord Eldon.

Lord High Chancellor.
His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Choir of Windsor.
Canons of Windsor.

Dean of Windsor.
Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard,'

The Earl of Macclesfield.
The Groon of The Lord Steward of His ) The King's Mas-

the Stole. Majesty's Household. The Marquess The Marquess of Cholof Winchester. mondeley.

Ralph Bigland, Esg. Norroy,

acting for
Clarencieux King of Arms.

The Coronet of her late

Royal Highness born
H. Y. Wortham,

R.Chester, Esq. upon a black velvet Esq., one of his cushion, by Col. Adden

Gentleman Majesty's Gen

brook, Equerry to her tlemen Ushers.

late Royal Highness.

tep of the Horse.

The Duke of Montrose, K. B.

Usher of the Privy Chamber

Supporter, W. Woods, Esq.

Garter Principal King

of Arms,
Sir Isaac Heard, Knt.
bearing his sceptre.

J. Pulman, Esq.

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