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62 Mary of Hesse, G. D.
63 Augusta of Hesse, G. D. ...



MARK, NEXT DAUGHTER OF GEORGE 11. [She died 1751.] 64 No. 28, G. S. 65 No. 53, No. 29, G. G. D. 66 No. 54, No. 30, G. G. D. 67 No. 31. G. D. 68 Sophia of Denmark, Queen of Sweden, D.

70 69 Gustavus King of Sweden, G, S. ....

39 70 Gustavus of Sweden, G. G. S.

18 71 Sophia of Sweden, G. G. D....

16 72 Amelia of Sweden, G, G, D. ...

12 73 Wilhelınina of Denmark, Electress of Hesse-Cassel, D. 70 74 No. 45, G. S. 75 No. 46, G. G. S.

her children. 76 No. 47, G. G, D. 77 No. 48, G. G. D, 78 Louisa of Denmark, wife of Charles of Hesse-Cassel, [No.48]D.....

67 79 No. 50, G. S. 80 No. 51, G. S. 81 No. 52, G. D.

her descendants. 82 Nos. 65, 53, 29, G. G. D. 83 Nos. 66, 54, 30, G. G. D.



81A, ONLY DAUGHTER OF GEORGE 1. [She died 1757.) 84 Frederick William III, King of Prussia, G. G.S. 85 Frederick William, Prince of Prussia, G. G. G. S. 86 Frederick Lewis of Prussia, G. G. G. S... 87 Frederick Charles of Prussia, G. G. G. S. ss Frederick Henry of Prussia, G. G.G. S............ 13







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1, D.;

Ages 39 Wilhelmina of Prussia, G. G. G. D.

14 90 Louisa of Prussia, G. G. G. D.

9 91 William Frederick of Prussia, G. G. G.S.

23 92 Frederica of Prussia, G. G. G. D. 93 Frederick Charles Henry of Prussia, G. G. S. ...... 36 94 Frederick William Charles, G. G. S.

34 95 Henry of Prussia, G. G. G. S......

6 96 Mary of Prussia, G. G. G. D.

2 97 Frederica of Prussia, Duchess of York, G. G. D .... 50 98 Wilhelmina of Prussia, Queen of the Netherlands,

G. G, D.
99 No. 35, G. G. G. S.)
100 No. 36, G. G, G, S.

her children,
101 No. 7, G. Ĝ. G. S.
102 No. 38, G. G. G. D.
103 Christina of Prussia, Princess of Hesse-Cassel, G. G. D. 40
104 No. 46, G. G. G. S.
105 No. 47, G, G. G. S.

her children.
106 No. 48, G. G. G. D.
107 Frederica of Prussia, Princess Dowager of Orange,

G. D.......,
108 No. 34, G. G. G. S
109 No. 99, No. 35, G. G. S.
110 No. 100, No. 36, G, G. G. G. S.
111 No. 101, No. 37, G. G.G. S.

her descendants.
112 No. 102, No. 38, G. G. G. D.
113 No. 39, G. G. D.
114 No. 40, No. 14, G. G. G. S.
115 No. 41, No. 15, G. G. G. S.
116 Frederick William of Prussia, G. S.
117 Frederica Dorothea of Prussia, Princess Radzivil, G. D. 47
118 No. 69, G. G. S.
119 No. 70, G. G. G.S,
120 No. 71, G. G. G. D,
121 No. 72, G. G. G. D.
122 Charles XIII. King of Sweden, G. S. ........... 69
123. Sophia of Sweden, Abhess of Quedlenberg, G. D... 64

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From the foregoing account it will be seen, that the three persons nearest the throne, being married and having children, are the King of Wurtemberg, Prince Paul his brother, and the Princess Frederica Buonaparte, their sister. This would be a grievous prospect, if we did not recollect, that although there is now no grandchild of George III., yet all his sons, and probably more than one of his daughters, are still of an age at which a proper marriage might be hoped to produce offspring

The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester are little more than forty years of age, and have been not much above a year married. It must, however, be confessed, that, until we have a more certain prospect of issue from the British branch, the public attention will be turned to the two young Princes of Brunswick, the sons and grandsons of the two illustrious Dukes of Brunswick who lost their lives in the fields of Jena and Waterloo. These young princes were educated in England; but that is but a small alleviation of the repugnance we feel at having a foreign king; and this is a consideration which enhances and embitters all the regrets which the loss of our own lovely and excellent Princess excites.

Our readers will not fail to observe with interest, the state of the electoral family of Hesse, the venerable age of the Elector and his two brothers, and their numerous children and grandchildren; and the circumstance, that the' three wives of the three elder princes are still living, (two of them

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being in their own right, as well as their husbands,
in succession to the British crown,) will not be
easily paralleled.

Some doubts are entertained respecting Nos. 17
and 117. . No. 17, Augustus of Brunswick, brother
to the late Duke; we have not heard of him for
some time past, but conclude he is still alive.
No. 117-We believe that Frederica of Prussia has
children, but have no means of ascertaining.

The only inconvenience seriously to be apprehended, if we can banish from our minds the loss of a Princess whose virtues justified a hope that she would indeed have been a British and a constitutional monarch, is that which would arise from a rapid succession of short reigns. A curious calculation has been made on this subject. There are fourteen English Princes and Princesses who stand in the order which has been already given. The following table is formed on a medium between the Northampton table of observations, and the probability of life in London. The females are marked (F.):

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of the them

Carried forward 19


Age, Probability of Life. Length of Roigro
Y. M.

Y. M.
Brought forward 19

No.7.... 44th ... ...19 7

0 5 8 (F) 520 ... 16


0 0 9 (F) 50th


0 0
10 (F) 48th ... 17 10

0 O
11 (F) 420
........ 20


0 10 12 (F) 41st

20 10

0 5 13 .... 42d

20 5

0 0 14 (F) 45th

19 2

0 0

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From this table it appears, that on the common probabilities of life, as applied to each individual, supposing none of them to have issue, there would be in the next twenty-one years nine reigns, two of them female ones; and that after the first there would be no reign longer than twenty-one months, and two as short as five months.

The evening of the 15th of November was the time appointed for the final enclosure of the body of the most exalted and beloved of Princesses in her state coffin, &c. Mr. Marsh, of the Lord Chamberlain's Office, arrived early to superintend the proceedings, which were arranged so to take place, that the feelings of Prince Leopold might not be harassed by the sight or knowledge of any thing that was going on; and at seven o'clock, when his Serene Highness retired to his private room, the Reverend Dr. Short, and Dr. Stockmar, his resident physician, accompanied him; and it was so arranged that they were to remain constantly with him, to

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