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1,5001. and 2001. a-year. The wife of a respectable attorney, having been wet nurse to Princess Charlotte, has now 1001. a-year, and her son is a Lieutenant in

. • The situation of the Princess Charlotte now excited an unusual degree of interest in the country; the event was looked forward to with hope and confidence, but not with dread. On the 21st of October, her Royal Highness rose at nine in the morning in the enjoyment of excellent health. At ten she breakfasted with Prince Leopold. The favorable state of the weather induced her Royal Highness to leave the house to walk in the pleasure-grounds, parks, &c. Her Royal Highness occasionally rode in her garden-chair, and proceeded to the garden to view the improvements that were making there. The Princess' remained out about an hour and a half, and, during the whole time, was accompanied by Prince Leopold.

In full contemplation of a fortunate result to the approaching crisis, Prince Leopold purchased Lady Anne Murray's house at Brighton, with the view of spending a few weeks there with the Princess Charlotte after her accouchement. How vain--how futile are the hopes of man!

On the 22d, Prince Leopold, after attending his royal consort in her walks, and while riding in her garden-chair, took the diversion of shooting in the neighbourhood. His Serene Highness returned 10 the society of the Princess about five o'clock, after which they dined together; the principal attendants who were at Claremont had the honor of dining

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with them. Her Royal Highness retired to rest soon after eleven o'clock. The following morning the weather proved remarkably fine and clear; about twelve o'clock the sun shone as bright as on a spring day, which induced her Royal Highness, who continued extremely well, to leave Claremont-House, to take her usual exercise of walking and riding in her garden-chair, accompanied by Prince Leopold, and attended by several of her suite. Her Royal Highness proceeded to view the Gothic temple, her lasther farewell visit to this Elysian scene! An unexpected shower of rain came on, which hastened the return of her Royal Highness to the house, where she arrived at half-past one o'clock, having experienced very

little inconvenience from the rain. At two the shower ceased, and Prince Leopold went out to take the diversion of shooting for a short time.

On the 24th, a considerable fall of rain took place in the morning and continued until one o'clock, when it became very fine, which enabled the Princess Charlotte to take her usual airing in her gardenchair at two, accompanied by Prince Leopold; the Princess was attended by several of her principal servants. Her Royal Highness returned to the house soon after three.

On Saturday the 26th, the Princess Charlotte rode out in her garden-chair to the farm-yard, and inspected the alterations going on there, panied by Prince Leopold and several attendants. Her Royal Highness proceeded from thence to the garden grounds; and during her absence, 23

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messengers arrived from the Duchess of York at Oatlands, with an inquiry after the Princess's health.

On the following day, the Princess Charlotte, Prince Leopold, their attendants, and the household generally, attended divine service in the house, which was performed by the Rev. Dr. Short. The Princess Charlotte afterwards, accompanied by Prince Leo pold and Dr. Short, walked in the shrubbery to the grotto. This was the last time her Royal Highness visited this enchanting spot, and her whole theme was concerning the improvements which she intended to make; and particularly the repairing of the grotto, which, during the time that the house had been uninhabited, had been much dilapidated by the numerous visitors, who occasionally repaired to Claremont, to view the beauties of the place.

The health of the Princess Charlotte, in the mean time, continued in the most perfect state; indeed, it seemed to bear a resemblance to that preternatural state of health from which the great father of physic teaches us to apprehend so much. But it is well known that the whole period of gestation and parturition is a state of preternatural power and action. It is not difficult to guess what it must have proved with the additional excitements which the Princess Charlotte experienced. There is every reason to believe, although nothing from actual authority is known, that pains were taken to repress as much as possible a morbid excess of animal spirits, the effects of which were 'apprehended; but, it is an established


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fact, that this is not only out of the power of the physician, but often of the patient herself.

Every preparation was made at Claremont for the approaching crisis. The horses kept saddled night and day, to carry the expresses to the different cabinet ministers; and, although every one looked forward with anxiety to the event, yet fear rested on the minds of few, owing to the high spirits and extraordinary state of health which the Princess enjoyed.

That no apprehension for the result rested upon the minds of any of the members of the Royal Family may be collected from the preparations which were, at this important period, carried on for the visit of her Majesty, the Princess Elizabeth, and the Duke of Clarence, to Bath, and for the departure of the Prince Regent for Ragley-Hall. The latter left town on Monday the 27th--in a short time to be recalled, to behold the corpse of his beloved daughter !

The Princess Charlotte, at this time, lost no opportunity of taking gentle and moderate exercise, which was particularly recommended to her by her physicians ; and although the weather was not at this season of the year very inviting for rural excursions or promenades, the Princess profited by every glimpse of sunshine to take her airings in her poney-cart, during which her Royal Highness was always attended by her affectionate husband, whose constant attentions and assiduities for the solace of his most interesting consort

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cannot be too highly extolled, and the consciousness of which conduct must tend in a minor degree to assuage his grief at her irreparable loss.

Her Majesty and the Princess Elizabeth took their departure for Bath on the 1st of November ; and, as it is stated, that favorable reports were daily transmitted to her Majesty of the excellent state of the health of the Princess Charlotte, and of the total absence of fear on the part of her accoucheur respecting the result of the approaching event ; judging, with the spirit of candour, there does not seem a good foundation for the acrimonious reflections which were directed against her; for they appeared to owe their origin solely to the opinion, that the Princess's accouchement was very nigh, perhaps, only at the distance of a single day. It has been stated, that her Majesty did offer to the Princess to defer her departure for Bath until after her accouchement; but that the offer was positively rejected on the part of her Royal Highness.

The Queen and the Princess Elizabeth hesitated not to set off for Bath, in consequence of the extraordinary degree of health which the Princess enjoyed, and with the full assurance that her inedical attendants were men of the most consummate skill, and consequently enabled to meet the most trying and difficult cases.

The life which the Princess Charlotte now led was of the most retired nature. She did not even see her most intimate friends, whose names, when they

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