A Dissertation Upon the Ancient Service Books of the Church of England

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C. Whittingham, 1846 - 196

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Strona clxxvi - Tuesday, they begun to cast the lead, and it shall be done with such diligence and saving as may be. So that our trust is, that your Lordship shall be much satisfied with what we do. Your Lordship's servant, John Portmarus.
Strona clx - Henry the Eighth are stated to have been set forth by his authority and of the Clergy, for the use of and enjoined to be used by the whole realm.73 Take, for example, an early Prymer. " C This prymer of Salysbury vse is set out a long wout ony serchyng, with many prayers, and goodly pyctures.
Strona xcix - ... not be full of notes, but as near as may be, for every syllable a note; so that it may be sung distinctly and devoutly...
Strona vii - Prayers, &c. And in latter times the Breviary was divided into two parts, one for the summer, and the other for the winter half of the year, and sometimes it was divided into four parts ; so that it was more portable and convenient for the use of those clergy and monks who were accustomed4 to recite the offices for the canonical hours at some time in the day.
Strona cl - ... ordinavimus quod cum contigerit eundem Edmundum ab hac luce migrare, ut nomina omnium supradictorum cum obitu eorum in nostro martilegio inserantur, et singulis annis futuris perlegantur in die Anniversariorum suorum prsesenti Conventu in domo nostra capitulari.
Strona clxxxi - But this worthy member of that house goes on to instruct the second person of the realm, " how the kyng's grace commandyment ys keyp yn puttyng forth of bocks the beyschatt of roms vserpt powor...
Strona clxx - Christian also and Catholic, which for a thousand years had been the object of their reverence and love. This was indeed looking upon it after the fashion of those who, in the days of the Apostles, burnt the books of magic and of " curious arts ;" a view not unlikely to be taken by men who, as some high in authority did not hesitate to declare, looked upon the panis benedictus as " conjured bread." It will not be improper to add here a few of the records and particulars of this event. In 1534, a...
Strona lxxxii - Quisquis presbyter inconsulto episcopo agenda in quolibet loco voluerit celebrare, ipse honori suo contrarius existit:" "All the bishops said, If any priest, without leave of his bishop, shall celebrate the mysteries, be the place what it will be, he is an enemy to the bishop's dignity.
Strona cxii - Anglicana, et pro rege nostro, et archiepiscopis . . . . et pro decano, vel rectore hujus ecclesiae, scilicet in ecclesiis parochialibus" &c. The " subsequens pictura " of the rubric refers to a small woodcut, of which there are several in some of the editions, representing the exact positions in which the priest and his assistants were to stand or go on in procession. The priests are distinguished by copes...
Strona clxxi - Bishop Becket; and that his images and pictures through the whole realm shall be plucked down, and avoided out of all churches, chapels, and other places ; and that from henceforth the days used to be festival in his name, shall not be observed, nor the service, office, antiphons, collects, and prayers in his name read, but rased and put out of all the books...

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