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International Law. Essays VI-X. pp. 88-166.

Principles of political conduct. Essay XI. pp. 167-185.

True love of

liberty. Essay XII.

pp. 186-204.


Principles of true biography. Essay II. pp. 233-244.


[blocks in formation]


VOL. II. ESSAYS I-IV. pp. 207–261. Miseries of misgovernment in a country nominally free. Essay I. pp. 207-232.

XII. Address delivered at Bristol in 1795.

I. Tale of Maria Eleonora Schöning.

II. Spirit of anecdote-mongering condemned: extract from R. North's Life of Lord Keeper Guilford.


III. and IV.

pp. 245-261.


III. Fable of Irus (Buonaparte) and
Toxaris: Christmas within, and..
out of, doors in North Germany:
extract from Mr. Wordsworth's

MS. poem.

IV. Rabbinical tales.

Letter from Mathetes (Professor
Wilson and Mr. A. Blair): in-
ternal and external difficulties to

a mind endeavouring to esta-

blish itself on sure principles,

moral and intellectual: answer

by The Friend (Mr. Words-

worth): advice and caution.

III. Greek sophists: their character
and principles: separation of
ethics from religion: the author's
convictions of the nature and
results of the history of the last
century and a half.

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Principles of
the Science of

Existence of
luck or fortune

under the
Essay I.
pp. 219-225.


the education of man: their dis-
coveries in the region of the
pure intellect and success in the
arts of imagination contrasted
with their crude essays in the
investigation of physical laws
and phænomena : Romans: He-
brews the mid-point of a line,
toward which the Greeks as the
ideal, and the Romans as the
material, pole were approximat-
ing,-Christianity the synthesis.
XI. Trade and Literature essential to a
nation: consequences of the com-
mercial spirit preponderating:
difference of ultimate aims in
men and nations: evidence of
objective reality in man himself:
nature and man, union and dif-
ference: mere being in its es-
sence: the idea, whence origi-
nated revelation: God: the
material world made for man:
universal laws for the whole
tempered by particular laws for
the individual in nature and
man: causation: invisible nexus:
ground of union: difference be-
tween the reason and the under-
standing what they can respec-
tively achieve: method of the
will religious faith.


VOL. III. ESSAYS I-VI. pp. 219.-301.

I. Fortune favors fools: different
meanings of the proverb: luck
has a real existence in human
affairs how: invidious use of
the phrase.


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