A Monograph on the British Grasses

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author, 1822 - 74

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Strona 117 - ... as rye-grass is but a short-lived plant, seldom continuing more than six years in possession of the soil, but is continued by its property of ripening an abundance of seed, which is but little molested by birds, and suffered to fall and vegetate among the root-leaves of the permanent pasture grasses.
Strona 117 - But the latter-math of rye-grass is very inconsiderable, and the plant impoverishes the soil in a high degree, if the culms, which are invariably left untouched by cattle, are not cut before the seed advances towards perfection. When this is neglected, the field after midsummer exhibits only a brown surface of withered straws. Let the produce and nutritive powers of rye-grass be compared...
Strona 116 - ... merits of which seem to have been first accurately pointed out by the late excellent Mr. Curtis in his several works on grasses. There has been much difference of opinion respecting the merits and comparative value of rye-grass. It produces an abundance of seed, which is easily collected and readily vegetates on most kinds of soil under .circumstances of different management; it soon arrives at perfection, and produces in its first years of growth a good supply of early herbage, which is much...
Strona 117 - ... and it will be found inferior in the proportion nearly of 5 to 18; and also inferior to the meadow fox-tail in the proportion of 5 to 12 ; and inferior to the meadow fescue in the proportion of 5 to 17. In these comparisons, from which the above proportions arose, it was necessary to omit the seed crops for the truth of comparison.
Strona 21 - A score, an hundred, a thousand, which are formed by the repeated addition of units, as far as the collections specified by those names. The origin of the elementary notion of unity or oneness was explained on a former occasion ; and it is not only one of the earliest, but one of the most distinct notions men have. This simple elementary idea lays the foundation of all the numerous and diversified combinations of numbers. And it is worthy of remark, that these combinations, although they are carried...
Strona 116 - CURTI8' book upon grasses it was said " Though the " Lolium perenne may not possess all that is desirable in a *' grass, it is not therefore to be considered as of no value, " and indiscriminately rejected. The complaint so generally " urged against it, of its producing little more than stalks or " bents, will be only found valid when the plant grows in " upland pasture and dry situations : in rich, moist meadows " its foliage is more abundant, and it seems to be the general " opinion of agriculturists...
Strona 114 - The young shoots, if cut off from the root where not exposed to the light, make a good pickle. In the heads of this plant the Entomologist may often find a considerable variety of insects, whither they resort for food or shelter.
Strona 63 - Its foliage is .tender, sweet, and grateful to cattle, but as it is an annual, does not attain any great size, and is liable to be killed by severe frost ; it is not likely to be of any material service to the...
Strona 21 - Anthoxanthum : hence it is equally valuable as an early grafs ; and as it is much larger, and quicker in its growth, it is...
Strona 21 - ... if due attention be paid in its introduction, it soon forms itself into a close thick turf, and from its rapidity of growth, will maintain itself against many of the more powerfully creeping kinds.

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