Anime Essentials: Every Thing a Fan Needs to Know

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Stone Bridge Press, 2001 - 127
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What makes Japanese animation Japanese? What are the top, not-to-be-missed films? Who's got the anime goods? What's it all mean anyway? Answering just about every question a fan (or curious parent) has, Anime Essentials is an easy-to-read and fun-to-look-at overview of the pop culture phenomenon sweeping America. It discusses the major players, where to get your anime fix, otaku (devoted fan) etiquette, how to run an anime club (and get pre-release screenings!), how to "talk" anime to outsiders, and lots more of interest both to veterans and newcomers.

One of the New York Public Libary's 2001 Books for the the Teen Age List.

"Overall, this book opens its welcoming arms wide to newcomers, so that more people can enjoy anime's story qualities, human element and cinematic, artistic effects. A valuable book!" -- Protocultue Addicts

"For the anime beginner, this is a great place to start." -- Dreamwatch

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Great book for new and old anime fans alike!

Recenzja użytkownika  - dallas1233 -

This is a great book for new and old fans alike! Not only does it talk about the history of anime as well as its fandom but also how you can be a fan yourself. Its simple and to the point and can be ... Przeczytaj pełną recenzję

Review: Anime Essentials: Every Thing a Fan Needs to Know

Recenzja użytkownika  - Amanda - Goodreads

A rather unfortunately out-of-date guide to a fast-moving subject which has positively exploded in the past few years. Although not without the occasional nugget of wisdom, fans would be better off looking out for guides published much more recently. Przeczytaj pełną recenzję

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Informacje o autorze (2001)

Gilles Poitras is a California librarian who first discovered anime in 1977. As a fan of films he was attracted by the use of cinematic efffects in ways that he had never seen in animation. He has been interviewed in several documentaries on anime and writes a monthly column on anime for Newtype USA magazine. He is also author of Anime Essentials.

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