The Mather Family

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Massachusetts Sabbath School Society, 1844 - 180

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Strona 95 - And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: And thou shall teach them diligently unto thy children, and shall talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.
Strona 56 - England," — in which they say : " If any who are given to change, do rise up, to unhinge the wellestablished order of the churches in this land, it will be the duty and interest of the churches to examine, whether the men of this trespass are more prayerful, more watchful, more zealous, more patient, more heavenly, more universally conscientious, and harder students, and better scholars, and more willing to be informed and advised, than those great and good men who left unto the churches what they...
Strona 164 - But it was conversation, and acquaintance with him in his familiar and occasional discourses and private communications, that discovered the vast compass of his knowledge, and the projections of his piety, more, I have sometimes thought, than all his pulpit exercises. Here he...
Strona 76 - This Country will never be worth Living in for Lawyers and Gentlemen, till the Charter is taken away.
Strona 115 - / am persuaded that there was much immediate agency of the Devil in those affairs, and perhaps there were some real witches." I have cited these testimonies for the purpose of showing at one view, how general, and I might almost say universal, was the belief in witchcraft, one hundred and fifty years ago. Cotton Mather was not singular in his opinions on this subject. He would have been singular, if he had indulged other opinions.
Strona 109 - A few hours before his death, he said, — "Now I have nothing more to do here ; my will is entirely swallowed up in the will of God.
Strona 114 - New-England, tney gave it in under their hands, that if we believe no venefick witchcraft, we must renounce the Scripture of God, and the consent of almost all the world ; but that yet the apparition of a person afflicting another, is a very insufficient proof of a witch; nor is it inconsistent with the holy and righteous government of God over men, to permit the affliction of the neighbours, by devils in the shape of good men...
Strona 15 - ... and God's Holy Spirit in those days was pleased to accompany the word with such efficacy upon the hearts of many; that our hearts were taken off from Old England, and set upon heaven. The discourse, not only of the aged, but of the youth also, was not, How shall we go to England...
Strona 67 - These men," says President Quincy, "refused to inquire into the regeneration of communicants ; denied the necessity of explicit covenanting with God and the church; admitted that persons not communicants might elect pastors ; referred admission to the sacraments to the prudence and conscience of the minister ; and held that admission to the pastoral relation might be valid, without the approbation of neighboring churches.
Strona 77 - I am afraid that the guilt of innocent blood is still crying in the ears of the Lord against you. I mean the blood of Leisler and Milburn. My Lord Bellamont said to me, that he was one of the committee of Parliament who examined the matter ; and that those men were not only murdered, but barbarously murdered.

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