If My Gospel Is Hidden

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AuthorHouse, 2005 - 204
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"If My Gospel Is Hidden" Is a revealing of the true Gospel message of Jesus Christ as followed from the scriptures with out the added spin of many denominations and organizations or the teachings of men. This book traces the simplicity and purity of the Gospel message from Adam and Eve all the way through Moses and the Law onto Jesus in his life, his death and resurrection. Through this examination we find meaning and answers to such questions as " How did Adam''s sin affect all mankind?" and "Why did Jesus have to die?". This work lifts the message of Christ out of the realm of religion and platitude and shows its relevance for mankind today. Along the way the " Pattern of God" is introduced and the Bible suddenly becomes plain in its purpose and meaning. Meanings long hidden and only discerned through the Holy Spirit are revealed in this book as examples to this generation of what God wants to reveal in each individual's life through a personal relationship. You will never look at the Bible in the same way again

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