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** The moments passed in quick succession, and were devoted entirely to the study of making each other happy.

“ Their union was auspicious in every point of view; their parents beheld their attachment with delight; and all who knew the parties were happy to see sense, prudence, and beauty, united to honour, wit, and manly charms !”

“ Thrice happy they, the happiest of their kind, " Whom gentler stars unite, and in one fate "" Their hearts, their fortunes, and their beings blend !"


“ You will excuse me, sir, for apostrophizing; but my favourite author seems to crown the description so exquisitely, that I could not refrain from introducing hin."


Orlando bowed, and the doctor proceeded.

" Palemon and Lavinia, the names of this happy pair, enjoyed a series of such bliss, as they fondly imagined would never be interrupted. To add to their joy, at the expiration of a twelvemonth, Lavinia presented her husband with a son and heir, an event which was the occasion of universal joy at the mansion.


" Splendid entertainments given. The poor for miles around were invited to partake of the hospitality; every thing was mirth and gaiety.

“ Palemon doated on his cherub, and Lavinia indulged in sweetest expectations of his inheriting the enclearing perfections of his father.

“In the course of another twelveB 2

month that ness,

month, Lavinia increased the universal joy in the birth of a daughter, who was caressed with equal fondness by the doating parents, whose happiness now would admit of no increase.

“ Alas! it was happiness too exquisite to last!"

“ But not to anticipate events, the young Pamelon grew up in every respect, the counter-part of his father; and the beautiful Lavinia partook of all her mother's graces.

At the age of eighteen he was sent to travel, and returned with all the fascinating attractions of the accomplished gentleman and scholar.

During his travels he had met with a youth of fortune, whose disposition was so congenial with his own, that soon produced a reciprocal esteem between them.

“ Rinaldo took every pains to amuse Palemon, and expressed himself highly pleased in the discovery of so agreeable a friend

“ As he had no particular destination allotted him, he accompanied Palemon through the whole of his travels. Their friendship increased daily, and the latter, when he arrived in England, insisted on the company of his friend a few weeks at his father's mansion.

The parents of Palemon were waiting with anxious expectation the arrival of their son, and at length received him with the fondest demonstrations

of joy.

The young Lavinia ran, with a countenance full of inexpressible glad

B 3

ness, to embrace her brother, who returned it with that cordial affection he he had ever entertained for his sister.

" Palemon introduced his friend, who had every mark of esteem and respect shewn him by his parents.

“ The moment Rinaldo cast his eyes on his friend's sister, he was struck with admiration at her charms.

“ Lavinia, indeed, was too interesting a figure to look at with indifference; and the former, who was quickly susceptible of female beauty, thought he had never beheld so fascinating a person.

* He blessed the happy incident: that had paved the way for so fortu. nate an interview.

The parents of Palemon were inex


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