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Oxford University Press, 1923

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Strona 25 - ... first happen. Now all the Rest and Residue of my personal Estate whatsoever and wheresoever (having no Real Estate to dispose of) I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Catherine Brown Widow and Relict of the late Colonel James Brown deceased and I do institute and appoint my good friend Henry Furness of the parish of St. James Westminster in the County of Middlesex...
Strona 391 - ... and admirable arrangements of the Almighty in the formation of this globe, and, at the same time, the arrogance of mortals, in presuming to account, by their speculations, for the laws by which he was pleased to create it.
Strona 134 - NEWGATE'S GARLAND: Being a new Ballad, showing how Mr. Jonathan Wild's Throat was cut from Ear to Ear, with a Penknife, by Mr. Blake, alias Blueskin, the bold Highwayman, as he stood at his Trial in the Old Bailey, 1725. TO THE TUNE OF THE CUTPURSE.
Strona 218 - THE SUFFOLK MIRACLE : Or, a relation of a young man, who, a month after his death, appeared to his sweetheart, and carried her on horseback behind him for forty miles in two hours, and was never seen after but in his grave.
Strona 119 - ... Afore the smoke-stacks fell, — And Bludso's ghost went up alone In the smoke of the Prairie Belle. He weren't no saint, — but at jedgment I'd run my chance with Jim, 'Longside of some pious gentlemen That wouldn't shook hands with him. He seen his duty, a dead-sure thing, — And went for it thar and then ; And Christ ain'ta going to be too hard On a man that died for men.
Strona 64 - That ever he takes in hand; For we are all his servants, And all at his command. Drink, boys, drink, and see you do not spill, For if you do, you must drink two, — it is your master's will. Now our harvest is ended, And supper is past ; Here's our mistress' good health, In a full flowing glass!
Strona 265 - Honour and youth attend to do their duty To thee, their only sovereign beauty. Beauty, arise, whilst we, thy servants, sing lo to Hymen, wedlock's jocund king. lo to Hymen, lo, lo, sing, Of wedlock, love, and youth, is Hymen king. Beauty, arise, thy glorious lights display, Whilst we sing lo, glad to see this day. lo, lo, to Hymen, lo, lo, sing, Of wedlock, love, and youth, is Hymen king.
Strona 264 - Art thou poor, yet hast thou golden slumbers? O sweet content! Art thou rich, yet is thy mind perplexed? O punishment! Dost thou laugh to see how fools are vexed To add to golden numbers, golden numbers?
Strona 228 - But, as a brother officer, I beg to record my admiration of his conduct in the moment of peril and danger, and his energy and resources entitle him to high professional credit. At one time I find him surrounded by hostile natives and dreading an attack, yet forbearing to fire, and the savages awed and subdued by the solemnity of his party kneeling down in prayer. At another, having failed to heave off his boat when on the rocks, he digs a channel under her, and diverts a...
Strona 160 - Cambridge scholars in 1868, came to an end with ite 35th volume in 1920. An index to the whole series has now been compiled under the auspices of the Cambridge Classical Society.

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