Pharmaceutical Journal: A Weekly Record of Pharmacy and Allied Sciences, Tom 8

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J. Churchill, 1849

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Strona 154 - Composition whatsoever, used or applied, or to be used or applied externally or internally as Medicines or Medicaments for the Prevention, Cure or Relief of any Disorder or Complaint incident to or in anywise affecting the human Body...
Strona 87 - For straight incisions of whatever length, provided the edges can be brought together without great difficulty, it is better to apply the solution in immediate contact with the skin — as follows : The bleeding should be arrested, and the skin thoroughly dried. If the lips of the wound are themselves in contact, the surgeon has only to apply a coating of the solution lengthwise, over the approximated edges, by means of a camel's hair pencil, leaving it untouched after the brush has once passed over...
Strona 471 - ... viz., heat, light, electricity, magnetism, chemical affinity, and motion, are all correlative, or have a reciprocal dependence. That neither, taken abstractedly, can be. said to be the essential or...
Strona 144 - ... stock had been destroyed, that any extraordinary cause of the evil was suspected. To place it beyond doubt that the water was really the cause of the mischief, twelve healthy fuchsias were procured from a distance and divided into two parts ; half being watered morning and evening with the. water in question, and the others with rain water.
Strona 88 - ... making the layer pretty strong. It acted successfully, by maintaining the edges so firmly together that they were not again re-opened by the infant ; the gun-cotton dressing was not like other dressings, affected by the moisture of the child's mouth ; — and as a dressing, and at the same time by securing rest to the part, it allowed complete adhesion and cicatrization speedily to take place.
Strona 100 - That, from and after the passage of this act, all drugs, medicines, medicinal preparations, including medicinal essential oils and chemical preparations used wholly or in part as medicine, imported into the United States from abroad, shall, before passing the Customhouse, be examined and appraised, as well in reference to their quality, purity, and fitness for medical purposes as to their value and identity specified in the invoice.
Strona 497 - Seal of the Society of the Art and Mystery of Apothecaries of the City of London...
Strona 143 - In the month of September last, three or four small plants in pots were shown to the writer, nearly or quite dead ; and he was at the same time informed that their destruction was a complete mystery to the party to whom they belonged, and that Dr. Lindley had expressed his opinion, from the examination of a portion of one sent to him, that they were poisoned. Having searched in vain for any strong poison in...
Strona 170 - Concentrated sulphuric acid * 60 ; Carded cotton 2. Mix the nitre with the sulphuric acid in a porcelain vessel, then add the cotton, and agitate the mass for three minutes by the aid of two glass rods. Wash the cotton, without first pressing it, in a large quantity of water ; and, when all acidity is removed (indicated by litmus-paper), press it firmly in a cloth.
Strona 103 - Whenever condemned tea is to be destroyed it must be conveyed to some suitable place, and proper means, to be prescribed by the examiner, must be used for its effectual destruction, which shall be effected in the presence of an officer of customs, detailed by the collector for the purpose.

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