Graphidæ, Or, Characteristics of Painters

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Privately printed, 1838 - 39

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Strona 19 - The outward shows of sky and earth, Of hill and valley, he has viewed; And impulses of deeper birth Have come to him in solitude. In common things that round us lie Some random truths he can impart, The harvest of a quiet eye That broods and sleeps on his own heart.
Strona 29 - He had perceived the presence and the power Of greatness ; and deep feelings had impressed) Great objects on his mind, with portraiture And colour so distinct, that on his mind They lay like substances, and almost seemed To haunt the bodily sense.
Strona 9 - Si rationalia, cadeste evadet animal. Si intellectualia, angelus erit et Dei filius, et si nulla creaturarum sorte contentus in unitatis centrum suae se receperit, unus cum Deo spiritus factus, in solitaria Patris caligine qui est super omnia constitutus omnibus antestabit.
Strona 5 - Auch ich war in Arkadien geboren, Auch mir hat die Natur An meiner Wiege Freude zugeschworen; Auch ich war in Arkadien geboren, Doch Tränen gab der kurze Lenz mir nur.
Strona 17 - Tratto t' ho qui con ingegno e con arte : Lo tuo piacere omai prendi per duce ; Fuor se' dell' erte vie, fuor se' dell' arte. Vedi il sole che 'n fronte ti riluce : Vedi 1' erbetta, i fiori, e gli arboscelli Che quella terra sol da se produce. Mentre che vegnon lieti gli occhi belli Che lagrimando a te venir mi fenno, Seder ti puoi e puoi andar tra elli. Non aspettar mio dir più né mio cenno : Libero, dritto, sano è tuo arbitrio, E fallo fora non fare a suo senno : — Perch' io te sopra te corono...
Strona 11 - Carmine qui tragico vilem certavit ob hircum, 220 Mox etiam agrestes Satyros nudavit, et asper Incolumi gravitate jocum tentavit : eo quod Illecebris erat et grata novitate morandus Spectator functusque sacris et potus et exlex.
Strona 25 - THE moisten'd lowlands, delicately clear, Through the thin haze and morning gleam appear ; On the smooth herbage cattle graze or sleep, The neatherds by the rushy streamlet keep Their quiet watch, until the day expire, And slanting sunbeams gild the village spire.
Strona 4 - In half an hour's sitting — in hot weather — The painting on their face has been so mellow, They have left the poor man harder work by half To mend the copy he wrought by : But indeed, If ever I would have mine drawn to the life, ' I would have a painter steal it at such a time I were devoutly kneeling at my prayers ; There is then a heavenly beauty in't, the soul Moves in the superficies.

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