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"Jeder Character wird Dir ein eigenes Gemahlde seyn, und Du wirst eine herrliche Gallerie von Bildnissen zum Spiegel Deines Geistes um Dich her versammelt haben."

[blocks in formation]

THESE compositions were first written down as a kind of sport in art, to describe the painters to whom they severally relate by some awakened association with a favourite picture, or some general characteristic of the artist's genius. They are here preserved, because it is pleasant to connect the impression produced on the mind by a work of art with any familiar expression in language which the mind may chance to have retained.

Some of these little sketches have become more serious than the design which prompted them in some perhaps

the tone of criticism has deadened the lively flow of sen

timent which they were meant to convey: I am content if

in any of them the Idea of the great works and minds of Artists has been partially approached.

Yet in offering this slight Volume to the few friends to whom it can be an acceptable gift, the author has the pleasure of fancying that he may share their thoughts when they return to the works of the masters to whom

these lines refer and to the indulgence of such readers at such times, he commends this Book.

H. R.

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