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Most potent, grave, and reverend Signors!

IN mitred state and sacred linen fold,

With hood and tunic wrought in cloth of gold,
Saint, pontiff, noble in the gauds of power

Record the legend of an humbler hour;

But in the midst some simple form divine


Marks the pure

Godhead of that

gorgeous shrine.


How this grace

Speaks his own standing! what a mental power
This eye shoots forth! how big imagination
Moves in this lip! to the dumbness of the gesture
One might interpret!

Timon of Athens.

How deep the firmament's eternal blue!
How fair and fruitful is the landscape's hue!
In power and passion here the Indian boy,
Drawn by hot leopards, rushes on his joy;
Here woman, robed in her Venetian charms,

Tempts some huge soul to banquet in her arms:
Or should the dignity of saint and sage

Demand a mould for Truth or reverend Age,

On the full brow he thrones the power of Jove,

And honies o'er the lips with Christian love; To these great tasks a patriarch's life was given, And his own Angels beckoned him to Heaven.


Nascenti homini omnifaria semina et omnigenæ vitæ germina indidit Pater: quæ quisque excoluerit illa adolescent, et fructus suos ferent in illo. Si vegetalia, planta fiet. Si sensualia, obrutescit. Si rationalia, cœleste evadit animal. Si intellectualia, Angelus erit et Dei filius.

Pico di Mirandola.

GOOD Albrecht Dürer! I have not the heart

To hide thy name in any trick of art.

Thou cunning workman of a thousand shapes,

Knights, virgins, ghostly men and grinning apes!

Thou dreamer of imperishable dreams!

When Melancholy dozed by Lethe's streams;

When his lean jennet bore Sir Death along

Through bosky dells, by castles high and strong,


What mystical and self-consuming sadness,

Mixed with a gleam of visionary madness, Chequered the kindest soul which ever smiled,

In the high moods of Genius' busy child!

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