Analysis, Parsing, and Composition: Designed for Beginners

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A. Waldteufel, 1874 - 54

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Strona 49 - The assassin enters, through the window already prepared, into an unoccupied apartment. With noiseless foot he paces the lonely hall, half lighted by the moon ; he winds up the ascent of the stairs and reaches the door of the chamber.
Strona 33 - There are commonly reckoned five modes — the indicative, the potential, the subjunctive, the imperative, and the infinitive. The indicative mode asserts a thing as actually existing; as, " James loves ;"
Strona 50 - I bring my captive train, I pledge thee faith, my liege, my lord ! — oh, break my father's chain !" " Rise, rise ! even now thy father comes, a ransomed man this day: . Mount thy good horse, and thou and I will meet him on his way.
Strona 50 - Tempests occasionally shake our dwellings and dissipate our commerce ; but they scourge before them the lazy elements which, without them, would stagnate into pestilence. In like manner Liberty herself, the last and best gift of God to his creatures, must be taken just as she is : you might...
Strona 47 - Like a bird that seeketh its mother's nest ; And a mother she was, and is, to me ; For I was born on the open sea ! The waves were white, and red the morn, In the noisy hour when I was...
Strona 42 - To persist in evil does not excuse it. The best throw of the dice is to throw them away.
Strona 24 - I my me he his him she her her it its it we our us you your you they their them Think of five sentences in which possessive pronouns are used.
Strona 48 - Stranger! there is not room for us both. The Great Spirit has not made us to live together. There is poison in the white man's cup; the white man's dog barks at the red man's heels. If I should leave the land of my fathers, whither shall I fly? Shall I go to the south, and dwell among the graves of the Pequots? Shall I wander to the west?
Strona 23 - A substantive, used as the object after a verb or a preposition, is said to be in the OBJECTIVE CASE.
Strona 19 - If it represents the person, or thing spoken of, it is in the THIRD PERSON.

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