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Therefore, my friend and reader, direct thy path in the belief of the only God, and trust in him alone; “ then will he bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgment as the noon-day.” And all who believe in the true faith will receive the reward of the promised blessings. “ For be is a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is he.” Deut. xxxii. 4. 6. For the master who employed thee is faithful to pay thee the reward of thy labour.” (Ethics, chap. 2.)


Know also, that in as much as it is incumbent on man to believe that the Creator (blessed be his name) is the only God, and independent of any other existing being, alike is he required to believe in the words of his holy messengers, his servants the prophets, for evidently are their words the true words of the living God, which all nations believe, and shall we not do so? They even acknowledge and believe in the Mosaic Law, although they do not adhere to it, having not been addressed to them from mount Sinai; but, as to us, we were strictly enjoined to follow it, for our ancestors have taken upon themselves and became responsible for their children ever after to obey and to perform these laws, how shall we then neglect them, forsake the words of the true and living God, and listen to the words of

המהפכים אור לחשך אילו הכופרים והפיקורסים באמרם על המשך היא הגלות שמרומז לערב כאשר אבאר איה המה אומרים שהו בקר והבקר מרומז לגאולה כי האנשים האה מאמינים שמשיח כבר בא לכן אומרים על חשך אור ומחרפום אותנו : אך בעזרת אהי אברר את שקרותס לעיני כל.:

ועתה נחזור לענייננו הראשון אך תדעו כל האדם שאינו מאמין בתורה או מלעיג על שום דבר מהסיפורים הכתובים בתורה או במה שדרשו רז"ל אותו ב"א הוא כופר בעיקר ומגלה פנים בתורה שלא כהלכה : כי רק חיז"ל היו בררו לנו את התורה כמו שקבלו מרבותיהם לא אילו תועה רוח ואבותינו קבלו את התורה מסיני באותות ובמופתים כמו שנאמר שמות יט טז ויהי ביום השלישי בהיות הבקר ויהי קולת וברקים וענן כבד על ההר וכ" ויחרד כל העם אשר במחנה וכ" : ואבותינו ראו בעיניהם ושמעו באזניהם את כל הגדולות והנוראות הצה וספרו והודיעו לבניהם ולבני בניהם יד ה' הגדולה על כן די לך ישרא בעדות אבותיך :


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fanatics, who misinterpret light for darkness, for darkness is amongst us emblematical of captivity, which captivity is metaphorically compared by us to evening, and redemption to morning, (which I shall hereafter explain), these Sophists and Epicureans believing that the Messiah is already come, call darkness light, and thus endeavour to beguile us; but I shall hereafter, with the help of God, refute their falsehood to the world.

But we shall now resume our former subject, that every man who does not believe in the Law or converts into ridicule any thing which is related in the Bible, or what our learned Rabbies explained and specified, that person denies in the principle, i. e. God, and construes the Law contrary to its true sense. For our Talmud explains to us the Bible as they have received it from their forefathers, to whom it was delivered by the LORD from Sinai, with signs and with wonders, “ and it came to pass on the third day in the morning, that there were thunders and lightnings and a thick cloud upon the mount,"? &c. “and all the people that was in the camp trembled.” And our forefathers beheld and hcard these great and terrible things and they have declared and transmitted to their children and grandchildren, this, the great work of the LORD. Therefore, O Israel, let the testimony of nations and sects acknowledge our Bible as

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אע"פי שלא כהלכה כי אבותיהם לא עמדו לפני הר סיני לקבלה : כמו בני ישרץ ששמעו מפי

הגבורה עד שאמרו למשה דבר אתה עמנו

ונשמעה וצ ידבר עמנו אהים פן נמות וכי שמות

כי י"ט :

ואחר זה למד משה עמהם ובאר השיב

להם כל דברי התורה והלוא לא היה כן בשום אומה אחרת ואיך יכולין להשיג האמת ובפרט שסבו בכחש וככזי הכופרים : ולא כן עמנו מאחר

שהעבד הנאמן זה משה רבינו אשר מצא חן בעיני ה' להיות נאמן לה" תמצא שמות לג יז) ובספר במדבר י"ב ז" וכי למד את התורה עם אבותינו

וביאור להם כל הפירושים ורמזים בתיבות

thy forefathers suffice ye. Nor can we have a more convincing proof of its origin, than that all nations and sects acknowledge our Bible as emanating from the LORD, and even their clergymen quote passages from our Bible, though it was not addressed to them, as it was only given to the children of Israel, and to those strangers who join themselves to the LORD and enter into our covenant, but not to those who have not entered into the covenant in the flesh which GOD made with Abraham-ie. Circumcision; they nevertheless constantly adduce proofs from it, but they do not explain those proofs in their true sense; their forefathers did not stand before Mount Sinai, as the children of Israel did, who heard the words from God himself; and which God would have continued to declare to them but they said unto Moses,“ Speak thou with us, and we will hear: but let not GOD speak with us, lest we die.” Ex. xx. 19. Then Moses taught and explained to them clearly the whole of the Law, as he received it from the LORD. Now, as' no other nation had this immediate communication with God, it is not to be expected or even supposed they could be in possession of the true sense and meaning of the Bible, being misled by the false and unjust expositions of Sophists. But we are not so circumstanced, for the true and faithful servant of God, Moses, (who found grace in the sight of the LORD, and was acknowledged by the LORD to be faithful, see Ex. xxxiii. 17. and Num. xii. 7.) taught the Law to our ancestors and


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