Diablo II: To Hell and Back

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Wizards of the Coast, 1 mar 2001 - 192
The legendary Diablo and Diablo II computer games come to life with the release of the tabletop Diablo II: To Hell & Back roleplaying adventure. All a player needs is the Dungeons & Dragons "RM" Player's Handbook to accompany the Diablo II game. Every level and all 4 acts of the computer game are represented in the tabletop mega-adventure, which will also include 64 pages of monsters, information for levels 1-30, and over 60 maps!

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Informacje o autorze (2001)

Andy Collins's most recent credits include the "Epic Level Handbook, Draconomicon, Complete Warrior," and contributing to the "D&D Player's Handbook v.3.5."
Jesse Decker has written numerous articles in relation to the D&D game, and his most recent credit is the" D&D Arms and Equipment Guide."
David Noonan's most recent credits include the "D&D accessories Stronghold Builder's Guidebook, Hero Builder's Guidebook, Complete Warrior," and the "Urban Arcanaa Campaign Setting."
Rich Redman's most recent credits include contributing to "Deities and Demigods, Defenders of the Faith, Monster Manual II, Savage Species," and the "D&D Arms and Equipment Guide."

David Eckelberry is a computer game designer and editor of Alternity projects for AD&D CD-ROM games. He has also written Star Drive: Campaign Setting, a guide to playing one of the popular games, Star Drive, and to "running" a campaign in the land of "Verge." Eckelberry studied literature in college. He moved to Seattle some years later and began designing computer-game "worlds," including "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.

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