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Another class of readers whom the christian minister specially regards when he sends forth a volume of Sermons are those who were once members of his congregation but who are now removed to a distance, and the members of congregations to whom in past times it has been his privilege to preach the word of God. To the congregations of St. Bride's, Liverpool, and St. Margaret's, Ipswich, the author would more particularly apply this remark, and affectionately assure them of the pleasure it gives him to address them, though absent in body, through the medium of this little volume. And here he may be permitted to record his deep sense of the privilege which he was permitted to enjoy in sharing for two years the ministerial "work of faith and labour of love" with the Rev. J. H. Stewart, the beloved and

respected minister of St. Bride's church, Liverpool. His earnest prayer is, that whatever good impressions were made on his heart during that period may never be effaced-his deep regret that those impressions were not more carefully sought and cherished by himself. May the blessing of God continue to rest upon his labours, that the souls for which he watches may be the seals of his ministry here, and his "joy and crown of rejoicing" hereafter.

There is one more thought which cannot but suggest itself to the mind of the Christian minister when he is giving a more enduring form to the messages which he has delivered from the pulpit-that when his living voice shall be heard no more declaring the glad tidings of salvation there may be an echo to prolong the

sound of which it may be said, "By it he, being dead, yet speaketh.”

In conclusion, the author has one request to make of all who read these pages. If they find the writer made the humble instrument of imparting knowledge to their minds, consolation to their hearts, fervency to their desires, or firmness to their purposes, let them repay the benefit by their PRAYERS. And if they reap none of these benefits, and should deem the statements and exhortations brought forward ill-calculated to gain their desired ends, let them pray for him still, that wheresoever he is in error he may be enlightened, and wheresoever he is in fault, forgiven.

Worcester, 20th March, 1838.

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