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7 Thine is the kingdom, thine the pow'r Thy kingdom come; thy will be

O'er angels, and o'er men ;

The glory too for evermore
Is thine; Amén, Amen!

200. T. 166.

OUR Father, who in heaven art, Hallow'd be thy most blessed name;


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XI. Of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

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202. T. 22.

song shall bless the Lord of all, My praise ascend to his abode : Thee, Saviour, by that name I call, The great, supreme, the mighty God! 2 Without beginning or decline,

Object of faith, and not of sense; Eternal ages saw him shine,

He shines eternal ages hence. 3 As much, when in the manger laid, Almighty Ruler of the sky, As when the six days work he made Fill'd all the morning-stars with joy. 4 Of all the crowns Jehovah bears, Salvation is his dearest claim;

That gracious sound well-pleas'd he hears,

And owns Immanuel for his name. 5. A cheerful confidence I feel,

My well-plac'd hopes with joy I see, My bosom glows with heav'nly zeal To worship him who dy'd for me. 6 As man he pities my complaint,

His pow'r and truth are all divine; He will not fail, he cannot faint,

Salvation's sure and must be mine.

203.* T. 172.

THY majesty how vast it is!

And how immense the glory, Which thou, O Jesus, dost possess ! Both heav'n and earth adore thee. The numberless heavenly hosts laud thy name

Thy glory & might are transcendent; Ten thousands of angels thy praises proclaim,

Upon thee gladly dependent. 5 The Father's Equal, God the Son, With him thou ever reignest; Thou art partaker of his throne, And all things thou sustainest. Both angels and men view their Maker

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The angels and elders before him fall


With accents melodious him praising; Unto the Lamb slain, and to him on the throne,

They render glory unceasing.

4 The church on earth in humble
Exalteth Christ our Saviour; [strain,
She sings, "The Lamb for us was slain,
Our foe is cast for ever;

For Christ hath redeem'd us by his
precious blood

Out of ev'ry nation and kindred, And made us thereby kings and priests unto God,

To him thanksgiving be render'd."
5 When Christ shall come, in majesty,
With all his bright attendance,
And as the Judge in equity

On men pass final sentence: [dread,
Then shall all his enemies quaking with
Wish mountains and rocks them to

The ransom'd with gladness will lift up their head,

And live with Jesus for ever.

204. T. 14.

O THE delights, the heav'nly joys,
The glories of the place,
Where Jesus sheds the brightest beams
Of his o'erflowing grace!

2 Sweet majesty and awful love
Sit smiling on his brow,
And all the glorious ranks above

At humble distance bow.

3 Princes to his imperial name

Bend their bright sceptres down:
Dominions, thrones, and pow'rs rejoice
To see him wear the crown.

4 Upon that dear majestic head
That cruel thorns did wound,
See what immortal glories shine
And circle it around!

5 This is the Man, th' exalted Man,
Whom. we unseen adore;
But when our eyes shall see his face,
Our hearts shall love him more.

205. T. 341.
WORTHY, O Lord, art thou,
That ev'ry knee should bow,
Ev'ry tongue to thee confess;
Universal nature join,
Strong and mighty thee to bless,
Gracious, merciful, benign!

2 Hail your dread Lord and ours, Dominions, thrones and pow'rs! Source of pow'r he rules alone:

Veil your faces, prostrate fall,
Cast your crowns before his throne,
Hail the Cause, the Lord of all!

3 Justice and truth maintain
Thy everlasting reign;
One with thine almighty Sire,
Partner of an equal throne;
King of kings, let all conspire
Gratefully thy sway to own.
4 Jesus, thou art my King,
To me thy succor bring.
Christ the mighty One art thou,
Help for all on thee is laid:
This thy promise claim I now,
Send me down the promis'd aid.
5 Triumph and reign in me,
And spread thy victory:
Sin, and death, and hell control,
Pride and self, and ev'ry foe;
All subdue, thro' all my soul,
Conqu❜ring and to conquer go.

206.* T. 97.

THOU reign'st above on heaven's


The Father's Equal, God the Son;
The Holy Ghost to us displays
Thy majesty and boundless grace,
And in the Scriptures clearly doth ex-

That thou, Lord, madest, and redeem-
edst man.

2 With awe and reverence 'fore thee,
And at thy name we bow the knee,
As all in earth and heaven join,
T' extol thy majesty divine,
And thee, to God the Father's glory, call
The great Jehovah, mighty Lord of all.


T. 595.

JESUS, my Lord, my God!

The God supreme thou art, The Lord of hosts whose precious blood Is sprinkled on my heart.

2 Jehovah is thy name;

And thro' thy blood apply'd, Convinc'd and certify'd I am, There is no God beside.

3 Soon as the Spirit shows

That precious blood of thine,
The happy, pardon'd sinner knows
It is the blood divine.

4 Yea only he, who feels:
"My Saviour for me dy'd,"
Is certain that the Godhead dwells
In Jesus crucify'd.

208.* T. 58.

12 He laid his glory by,

And dreadful pains endur'd,
That rebels, such as you and I,
From wrath might be secur'd.
3 Upon the cross he dy'd,
Our debt of sin to pay;
The blood and water from his side
Wash guilt and sin away.

4 And now he pleading stands
For us, before the throne;
And answers all the law's demands
With what himself hath done.

OUR gracious God be praised ever-7


That Jesus Christ, who all our sorrows bore,

To our hearts so clearly is manifested, That with conviction 'tis by us attested That he is God.

2 O blessed truth which with deep awe is heard,

Truth worthy evermore to be rever'd: To the man Christ Jesus, a name is given Above all names; all knees in earth

and heaven

'Fore him mast bow.

3 Of this great truth we boldly witness bear,

And to mankind this doctrine will declare,

That he, who to save us assum'd our nature

5 He sees us willing slaves

To sin, and Satan's pow'r; But with an outstretch'd arm, he saves, In his appointed hour.

6 The Holy Ghost he sends

Our stubborn souls to move, To make his enemies his friends, And conquer them by love. The love of sin departs,

The life of grace takes place, Soon as his voice invites our hearts To rise and seek his face.

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210. T. 595.

And suffer'd on the cross, is the Crea- HOSANNA to the Son


Of heav'n and earth.

209. T. 595.

PREPARE a thankful song

To the Redeemer's name !

His praises should employ each tongue, And ev'ry heart inflame.

Of David, and of God,

Who brought the news of pardon down,
And seal'd it with his blood.

2 To Christ, th' anointed King,
Be endless blessings giv'n;
Let the whole earth his glory sing,
Who made our peace with heav'n.

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3 Children of God, who walk by faith,
Ye ransom'd from the fall,
Show forth your dear Redeemer's death,
Confess him Lord of all.

4 Let ev'ry tribe, and ev'ry tongue
That hear the Saviour's call,

Unite in one harmonious

song, And hail him Lord of all!

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3 Highest King and Priest,
Prophet, Lord, and Christ!
Thy dear sceptre is embraced
By me at thy feet abased:
I choose Mary's seat
At thy holy feet.

4 Nigh to thee draw me,
Give me faith on thee

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To depend, and daily bolder
Cast all mis'ry on thy shoulder,
Which I feel in me;
Draw me nigh to thee.
5 Grant me steadiness,
Lord, to run my race,
Foll'wing thee with love most tender,
So that Satan may not hinder
Me by craft or force;
Further thou my course.
6 By thy Spirit's light,
Me instruct aright,

That I watch and pray with fervor,
Trusting thee, my soul's Preserver:
Love unfeign'd, O Lord,
Unto me afford.

7 Give me courage good,

my wealth and blood
I for thee could spend, my Saviour,
Hating world and sin for ever;
Since for me, my God,
Thou didst shed thy blood.
8 When I hence depart,
Strengthen thou my heart,
And into thy realms convey me,
In thy righteousness array me,
That at thy right-hand
Joyful I may stand.

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The Corner-stone, he of the church is Thou dost our cause before thy Father nam'd.

[fram'd. In whom the building's fitly join'd and

3 As Leader, he before his people goes,

And constant vict'ry gains o'er all his foes:


He is our High-priest, having no com[are. Our names upon his breast engraven 4 Our only Master, who instructs us right; [Prophet's light: To know God's will we need this Our Counsellor he is; if we believe His words, nor flesh, nor world can us deceive.

5 Of all the feeble he the Strength remains,

As Hero in the fight he conquest gains; Him Everlasting Father,* all must own; As Prince of peace, he to his church is known. * Isaiah, ix. 6. 6 As Lord, none dare his sov'reign will control;

soul !


As Advocate, and for us intercede.
10 To thee, the Mercy-seat, we may
draw nigh,

And confidently on thy name rely:
As Lamb, thou didst become a sacrifice
For us, and pay in blood our ransom-

11 As Bridegroom of the soul, the
church thy bride

To thee, who purchas'd her, is close ally'd.


As Head, thy body thou wilt neʼer forBut of each member special notice take. 12 As Shepherd, thou thy sheep dost richly feed,

Protect from harm, and to green pastures lead:

O Bread of life, whereby alone we live, Thro' thee we everlasting life receive. 13 O living Fountain, he who drinks of thee

Shall thirst no more to all éternity. Thou art the Vine, and we the branches

He is thy Lord, be joyful, O my
His name is Wonderful, who can reveal Deriving juice from thee, we fruit
His thoughts divine, immense, un-


7 He is the Life, by whom all things subsist;

The Way, which cannot ev'n by fools be miss'd;

The Truth, in which we may confide; the Light [of night. Which shines resplendent in the shades

8 The Word, by whom all things t first were made,

Who even now to life can raise the dead:

He's our Redeemer, who hath shed his blood,

The world to save, and reconcile to God.

9 Thee, gracious Lord, our Saviour we confess,

Since we're partakers of thy saving grace:

can bear.

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