My Letters to the Church

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Xulon Press, 2008 - 228
"One solution to the greatest challenges of modern day Christianity today! Anti-Semitism is ingrained in our Christian doctrines and viewpoints, which makes all who claim to be Christian prone to be natural anti-Semitists in their doctrine. This book provides an analysis of anti-Semitism in Christian doctrines from a theological perspective, and will show you how we can rid ourselves of it, and destroy the leaven of anti-Semitism in our Christian doctrine once and for all! The author provides a new way of seeing the Letters to the Seven Churches of Revelation chapter 2-3, and a look at major religious practices in today's Pop-Christianity, from Baptism to the issue of Women's Silence in the Church; a renewed way of viewing the Scriptures without much change. An appreciation of the Jewishness of the Apostles and the Lost Frontier to help all come to unity of the knowledge of the Son of God."

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