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Thou thy flocks of Gentile-sheep If to Christ the Vine we cleave, Wilt from the destroyer keep. Daily strength from him receive,

Thro' his pow'r we shall produce 1153.* T. 136.

Goodly fruit, matur'd for use.
GOD'S boundless grace
Preserves each faithful servant,

1155.* T. 79.
All share his aid, in cold and heat
most ardent;

MOST gracious Lord and Saviour, Midst ice and rocks,

Who dost accept in favor, Or on the stormy seas,

Of sinners vile and

poor; Are souland body under his direction; May we while here remaining, The shadow of his wings affords com- Be thy whole aim attaining, plete protection;

Since thou bast open'd us a door. The Lord will be about our ways,

2. Lord, should'st thou even gather O boundless grace!

Suci multitudes together, 2. Our life, our death,

As sands upon the coast,
Be to thy joy and honor, [the donor, Thou tents for them providest,
Who art of life, and each good gift Among them thou residest,
We say, Amen!

As Captain of the ransom'd host.
Thou author of our faith, (vior,
Thy name be glorified in our beha-

1156.* T. 582. Whether our pilgrimage be rough or

smooth, dear Saviour. [breath,|AMBASSADORS of Christ, Betbou ourstrength, while we have Know ye the way you go? Our life in death.

A path, not strew'd with blooming

flow'rs, 1154.* T. 205.

But yielding thorns and woe; GROUNDED on th' eternal Rock,

All who Christ crucified, Moving in the gospel-way,

Their only Saviour own,
Strong and firm ʼmidst every shock, Meet oftentimes with treatment base,

Unto their Master shown.
Humble, but without dismay;
Such the pilgrim, who in faith

2. Only against offence
Safely walks the narrow path, With circumspection guard,
He proceeds from grace to grace, By craft or force in ev'ry place
Till with joy he ends his race. The fiend is striving hard,
2. More and more our joys increase, God's work’s to overthrow,
As we humbly travel on,

That in the trying hour, Jesus gives abundant grace,

The servants of the Lord may fall, While we lean on bim alone;

Bereft of faith and pow'r. Thro’ the virtue of his blood,

3. But see, the fields are wbite, Source of life and ev'ry good,

Go therefore, lab'rers, go, We preserve a cheerful mind, The Lord leads on to victory, His bless'd will to do inclin'd.

His pow'r and grace ye know; 3. Then we suit ourselves to those, Christ, whom ye Saviour call,

Who with us yoke-fellows are, Of all is sov’reign Lord, [priest, Glad to soften all their woes,

Your Captain and your great HighGlad their ev'ry joy to share; Ye conquer thro' his word.

4. To Cæsar ever give

Are we with thy blood besprinkled, The things that Cæsar's are,

Marked with thy Spirit's seal, And render unto God his right,

Tho’ for death we should be singled, Upite in fervent pray’r,

We in death, would trust thee still, To him let praise ascend; In undissembled love,

1161.* T. 205. In uprightness and justice walk, Until ye bence remove.

WARRIOR, on thy station stand, 1157.* T. 68.

Faithful to thy Saviour's call, LABORERS, go forth

With the shield of faith in hand,

Fearless, let what may, befal; Into all the earth,

Nothing fill thee with dismay,
Gather souls in distant places,
To reward the death of Jesus,

Hunger, toil, or length of way,

In the strength of Jesus boast, Throughout all the earth,

Never, never quit thy post. Set his suff" rings forth. 2. Open, Lord, a door,

1162,* T. 185. Soon from shore to shore,

Send an host of gospel-preachers, WHATaffords the Christian warrior

Shining lights, anointed teachers, vigor, Soon from shore to shore,

Whoclimbs rocks, or sinks in sands, Open, Lord, a door.

Braving now of northern storms the 1158. T. 11.

rigor, BRETHREN, what do you desire,

Scorched then in southern lands? After what do ye aspire?

Here no care avails, no circumspecWhither do your labors tend ? To preach Christ, the sinners' friend. But depending on his Lord's protec

In bis heav'nly armor clad,

stion, 2. Seems tbis subject ever new ?

He moves on, serene and glad.
Can you give it praises due?
Ne'er be weary to proclaim

1163.* T.141.
Jesus' lovely, saving pame.
3. Never, nerer will we cease WHILE the pilgrim travels
To proclaim the news of peace, On this earthly ground.
Never, till our latest breath, Watchful guardian angels
Fervent, faithful unto death.

Compass him around; 1159.* T. 161.

Like Elisha's servant, URG'D by love, on ev'ry station

He in faith espies To the fallen human race,

Hosts with horses, We will publish Christ's salvation,

Flaming chariots rise.
And declare bis blood-boughtgrace;

1164.* T. 591.
To display him-And pourtray him
In his suff'ring form and beauty, DOTH our Saviour on us call,
Be our aim and pleasing duty.

We to his service haste,
1160.* T. 167.

For his sake we venture all, NOUGHT shall hinder our blest Renounce lethargic rest; function,

Not despairing to fulfil
Jesus, since we bear thy name, The great trust repos'd in us,
And are callid, taught by thy unction, We to him submit our will,

Thy atonement to proclaim; And boldly preach the cross.


1165.* T. 583.

With gospel-seed already sown,

In Gentile-lands, or in our own,
THE earth's the Lord's! to cultivate
The land,


May an abundant harvest yield. And sow the gospel-seed we ready In hope, that for his travail he may see

1168.* T. 155. A rich reward, and reap abundantly.

O WHAT songs in highest strain 1166.* T: 590.

Will the ransom'd sing in heaven, AH! could we prompt the human With thanksgiving, race,

To him who brought us to God, To Jesus Christ to turn,

By his blood, And as the case at Emmaus was, When of ev'ry tongue and nation, In love to him to burn,

There will be with exultation
Who on th' accursed cross was slain, But one flock and Shepherd known.

To rescue the enslav'd,
And doth the scriptures still explain 2. Amen, Jesus' words are trae,

Surely he his gracious promise
To such as would be sav'd!

Will accomplish; 1167.* T. 580.

Ye, his servants, ready stand,

In each land, THOU of all nations the desire, Yea in the most distant places, With ardent zeal our breasts inspire, Till he comes, to sound his praises,

And grant that ev'ry field, And make known his saving name.

1169.* T. 185.

1170. * T. 166. GRACE and peace from God, our O THOU the church's Lord and blessed Saviour,

Head, Be with all who love his name!

Our only refuge, shield and rock, Church of Christ, his service deem a The pilgrims' guide support and aid, favour,

Thou faithful Shepherd of thy flock; Joyfully his death proclaim;

Vile as we are, we're surely thine, Be prepar’d for rest or for employ- Thro' mercy we have life obtain'd, ment,

As monuments of grace divine, With activity, combine enjoyment,

To our astonishment we stand. Serve with zeal and faithfulness, Love enraptur’d with his grace.

2. As part of thy church militant, 2. Chosen flock thy faithful Shepherd To thy dear Father us present,

An emblem of the church above, follow,

(Thou in the bosom of his love,) Who laid down his life for thee;

That us as children he may own, All thy days unto his service hallow,

Since we're thy dearly earn'd reEach his true disciple be:

ward, Evermore rejoice to do his pleasure, and send his holy Spirit down, Be the fullness of his grace thy trea

To train us up for thee, our Lord. sure, Should success thy labor crown,

3. We cast ourselves into thy arms, Give the praise to him alone..

While we with inward raptureglow;

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The flame, which thy pure bosom 6. Since I can claim them as a spoil, warms,

“ The dear-earn'd purchase of my Thy never failing love we know ; toil.' Thou, who for us once tasted'st death, 8. The Father's heart thereby is And wast restor'd to life again,

mov'd, Thy quick’ning Spirit on us breathe, He us accepts in the Belov’d, Come, heav'nly Vine, each branch With joy confesseth us as his, sustain.

Aod greets us with a pard’ning kiss, 4. We wish, (and wbat we wish is 9. We humbly thee adore and praise, gaio'd,

Father of mercy,

God of grace, Since we thy chosen foll'wers are, That souls by thy beloved Son And have thy pow'r divine obtain'd) Redeemd, by thee to him are drawn.

To thee well-pleasing fruit to bear; Thy servants we will be thro'


10. Thou map of sorrows, be ador'd, Thy handmaids, who look up to Whose death doth life to us afford,

Since thro’ thy merits we possess Set us, O Lord, unto thy praise, True joy and solid happiness. Grant we may serve thee faithfully. 11. God, holy Ghost, bless'd Com1171.* T. 22.

forter, MAY Jesus' blood and righteousness since we by thee convinc'd and

With grateful bearts we thee revere, Fill and adorn this ballow'd place, Wherein is preach'd his holy word, Are to the blood of sprinkling brought.

taught, And sacramental graoe


12. With power from on high endue 2. That this redeemed, happy flock

, Be firmly built on Christ the Rock, Thy flock, O Lord, this day anew,


souls with us may And of those blessings be posses'd

Thy pard’ning grace, the Spirit's seal. Which on the Spirit's union rest.

13. That thousands by our ministry 3. May ev'ry place of worship round May to the

truth converted be, With free, electing grace resound,

And we may see them flock with us, Inviting men, to Christ to come,

Unto the standard of thy cross. Whocalls the weary wand'rers home,

14. We join together heart and hand, 4 The gospel precepts to obey,

To travel t'wards the promis'd land, And nerer from the truth to stray,

The seed we sow will then be good, With an attentive, list'ning ear,

; The Spirit's small, still voice to hear. If water'd with the Saviour's blood 5. Unto the Father to draw nigh,

15. As long as we on earth remain,

We will confess the Lamb opce slain, Tho' pleading bought but misery, Yet with full, child-like confidence, shall praise him in eternity.

Until we for bis victory, Since Jesus died for our offence. 6. Then doth the Saviour for us plead,

1172. T. 22. With God the Father intercede,

WHERE two or three, with sweet And say: 'These souls thou gavest me,

accord, “They are my blood-bought property. Obedient to their sov'reign Lord, 7..“ Forthem on earth I liv'd and died, Meet to recount his acts of grace, “My thirst for souls is satisfied, And offer solemo pray'r and praise :


2. 66 There:" saith the Saviour: I 1175.* t. 519.

will be, 66 Amidst this little company;

MOST boly Lord and God! (6 to them I will unveil my face,

Holy, almighty God! * And shed my glories round the

Holy and most merciful Saviour

Thou eternal God! place."

Bless thy congregation, 3. We meetatthy command, O Lord, Thro’ thy suff'rings, death and blood, Relying on thy faithful word,

Have mercy, O Lord !
Now send thy Spirit from above,
Aad fill our hearts with heav'nly love.

1176. T. 159.
1173*. T. 101.

This day is holy to the Lord,

This day the Lord hath made, DRAW near, O flock of Christ, and we will rejoice with one accord, bow

And in bis dame be glad: With deepest reverence before bim, Come let us worship and bow dowo, Yea sink at Jesus' foot-stool low, With thanksappear before his throne;

And in the dust with awe adore him; He to our songs of praise and pray''; Confess, that in thyself thou nothing will lend a gracious ear. art,

1177: T. 71. But that he is thy All, sole object of thy heart.

'FORE thee, Lord we appear, 1174. T. 230.

Thou list'nest to our pray’r

Wait'st to be gracious;
JESUS, God of our salvation, Thy goodness to display
Behold thy blood-bought congrega- Unto thy church this day,

To own and bless us,
Assembled here before thy face,
Pond'ring on thy gracious dealing, Once nailed to the cross,

2. Thy pierced hands, for us

, We would expressourgrateful feeling

Givé benediction;
And joyful Hallelujabs raise :
But when we in thy light

Thy blood from sin us cleanse,

And pard'ning grace dispense,
Discern, how we requite

Without restriction.
Thee 0 Jesus,
We blush for shame-Qur's is the

1178. T. 594.

ACCEPT, O God of our salvation, But praise is due unto thy name.

The sacrifice of praise and pray'r; 2. Deeply conscious of transgression, Upon thy gracious invitation, To thee we turn, hear our confession, Unto thy altars we repair;

Assure us of thy pard’ning love: Thou bid'st us come : all things are O root out whate'er impedeth

ready, Thy Spirit's work or discord breedeth, The treasure of thy boundless grace Each stumbling-block from us re- Is open to the poor and needy, move;

They ne'er go empty from thy face. Those who have gone astray, Cause to return, we pray,

1179.* T. 185. Faithful Shepherd

Joy divine, and heav'nly peace with With thee our Guide-May we abide, unction, Preserve us, lest we turn aside. Church of Christ, thy portion be!


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