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Jesus comes with full salvation,

1006. T. 14. Jesus doth his glory bring;

FOR mercies, countless as the sands, Hallelujah! :/: Lord of hosts, of

Which daily I receive, kings, the King!

From God, by my Redeemer's hands,

My soul, what canst thou give? 1105. T. 580.

2. Yet thisacknowledgment I'll make,

For all he hath bestow'd, JESUS, the whole creation's Head, Salvation's sacred cup I'll take, Lord of the living and the dead, And call upon my God.

Endless thy glories shine; 3. The best return for one, like me, Thy blood-bought church in mercy So wretched and so poor, own;

[throne, Is from his gifts to draw a plea, The church assembled round thy And ask him still for more. Or pilgrims here; we all are thine.

1107.* t. 166. 2. Pilgrims on earth, here we may rest, THANKS be to thee, O Lamb of The sparrow

here hath found a nest, God, Thine altars, O Lord God!

For thy unfathomable grace, For all thy blessings and thy care, How many benefits bestow'd Our gratitude in praise and pray'r

Forgotten and unnotic'd pass! Shall still ascend to thine abode.

When I thy love astonish'd see,

What lengths, breadths, heights, 3. Ye spirits of the just above,

and depths appear! With Christ now perfected in love, Eternity, immensity, Once our companions here;

Theşe, these its only limits are. In higher strains join us to sing Blessing and honor to our King,

1108.* T. 114. Till be in glory shall appear. THE Lamb of God unspotted, pure

and holy, 4. Hail! Lamb once slain, thy pre

Who by his death us reconcil'd to cious blood

God, Hath brought us sinners nigh to God,

And from our sins hath wash'd us Worthy art thou alone!

in his blood, Accept, O Lord, Ancient of days,

Is worthy, that each knee bow 'fore Thy universal church's praise,

him lowly, Here, and around thy glorious

That ev'ry tongue with gladness throne.

him confess, The only Lord, unto the Father's





1109. T. 582,

3. Lord, I will not let thee go, BEHOLD the throne of grace,

Till the blessing thou bestow,

O do pot my suit disdain, The promise calls me near, None shall seek thy face in vain. There Jesus shows his cheering face, And waits to answer pray’r.

1111.* T. 10.
2. That rich, atoning blood, THE prayers of the needy,

Which sprinkled round I see, Thou, Lord, to hear art ready
Provides for those, who come to God Thy mercy and forbearance
An all-prevailing plea.

We ev'ry day experience. 3. My soul, ask what thou wilt,

2. When thee in faith addressing, Thou canst pot be too bold,

Thou no good gift nor blessing
Since his own blood for thee was Unto thy church deniest,

But all her wants suppliest.
What else can he withhold ? 3. In thee we trust for ever,

Since thou to each believer 4. Beyond thy utmost wants,

Afford'st that consolation ;
His love and pow'r can bless,

" I've heard thy supplication.”
To praying souls he always grants
More than they can express.

1112.* T. 114. 5. Since 'tis the Lord's command,

WHENE'ER with ardent pray'r My month I open wide,

and supplication, Lord, open thou thy bounteous hand, My mind surveys thy kingdom, That I may be supplied,

gracious Lord, 6. My soul, believe and pray,

And recollects the promis'd rich

reward, Without a doubt believe; Whate'er we ask in God's own way,

For thy soul's travail, bitter death and

passion, We surely shall receive.

The hope I cherish, that thy flock 7. Here stands the promise fair, For God cannot repent,

On earth will still abundantly inTo fervent, persevering pray'r

crease. He'll ev'ry blessing grant, 2. O Father of thy people. I implore

thee, 1110. T.11.

The church, the fruit of Jesus'suff': COME, my soul, thy suit prepare,

rings, bless, Jesus loves to answer pray'r,

Refresh her oft with copious He himself hath bid thee

show'rs of grace,

pray, And sends none unheard away.

Her only aim is to promote thy

glory; 2. Thou art coming to a King,

May Jesus thousands as a spoil obLarge petitions with thee bring,

tain, For his grace and pow'r are such, And his disciples constant' victory None can ever ask too much.


of grace,


3. Spirit of truth, who Christ's blood-10 may we rightly know his mind,

bought salvation ffice, His saving word proclaim, Set's forth, and glorifiest his sacri- | That many heathen tribes may find May hosts of sinners, list'ning to Salvation in his name.

thy voice, Receive with joy the gospel-invita

1117. T. 185. And be enroll’d, as members of his BLESS, O Lord, we pray, thy conbride ;

gregation, His thirst for souls is not yet satis

Bless each choir and family, fied.

Bless the youth, the rising generation, 1113.* T. 159.

Bless the children, dear to tbee,

Bless thy servants, grant them grace ABUNDANTL Your Saviour'sband

and unction, Bestoweth gifts and grace, That they may with care discharge This we in many a distant land

their function, With inward joy can trace; Lord, on thee we humbly call, When for his work engag'd in pray'r, Let thy blessing rest on all. We know, he our requests will hear, And confidently can believe,

1118. T. 580. A rich increase he'll give.

1114.* T. 208. UPON our King's anointed head, CALL to mind that blessed, O Lord, thy choicest blessings shed, And so oft distressed

Defend him graciously, Cloud of witnesses,

Prešerve him in thy fear and love, Which thro’ the world goeth,

Give him true wisdom from above, And which no one knoweth,

To govern so as pleaseth thee. But the flock of grace : With them be--as they with thee,

2. Unto our Father and our King Thou with heav'nly consolation

Thy promis'd aid and succor bring, Favor'd congregation.

Support him, by thy grace;

The branches of his family, 1115.* t. 166.

O Lord, crown with prosperity, O JESUS, bless thy witnesses, And we will give thee all the praise.

Spread over them thy arms of love, Bebold them in their destin'd race,

1119.* T. 97. Where bold in faith's bright path they move;

THANKS, adoration, glory, praise, Support them under ev'ry load, To thee we render for thy grace, Console them, when they weep With ev'ry breath may we proclaim 'fore thee,

Thy goodness and extol thy name; And help them, for thy aid bestow'd, O Lord, thy knowledge spread both To praise thy name continually.

far and near, 1116.* T. 590.

May all in thy redemption have a

share. MAY God his grace to us dispense,

His blessings on us show'r: May he lift up his countenance

Upon us evermore:



1120, T. 22.

And daily to thy courts repair, «As birds their infant brood protect

To seek thee in the house of pray’r. “And spread their wings to shelter 2. But oh! the house of living stones them :"

We never can neglect nor leave, Thus saith the Lord to his elect,

That temple,which the world disowns. So will I guard Jerusalem."

To that in life and death we cleave,

Thro’ faith to ev'ry member join'd, 2. And what is then Jerusalem,

The church,diffus'd thro'all mankind. The darling object of his care? What is its worth in God's esteem ?

1123.* 1.9. Who built it? who inhabits there? 3. Jehovah founded it in blood,

ONE there is to Christ well known, The blood of his incarnate Son;

And by him approved, There dwell the saints, ouce foes to Poor and needy, yet his own, God,

His bride, his beloved. The sinners whom he calls his own. 2. She with a devoted mind 4. Tho' foes on ev'ry side assail, His cross gladly beareth,

This city hath a sure defence, In her, to her matchless friend,
Against her they shall pe'er prevail, Love sincere appeareth.
While guarded by Omnipotence. 3. We one Lord and Saviour own,
1121. T.97,

Even Christ our brother,

Of our flesh and of our bope,
How sweet thy dwellings, Lord,

We know of none other.
how fair,
What peace, what bliss inhabit there, 4. He upon his heart doth bear,
With ardent hope, with strong desire,

All his souls redeemed,
My heart, my flesh to thee aspire;

As his Father's children dear, How oft I long thy heav'nly courts

Now thro’grace esteemed. and thee,

1124.* T. 126. My Lord and God, the living God 2.One wish, with holy transportwarm THE Lord, e’re he appeared, My heart hath form'd, and still doth

Upon this earth, as man, form,

Already had prepared One gift I ask, that to my

end Thine hallow'd house I may attend, Achurch to gather to his praise,

The great and glorious plan, There may I joyful find a safe abode,

And had decreed beforehand, There may

I view the beauty of my How this should come to pass. God.

2. Tho' man by sin deceived, 1122. T. 96.

God's image forfeited, THE consecrated house we love, Yet Christ this loss retrievod, Where God vouchsafes to place By dying in his stead; [slain,

[to see!

move, Thou Bridegroom of the church, once Nor will we Lord, from thence re- What anguish did it cost thee, Batjointly there thy praise proclaim, Thy faithless bride to gain!

his name,

3. O days of solid blessing, O grant us to make known

When Christ, the Son of grace, Thy truth and freely own, [joined; All other light surpassing,

That faith from works can't be disHis healing beams displays ! That piety on grace Then walking on the narrow way, Must rest, and faithfulness Our path we can discover,

With faith must ever be combined. Till dawn of endless day. 4. When we shall see our Jesus,

1126.* T. 221.
In majesty most bright,
O how will this abase us,
When he his kingdom's might

THOU monarch of All, thou Lord Shall with his foll'wersdeign to share;

God of creation! Lord Jesus, for thy coming

How wonderful and yet how blest, Thy church on earth prepare! Appears in the church thy wise ad5. We shall possess for ever



Of which thou art the Head conThose joys divine in heav'n, Of which to the believer

'Tis here for the needy all help aAforetate here is giv’n,


(wounds, And our redemption by his blood

To keep the eye steady fix'd on thy Shall be our song eternal

The sum is and substance with poor Before the throne of God.

contrite sinners, [ate winners.

Of all the wise maxims, whereby they 1125.* T. 234.

2. What is it, that makes us stand THOU sov’reign Lord of earth and

fast in one spirit, heav'n And of our hearts, to thee for ever What is it cements us? 'Tis only thy

Lord Jesus, author of our faith? Be homage paid, and praises givin,

merit, For thy eternal love and favor;

Thy wounds and all-atoning death: The subjects of thy government, Ye heralds of mercy, with courage Who from thy death have life ob


[blood, tained, Their souls and bodies now present 'No heart'e'er dissolved by Sinai's

Redemption proclaim ye in Jesus' To thee, as trophies dearly gained :


cleave asunder. Thou, Lord, this gift entire

But rocks at the message of peace. Dost of us all require,

As justly due by thee ʼtis claimed; 3. Art thou not refresh'd with divine Apd until all have grace

consolation, To live unto thy praise, [ed

Thou ransom'd, highly favor'd lock, The faithful part muststand asbam- When drinking with joy of the wells 2. We worship thee with filial fear, of salvation,

[rock? As part of thy blest congregation, Which freely flow from Christ the With all, who with us grounded are

Who now would be fearful? for us On apostolic truth's foundation, he bled,

(finished!" Where Jesus is the Corner-stope, Who would not be cheerful? 66 'tis And give thee praise for our elec- This doctrine we'll hold and declare tion,

without ceasing, In thee we putour trust, alone, [tion: His cross brings us peace, 'tis the

Thou, Lord, wilt lead us to perfec- ! source of all blessing.

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