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1062.* T.14.

1064.* T. 16. GLORY to God, whose witness

IN that glorious vest arrayed, Those heros, bold in faith, (train, we will Jesus andismayed

Wherein we 'fore God can stand, Could smile on poverty and pain,

Follow, joining heart and hand. And triumph, ev'n in death. 2. Scorn'd and revil'd as was their 2. If our lives for him we venture, Head,

And depending on his grace, When walking here below,

On the hardest trials enter, Thus in this evil world they led

This gives courage and success. A life replete with woe.

3. Of our lives we will be careful, 3. With the same faith our bosom While reserved for his use, glows,

But, when he demands, unfearful, Wherein these warriors stood,

Wealth and life for Jesus lose.
When in the cruel gripe of those,
Who thirsted for their blood.

1065.* T. 79. 4. God, whom we serve, our God As thy will, O my Saviour, can save,

Unto thy Father's ever
And damp the scorching flame, Was subject and resign'd;
Can build av ark, or smooth a wave, Grant that in deep subjection,

For such as fear his name. To follow thy direction, 5. Yea should it ev’p to man appear

I may be cheerfully inclin'd.
At times, as tho' our Lord
Forsook his chosen people here,

1066.* T. 14. At last, he'll help afford. O MAY we, Saviour, step for step, 6. If but his arm support us still,

Bear thee sweet company, Is but his joy our strength,

Thus will, whate'er we undertake, We shall ascend the ragged hill,

An act of worship be. And conqu’rors prove at length.

1067.* t. 14. 1063.* T.11. To belong to Christ our Saviour

Christian, what doth this imply? RISE, ye foll’wers of the Lamb,

Constantly to seek his favor,
Serve him midst reproach and shame,

Ever watching faithfully;
His example keep in view,
And the narrow path pursue.

To implore his kind direction,

Day by day, in all we do, 2. O all wise, sublime decree!

To confide in his protection, He assum'd humanity,

Freed from ev'ry earthly view, Liv'd on earth despis’d and poor, Died, salvation to procure.

1068.* r. 155. 3. See his faithful witness-train, AMEN yea, Head of thy church, They endur'd the cross and pain; Grant, we pray, this our petition, (Men, the world deserved not) In submission Hard and cheerless was their lot. To thy will, with steady pace, 4. Should we not rejoice to see

In thy ways Our names in heav'ns registry, To proceed: if thou attend us, With the names of those enrollid, Cross or shame shall not offend us, Who shall reap an bundred-fold. Thee we boldly will confess.





4. O 00—

I owe

1069.* T. 22.

And all sanctification;
TO God our Saviour let us pray,

Thoʻstripp'd of ev'ry self-made good,
That he would fashion us like clay,

Is by the virtue of his blood
His mind into our hearts infuse,

Freed from sin's condemnation:
And teach us all his blessed view8.

Its voice-- Still cries 2.Detach'd from ev'ry earthly thing,

In his favor—Christ, our Saviour

For him pleadeth,
O might we cleave to Christ our King;
Might our whole walk resemble his,

This is all the plea he needeth.
And wituess, where our treasure is.

5. But why is not my wav'riog mind 1070.* T. 228.

At all times willingly inclin'd, ALAS! we're sinful, vile and base,

To live to my Lord's pleasure; Yet freely justified by grace,

Why is not the new creature seen A myst’ry this, concealed In thought, in action, word and mein, From all, but those, who gladly own:

In it's full stature's measure?
This truth to me had ne'er been O I–Must sigh,

Until fully-Render'd holy
By flesh and blood revealed;

By his merit,

I with him become one spirit. ** My experience:“And assurance

6. Yet hark! the Bridegroom's veice • Of salvation

I hear, « To the Spirit's operation."

He whispers in my list’ning ear, 2. Whoe'er himself of singers chief

That he my suit approveth; Esteems and burthen'd seeks relief

He, who unto himself, his bride, From the reproach he feareth,

The church, betrothed when he died,
The evil knows, which in him lies,

Me, needy sinner, lovath:
However hidden from man's eyes Thus he---Cheers me:
It fair and good appeareth,

"I to gladness—Turn thy sadness ; Mourning-Turning

Here is weeping,
To the Victim-For man's ransom

Once in joy we shall be reaping.
Finds exemption
From sin's yoke and full redemp-

1071. T. 37.
3. Now guilty blushes himo'erspread, THEY that are whole need not
Again, like John, he falls as dead,

The good physician,
Before Jehovah Jesus,

But they who know and feel
And worships him with humble fear,

Their lost condition,
'Fore whom, when they to him draw Bewail their wretched state,

To Christ appealing,
The angels veil their faces:

Experience of his stripes
66 Ah! why-do I ;

The virtue healing.
Saith the singer—" From my Saviour
66 Life inherit ?

2. We know, that in our flesh
“ Tis all owing to his merit."

No good thing dwelleth, 4. He, who in Jesus' death believes, Bat with ne'er failing skill From thence all righteousness receives, Our wounds he healeth;



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Thus spirit, body, soul,

1074. T.11. Tho' poor and needy,

, Can to rejoice in him

THEY; who know onr Lord indeed, Be ever ready.

Find in him a friend in need, 1072. t. 159.

And behold in Jesus' face,

Nought but mercy, truth and grace. How peedful, strictly to enquire And ask our hearts each day,

2. They can oast by faith their care “ Doth Jesas' love ne still inspire, On that Lord, who heareth pray'r,

My thoughts and actions sway? And when they to him draw nigh, 66 Am I a branch in Christ the vine? He doth all their wants supply. "Am I his own, and is be mine?

3. They who him, their Saviour know, “ Do I by faith unto him cleave,

Lowly at his foot-stool bow N; " And to his honor live?

They, to whom his name is dear, 2. The Spirit's witness, full and clear, Greatly to offend him fear.

Will state the real case,
And either draw a contrite tear,

4. But this very fear is sweet,

While abased at his feet,
Or thanks upfeigned raise ;
Hence will the consequence ensue,

He with gentle voioe doth chide

Their unfaithfulness and pride. That the full purpose we renew, To run in faith th' appointed race, 5. O how wond'rons is his love, Till we shall see his face.

To all, who his goodness prove, 1073.* T. 167. Deep abasement, heav'nly joy,

Their alternate thoughts employ. FAITHFUL souls, with real blessing,

6. Wonders without end we see, Celebrate their natal day, Countless mercies, great and free; Asking: hare we onward pressing? Lord, accept our thanks and praise

" What may Jesus have to say ? For thy goodness, truth and grace. 6. Are the ways of sin unpleasant? “Do we hold our Saviour fast?

1075. T.14. 66 Are we more like him at present, WHO sạith he's poor, nor feels within

“ Than we were in seasons past ? 2. Great defects are still revealed ; Convicted on account of sin,

With deepest shame his need, Short we fall of his blest aim;

He is not Then the conscious soul is filļed


poor With a deep, but wholesome shame; 2. But he, who knowsbimself aright, Earnest to improve the morrow,

Is ready to confess,
We our yesterday review, Instructed by the Spirit's light,
While the tear of godly sorrow His utter helplessness.
Saddens, but enlivens too.

3. How greatly he forgiveness wants 3. Jesus, for thy faithful leading

In Jesus' blood, he knows, In times past, we hambly raise With inward spirit's ardor pants, Our thanksgiving, thus proceeding In him to find repose.

Onward in the path of grace; While another year we enter,

4. Who is so full of tenderness, We renew our vows of love, And patience, as thon, Lord? All for thee resolv'd to venture, But I must own with shame, alas!

Our benign conductor prove! I oft transgress thy word.

* 6. Oh! from my heart, God Holy 1078. * t. 159. Ghost,

WHEN in thy spirit's light, O Lord, This suit I make to thee:

Our hearts we strictly search, Show me how much my ransom cost, How great my poverty.

Whether we joy to thee afford,

And edify thy church, 1076.* T. 22.

Directing every thought and aim

Unto the honor of thy name, O LORD, 'fore thee abas'd I fall, Then our defects so great appear, And on thy name for mercy call, We drop a contrite tear. The faults indeed are numberless, Which humbly I to thee confess.

1079. T. 96. 2. I give myself to thee anew, No longer to behold the tree, My soul and body are thy due, Where Christ our guilt and curse Form me into thy likeness here,

did bear, By means, or gentle, or severe. No longer bim by faith to see

Nor feel him to our spirit near 3. Grant that I may henceforth to thee

This fills the soul with bitter smart, More faithful and obedient be, O may thy blood and righteouspess

Yes, God knows this, who knows

the heart. My beauty be, my glorious dress.

1080.* T. 23. 1077. T. 36.

I AM needy, yet forgiven, THY love unchanging is our conso- With thy blood my heart enliven,

lation, Thy patience and long suff"ring our Give me, Jesus, of thy passion salvation,

An abiding, deep impression. O thou our yesterday,to-day and ever, 2. With new grace, dear Lord, array Most faithful Saviour,

Into new degrees convey me, 2. Thy purposes

of love remain unshaken,

For thy service make me ready, Tho' we alas! our vows have oft Sanctify both soul and body. forsaken, [direction,

1081. T. 22. Forgive, bear with us, grant us thy And kind protection.

ALTHO' my deep depravity

Oft causeth me to mourn and sigh, 3. As a thick cloud let all our sins be

My hope to prosper for the Lord blotted Out of thy book, that nothing past

Doth heart-felt joy to me afford. be poted,

2. Till to that happy fold I'm led, As children, chasten us when we are which with celestial joy is fed, failing,

And of life's fountain drinks above, Heal us, when ailing,

In endless bliss and perfect love.



1082.*. T. 200.

1084. T.71. To thee, O Lord, I send my cries, LORD, who didst sanctify O let them rise to heaven;

Thyself, and hast thereby
To all my pray’rs, my tears and sighs That we before thy face

Procur'd that blessing,
A gracious ear be given;
Thy blessed word be my support,

May walk in holiness,

To thee well pleasing.
May 1, in thee believing,
To thee cleaving,

2. In true simplicity, By faith be purified,

O may we cleave to thee, From thee true life receiving. Our God and Saviour; 2. Let neither lust nor fear prevail, In all things free from blame,

To glorify thy name
To draw me from my duty,

Be our endeavour.
By aiding grace I shall not fail
To walk in holy beauty;

3. In heart here purified, For who hathought, but what is givin? May we in thee abide, Such favor none can merit,

Without cessation;
But thy spirit,

Thy praise be our employ,
Our guide to life and heav'n, jn earth our highest joy,
Can graciously confer it.

Thy congregation. 1083.* T. 151.

1085.* T. 580. GENTLE is the coercion

LORD, take my sinful, worthless Of Jesus' pow'r and love,

heart Without it my exertion Must unavailing prove;

As thine, thy grace to me impart, Humble in heart and broken,

And deep thy seal impress ;
To Christ for strength I flee;

Take me into thy special care,


soul from every spare, * My grace:” himself hath spoken:

Thyself find always free access. 66 Sufficient is for thee." 2. If ask'd : 66 Hast thou already 2.- Make me a bosom friend of thine,

" In grace such progress made, Upon thy breast may I recline, " As with steps firm and steady

Preserv'd from needless fears; " Th' appointed path to tread ?" And when this earthly house I leave, I own: “ I'm weak and feeble, Into those mansions me receive, 66 Alone I cannot stand,

Where thou wilt wipe away all 'Tis Christ, who makes me stable, tears. « On him I must depend."

1086.* T. 125. 3. Is good in contemplation, I on my Saviour call,

O SHED abroad, Lord Jesus, Who gave the intimation,

Thy love in us, we pray, And worketh all in all;

And let its influence gracious
The wish'd for good effected, Our thoughts and actions sway;
To bim I render praise,

Thus in the path proceeding,
Who hath the work directed, To life eternal leading,
By his enabling grace.

We shall thy word obey.

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