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If question'd by thee:

99 In lively colors, Jesus, draw 112 the Lord protect me,

150 love remember this thy flock, 194 there's a fervor in my soul, 109 • lying down to take my rest, 235 thou, O Comforter ! 69 manifested love explain

89 thou partakest of bis grace, 238 * mercy, Lord, remember me; 236 thou thro' thorny, paths wilt lead 103 * mercy, Lord, this grace bestow, 187. thou wilt have me longer stay, 215

mutual love and harmony, 226 to Jesus they appeal, 104 my body when restor'd

246 unto us our friends are good, 216 my distress, I rais'd with faith, 156 we are to thy cause but true, 187 my forlorn condition, 91 and 108 we in Jesus' saving name believe 140

Olivet's garden,

24 we thy rich forgiveness daily 225 our degree and measure, 177 we, when by guilt oppressed, 221 * our short warfare here below, 187 we, with uprightness, 221 * peace will I lie down to sleep; 237 with willing resignation, 153 peace with all may I be found, 165

yet, while pardon may be found 251 pity look upon my need; 77 Immanuel, incarnate God! 14 search of empty joys below; 75 our Brother now, 242 servant's form, lo! he appears,

15 to thee we singi 13 spirit we behold him,

205 * Immanuel's meritorious tears 18 suff'ring be thy love my peace, 115 Impart to us that needful good 217 temptation may we firmly stand, 226 Impress thy wounds upon my heart, 136 that ever lovely, heart-piercing 254 Imprint thine image in my heart, 215 * that important, doleful night, 202 In a moment stands before us 88 that most dark and doleful night 201 age

and feebleness extreme, 245 that most precious river cleanse 214 all I think, or speak, or do, 19 the dust we sink before thee, all our griefs he takes a share ; 48. the glorious presence

254 all wants, in all distresses, 177 the grave for me he lay; 45 all we do, constrain'd by love, 42 the hope of all this joy, 250 bread and wine to them he gave

201 the morn, at the sixth hour, 27 ceaseless happiness they view. 220* th’name of Jesus Christour Lord, 198 childhood and in youth

233 the Redeemer, as my Head, 83 converse make me tractable 165 thee I live, and move, and am; 52 darkest shades, if thou appear;' 235

thee I trust by faith,

109 darkness we stray'd,

68 * thee, O Christ, is all my hope, 79 distress be thou

my Saviour; 240 these degen'rate evil days, 2 electing grace rejoice;

192 these our days exalt thy name, 182 * evil long I took delight,

thineimage, Lord, thou mad'st me 5 fine, spotless linen drest, 255 this vain and wretched world 229 * God, the mighty Lord of hosts, 229 * this world, so full of snares, 229 him complete I shine:


thy death is all my trust'; 39 him I trust for evermore ; 87 thy family, O Jesus !

171 him we live and move, 239 thy garden here below

148 his great atonement

254 thy grace my children keep, 229 * holy writ it is avow'd,

82 * thyloveandknowledge, gracious 148 * humble, grateful lays,


thy most precious blood, 92 * Jesus' love and peace;

181 thy righteousness array'd, 18 * joyful hymns of praise, 163 thy wounds, O Jesus!

111 labor, or at rest, O Lord bedew 178 want, my plentiful supply, 100 life, they witness this, with pow'r 183 weakness, pow'r divine he gains, 146 liveliest manner,

218| wisdom, infinite thou art i



hear our prayer

is my joy

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is the loveliest name

Lord of the creation,


makes my heart rejoice


Inclin'd to me in tenderness,

7 Jesus, great High-Priest of our 197
Incline thine ear in favor


hath procur'd salvation 221
Indeed, had Jesus ne'er been slain, 151

hear my fervent cry!

Infinite Source, whence all did 11

hear my súpplication 11
Inspire our hearts with mutuallove: 198

Into death's jaws thou leaping 28

hear our supplication 180
Is crucify'd for me and you, 36

how great was thy desire 203
* God my strong salvation ? 149 I am richly blest

that my dearest Brother? 205

I humbly thee implore 146
there a thing beneath the sun, 94

I love thee feryently

there a
thing that moves and 104

I love thy charming name

there a thing that warms the 174

I never can forget

this indeed our happy lot, 182

Israel's seed from slav'ry freed, 202 is

my light most fait
It also shows God's boundless

grace 1
is our highest Good

caus'd thee pain, O Son of God! 93

gathers God's elected flock, 1

is worthy to receive 161
is as tho' my eyes now view'd 33

knit all our hearts to thee 195
makes the wounded spirit whole 16

Lord most great and glorious 129
ne'er can be expressed

plain appeareth,


lo! to thee we bow ; 161
Its fresh representation


my All in all thou art 100

my All, my highest Good 150

my All, my soul's best Friend! 152
my highest Treasure !

Jeers and stripes and mock'ries he 21*

my King! thy kind and 101
Jehovah ! holy Lamb

my Lord, my God!

in thy person show 89 my only God and Lord !
is thy name
62 my Saviour full of

grace ! 99
Jerusalem, the church above


my Shepherd, Saviour, Friend, 16

*Jesus accept the thanks and praise 230

may we thee obey, 194
all-creating Word,

our glorious Head and Chief, 86
all our souls inspire


our Guardian, Guide & Friend 154

all praise is due to thee

our Helper in all need, 230
and didst thou bleed for me? 35

our High-Priest and our Head! 47
and shall it ever be

Redeemer of mankind,
as water well apply'd 200

seek thy wand'ring sheep,


slaughter'd Prince of life! 175
at thy blest appearing

Source of gladness,

be endless praise to thee 8 *

Source of my salvation,

blessed Jesus !

th' almighty Son of God,

by thy almighty power 248*

the childrens' dearest Friend ! 216
by thy Holy Spirit

144 *

the church's Lord and Head! 141

Christ, thou Leading Star

the hind'rance show,

Christ, who bled and dy'd

the Lord, our Shepherd is,
cometh to fulfil

210 the name, thatcharms our fears, 162
soul's infection 93

the Rock on which I build, 16
gives us life and peace 17 thee alone I call

God of our salvation ! 196

thee I view, in spirit,

128 their work delighted sees,



193 *

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132 *


at my dissolution

29 *




grant me to inherit





when in majesty

194 *


Jesus therefore, let us own; 171 Just ready for slaughter,

25 thou art my heart's Delight, 96 Justice and truth maintain

61 thou art my King ; praises thou art my King; to me 61

қ thou art my salvation :

240 thou art reveal'd


Keep thou me, a feeble child, 130 thou fain wouldst have us be 144

Kindle within me and preserve, 68 thou my only Rest,


Known to thee, whose eyes are flame, 81 thou Source of life! impart 211

L thy dying love

109 thy light again I view, 94 Lamb of God, all praise to thee! 109 thy love exceeds by far.

of God beloved !

TIL thyself to us reveal;

144 of God! display the virtue , 135 thy word is my delight; 3 of God! I look to thee; 215 to thee I bow, 111 of God, most holy !

45 to thee our souls we raise, 217 of God, my Saviour! O set 19 we look up to thee:

126 of God,


Saviour! thou we now devote to thee 223 of God! thou shalt remain 22 13 of God! thus dearest

38 when stern justice said, 17 of God!-thy precious blood 112 when thy blessings

of God! who thee receive,,, 84 who art the Tree

64 once slain for sinners ! 254 who came to save,

248 Lead us so, that we may, honor 144 who dy'd, is

47 Leave to his sov’reign sway 54 who dy d, the world to save,

43 Let all, with love and filial fear, 59 who fór me hast dy'd:

148 ev'ry tribe, and ev'ry tongue, 63 who hast once been dead, 31* hearts and tongues unite,

233 who is always near,

44 human arts make others wise ; 3 who pass'd the angels by, 242 me,

above all fulfil

215 who to save hast pow'r, 212 me by faith behold thy face, 122 who with thee-cancompared be 63 * me dwell on Golgotha,

36 whose hands once pierced with 104 me in all things conqu’ror prove 143 will I never leave;


me my weary mind recline 151 wipes away their tears, 1041 me perceive thy friendly, 121 yieldeth up his spirit: 253 mercy pardon all our crimes, yields '

me delectation ; 93 more unto thy church collected be 185 Jesus' body once interred


my life and conversation bride his congregation

206 neither honors, pomp nor pride, 147 death thy strengih abideth 177 no false comfort lift us up 70 life of grief and sorrows 25S not conscience make you linger, 74 love unbounded

134 not temptation us befall, 59 mercies never fail

239 nothing dwell within my heart 119 name, source of life and

nothing in our minds take place 216 John's portion so blest 99 Our beginnings be

188 Join'd in one spirit to our Head 241 our children, gracious Lord! 228 Join earth and heaven to bless lll the false raptures of the mind

2 his church in this confession 177 * the splendor of thy word

3 Joseph, having leave obtain'd 27 the sweetwork of pray'rand praise 220 Joy for thy torments we receive 34 the whole earth his pow'r confess 161 *Judge me now,myGodandSaviour252 the world hear!

189 Justasthou art to Jesus comeandlive 71 thy pow'r divine, we pray, 213





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252 *

I look back to see

Let thy Spirit, which is Truth, 191

Lord God, our Salvation ! 190
us call to mind with joy, 255

God! thy praise we sing, 155
us for each other care,


grant me thy protection 26
us, 'fore thee abased,


grant me thy salvation 23
us from all our sins be wash'd 208

grant thy benediction

us raise our minds above
246 grant thy servants grace,

us then, with the heav'nly

43 grant to me a simple mind; : 147
us things excellent discern,


grant us a forgiving mind, 125
us walk the narrow way,

grant us, tho' deeply abased 187
Life deriving from thy death, 84

had I of thy love

thou dyd'st for me,


have mercy on each land and 185
* Lift up thy pierc'd hands most 179 *

how divine thy comforts are! 205
your hearts and voices high 13

I am thine ! O take me now; 105
Like her, with hopes and fears, 84 I am vile, conceiv'd in sin, ; 7 7
the king of Salem,

208 I approach thy mercy-seat, : 77
*Lo! he cometh! countless trumpets250

I contemplate with delight : 50
he in the manger lieth; 1

I despair

myself to heal, 137
methinks, his body,


I'll praise thee now and ever 29
th' incarnate God ascended,

this is the race


in ev'ry sore oppression
we fall down with filial fear, 114


in the day thou art about 52
Long as I live,


in the morning when I rise 235
ere the lofty skies were spread 50 *

in thy name we go our way. 240
I strove my God to love, 80

it is my chief complaint 124
my imprison'd spirit lay


Jesus, be forevermoreador'd! 191
thiswas from my sightconceald 139 *

Jesus, be near!

Long-suff'ring, merciful and kind 97 *

Jesús by thy death,
* Look on ev'ry married pair, 228

i 181

Jesus Christ, all praise to thee 87
up, and see!


Jesus Christ! if thou wert not 82

up my soul to him

Jesus Christ! in thee 78
Lord! assist us in the needful hour 224

Jesus Christ, my Lifeand Light235


Jesus Christ! my sov'reign Good 77
at thy feet asham'd we sink, 169
bless what thou provided bast 240*

Jesus Christ, thy body's #ead 166
by the power of thy death, 209

Jesus Christ, we pray, be near 198
by thy Spirit us prepare, 182

Jesus Christ! who islikethee? 235
Christ! I give thee praises; 213*

Jesus! for our call of grace 195
Christ! I thank thee for thy 202 *

Jesús, Fountain of my life! 247
Christ! reveal thy holy face, 190 *

Jesus! from thy pierced side 200
come, dwell within us, 158

Jesus ! in that very night,

conform us to thy death,

Jesus ! in thy presence we are 196
do not in displeasure hide 1.49

Jesus! let us be thine own, i 181
dost thou suffer thus for me? 20

Jesus! may each married pair 227
evermore to us be giv'n 240*

Jesus! may I constantly,

for grace we thee intreat, 191 Jesus ! may the blood, 210
for the sake of thy dear Son, 236 *

Jesus! may thy blood-bought 167
from such teachers us preserve 2* Jesus!'mongst thy flock appear 233
give us an attentive ear,

166 * Jesus, my most faithful Friend 138
God, Abba, Father!

God almighty! ceaseless praise 50!

Jesus! receive


Jesus Christ ! afford me grace 153

on me!

Jesus Christ! O may I grow 146


Jesus ! my pray's

145 *

* Lord Jesus! sanctify thou me, 1431 *Lord!when before the Father's face, 194

Jesus! thine, we wish to be: 56 * when thou saidst, So let it be! 50
Jesus! thou my Shepherd art, 97 while my faith to thee ascendeth 85
Jesus! thro' all temp’ral


whither can I sinner fee, 245
Jesus! thy atonement

who ordaind'st the married 227
Jesus 'tis with us thy aim,

with ev'ry 'needful grace 168
Jesus! to our hearts reveal 196, Love and grief my heart dividing 113
Jesus ! unto me impart 214 before I life obtained,

Jesus! we bless lhee that thou

caus’d thy incarnation, 10

218 God with all thy heart and 144
Jesus ! we would fain express 232 he most strongly did enforce 127
Jesus! when I trace
16 is his nature still;

Jesus ! when we trace 179 my Life, and my Salvation, 5
Jesus! who for me

109 so strikingly displayed 30
Jesus, who hast called us, 185 thou me wilt raise to glory 5
Jesus ! who is like to thee? 33 thy yoke I gladly carry;

Jesus! with thy children stay 2 who, as my bleeding Saviour, 30
Jesus! with thy presence bless 168

who hast for me endured death 30
lead us in thy holy ways,


who hast for meendured keenest 5
let thy bitter passion

30 who interced'st in heaven 5
let thy blest angelic bands 248 * Loyer of little children! thee, 216
let thy presence with us go; 240 Lovely name of Jesus

let us be increasing

63 Loving Jesus, holy Lamb! 215
look on me,'midst all my faults; 214 Low at thy feet I bow

may I live to thee by faith, 245 at thy feet O may I bow 215
may not one amongst us be, 180
may the congregation, 178
may thy love with gratitude 225

my body, soul and spirit 235


in thy hand: 245 Make me clean; my whole nature 135
of the harvest! lab’rers send, 188 my calling and election 246
of thy woudrous love, 207 my heart a garden fair,

our God! may thy precious 1 thou us monuments of grace, 212
our High-Priest and Saviour ! 167 us all one heart and mind,
our matchless Friend and 55 * Maker of all things, Lord our 15
receive our thanks and 193 *Many complaints to Christ I can 165
shouldst thou be induced 140 May all our pastors who instruct 167

strengthen thou my heart; 78 all those blessings on us flow, 20
* take my heart, just as it is, 95 all thy people, far and near, 167

teach me how to prize 180 Christ continue still to keep, 252
the gifts thou dost bestow, 239 Christ thee sanctify and bless L. 26
thou hast chosen us, that we 148

ev'ry drop of blood

thou mad'st the universe; 95

he give us his unction,

thy body ne'er forsake 174 his presence constantly 166
thy body's Saviour ! comfort 134 I be faithful to thy call, 94
thy body's Saviour, Shepherd 180 I be serious, childlike too,

thy church's Rock!

I, of thy chosen bride,

thy deep humiliation

29 I still enjoy this feeling, 113
to thy people aid dispense,
190 I to thee, in all my wants,

we fain would trust thee 24 in my heari's recesses

what is man? a clod of earth, 247

it to the world appear





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