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150 *


*Give thanks that Jesus Christ hath 64*Grace, grace! O that's a welcome
to my eyes repenting tears 119


* to our God immortal praise! : 50 how exceeding great to those -88
* to the winds thy fears;

54 is the only wish and pray'r 87
unto all the needful gifts and 168 * Gracious Father! bless this 195
us an humble, active mind, 217

Lord ! I wish alone

us an open door,

188 Lord ! 'may we believe, 174
us, O Lord! to feel thy peace ; 227* Lord, our Shepherd and 192

us,ourselves and Christio know 70 Lord, who, by thy passion 130
* us thy Spirit, Lord, that we, 3 * Lord! with one accord 195
Gladly ourown poor works we leave 160 Redeemer,grant to us, while 97
Gloomy thonghts must vanish;

Redeemer, Lamb of God! 138
*Glorious things of thee are spoken,170 * Redeemer! thou hast me 123
Glory to God, who safe hath kept 234 * Redeemer, who for us 115
unto Jesus be!

43 *
Saviour! bless thy

Go, all ye wise, without control 131 Granther to theeanever freeaccess 168
* follow the Saviour!

24 I, impelled by thy love, 187
* forth in spirit, go

35 me a harmless,dove-like mind 165
my soul, go ev'ry day

me an upright, simple heart, 165
up, with shouts of praise, 46 me but this firm faith,

* witness of the suff'ring 190

me but this, thou great

ye flatt'ring visions,
146. me steadiness,

God be prais'd! they who are his, 45 me that meek and lowly mind, 18

can this hour with ev'ry dainty 53 me the grace, while I am here, 34
fill thee with his heav'nly light 238 me th' indisputable seal 71
gives the victory;

248 me to know thy blessed ways; 186
* hath laid up in heav'n for me 258 *

, most gracious Lamb of God 96
* Holy Ghost! in mercy us preserve 66 noneamong us may inactive be 184
* Holy Spirit ! be for ever blest, 67 O Christ, thou Son of God, 27
Holy Spirit! now impart

that all of us may prove,

* in a garden, suffers in our nature 21 that faithfully I may,

in man's death takes no delight; 82 that I never may despair 251
is mighty to deliver,

153 that,'mongst thy chosen people 172
is my Salvation

150 that we all both young and old 178
* is my Saviour and my Light, 149 that we all may stedfastly 167
never yet mistakes hath made 157 that we all, with heart and 230
life! on thee I call, 154

love thee truly 144
* omnipotent Creator!

23.5 that we may never lose 67
on these terms is reconcild, 8 thy comforts to my mind, 13
our Salvation,
170 to me, Lord Jesus!

rais’d him up, when he for all 42 unto ev'ry married pair, 227
* reveals his presence!
158 unto us continually

ruleth in heaven,almighty to save 161 us a contented mind,

the Son, Redeemer,
56 us all to feel thy peace

who to all things being gave,

us, and all our children, grace 228
will the widows ne'er forsake 231 us each blessing, purchas'd 169

17. us, in meekness to reclaim 126
with us! we vow to thee 191 us resignation,

*God's holy word, which ne'er shall i us to increase

only Son (stupendous grace!) 117 us to obey
Grace, and sensation

134)*Great High-Priest we view thee 24

*, of 1

f my

that we may



with us,


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Great is the harvest, truly great; 189. Hear my requests, O Lord! and give 149
is the hidden mystery,
9 *.. O Jesus! my complaints; 81

the feast, to which thou Lord 208 O Lord, a parent's pray'r;

thou our heart's desire, 244


Heart-reviving is the view

Heav'nly joy and holy trembling 206
Had I an angel's heav'nly tongue 162 * Heav'n's kingdom none shallenter 199
we angels' tongues

57 He as a poor, mean child was born 13
Hädst thou not life and salvation 228 ascended up on high,

thou not sought me first, and 116 at noon was on the cross

* Hail, all hail, victorious Lord 44 blesseth me so sensibly,
* Alpha and Omega, hail! 83 bore the curse of all,
* church of Christ, bought with 173 built the earth, he spread the sky 50

First and Last, thou great I AM 83 by his blood aton'd for sin, 200
thou wondrous Infant Stranger ! 14 calls us, brethren, not asham'd 160
your dread Lord and ours, 61

came, to seek and save the lost; 9
*Happy I am:yet o'er my happiness 254 ever lives to intercede

is each virgin's station 225

ev'ry where hath way,

38 freely laid his majesty

race-of witnesses ! 202 fulfili'd all righteousness,

she who finds in Jesus 225 graciously regards our pray'rs, 230
the children who are gone 219

grants us, for our tears,

the children who hetimes 219 guides my soul to living springs, 116
the man whose highest Good 146 hath, by all he did and said, 238
the souls to Jesus join'd, 257 hath dearly bought my soul; 36
the souls who contrite are ! 89 hath himself the keys

they who are excited 225 hath now his Godhead's treasure 157
they who feel the healing 225 hath with a pledge of gộace 206
they who oft for Jesus 225 having triumph'd over death, 43

thrice happy hour of grace! 213 in the days of feeble flesh, 48
Hark! his dying word, Forgive! 36 is and shall remain our Lord : 172
how he groans! while nature 36 is, as long as life shall last,

how the meek and sult"ring 31 is mine, and I am his,

my soul! it is the Lord ; 124 is my All, my Sacrifice and Priest,164
Omy soul! what sing the choirs 105 is our Master, Lord and God, 183
the Father welcomes

45 is our Saviour and High-Priest, 229
the trump of God is heard, 250 is the blessed Paschal Lamb, 41
Haste, my Beloved ! fetch

soul 258

is the Life, by whom all things 64
then, O Lord! to thee I pray: 138 is the Rock; how firm he proves! 65
Hasten, as for brides is fitting; 206 is the Rock; on hin we build 63
Hath he not from our earliest days 157 is the Sun of righteousness 10 and 65
Have patience with us sinners ev'ry 68 is the Vine; his heav'nly root

we thro'dang'rous paths to rove 152 know's the hours for joy and 53
*HeadandRuler ofthycongregation 197 laid his glory by,

* of thy blest congregation !

228 left his Father's throne above, 90
* of thy church! behold us here 193 left his radiant throne on high 106
* of thy church! thy fatherly 228 loves and values me, I him; 241
* of thy congregation,
193 makes my cup run o'er

Heal me, O my soul's Physician, 28 meekly all our sorrows bore, 8
us, Immanuel! here we are,

ne'er shall weep more,

Hear him, ye deaf; his praise ye 162 pardon'd me, like Magdalen; 44




He prospers all his servants' toils, 182|Here is the place, where weary souls 39 rests now in peace

220 it is good for us to be! 212 richly feeds my soul

211 it is I find my heaven, 113 riseth, who mankind hath bought 44 many faithful souls are found, 182 said, My flesh is truly


more than Tabor's glories shine:212 saith to us repeatedly,

230 pardon, life, and joys divine 117 sees us willing slaves

62 (saith our kind, redeeming Lord)208 sent bis Son with pow'r to save 50 we now-must humbly bow, 202 show'rs his choicest blessings 205 will I stay, and gaze awhile 36 sings now above, 220 will I stay, engag'd

39 speaks ; and, list'ning to his voice 162 Here's a iask, may parents think, 229 subdu'd th' infernal pow'rs, 76 Hereby we stand,

189 * that confides in his Creator, 53 Hereto we cheerful


Amen! 182 took such in his arms on earth, 249 Herrnhut, the Most High's own 191 wash'd away my ev'ry stain, 7 Hidden from all ages past was offers on the tree,

SO in Christ the treasure lies, 91 when this feast was first ordain'd 207 Highest King and Priest,

63 who in self-righteousness 204 * High in the heav'ns, eternal God! 50 who is by Christ directed,

147 *

on his everlasting throne, 181 who is to Jesus Christ 128 Highly favor'd church! thou art 175 who Jesus'


204 *

favor'd congregation ! 171 who nought but Christ desireth 146 * High-Priest of thy church 180 who prepar'd for ev'ry bird a nest 12

on thee I call;

65 who rules both heav'n and earth; 13 Him in his glorious realm they praise 258 * who striveth for sanctification, 142 I shall see, whose love to me 257

who the wants of all supplies, 14 His blest people, still on earth, 250 who was scorned on the tree, 183 blood thy cause will plead ;

35 who, without delay,

221 blood, which did for you atone, 46 will present our souls

163 boundless yearscan ne'er decrease 50 He'll never quench thesmoaking flax 48 church is still his joy and crown, 44 He's full of grace and truth indeed 79 comforts daily me sustain, 152 merciful and kind

85 cries and pray'rs--his bitter tears 112 mock'd and defamed,

cross see your Saviour

25 your's, with all his merit, 143 ears are open night and day, 221 Heirs of salvation,

242 enliv'ning countenance 192 Help us, O Lord! to watch and pray 252 eye the world at once looks thro' 181 us thy pleasure to fulfil,

59 flesh is torn with whips and nails 35 Heralds of gracewould yecommencel83 goodness and his mercies all 116 Here all our wants are well supply'd209 gcod Spirit's blest instruction 51

are we,children poor and mean 217 grace subdues the pow'r of sin 162 by faith, we're humbly eying 171 holy name for ever be

44 by Jesus' precious blood

holy Spirit we receive,

87 come I, my Shepherd ; athirst 52 looks of grace insure always 123 doth the Lord of life proclaim 36 love is mighty to compel ; 74 I behold, as in a glass,

361 love produceth love; constrain'd 225 I forget my cares and pains; 34 love, what angel's thought can 106 I'll sit for ever viewing 113

loving-kindness those shall 146 in thy presence, we appear,

3 matchless worth none can set 111 is an ensign on a hill:

36 mercy claims our highest praise: 194 is a pasture rich and never 102

mercy ev'ry sinner claims; 216 is our hand; us, Lord assist 1731 meritorious industry,


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149 * 149 * 85 / *






His redeem'd his praise show forth, 43| How glad am I that I have known 247

resurrection's pow'r divine, 42 gladam Ithat thou so gracious art 136 shame to all will be display'd, 251 greatậnd wondrous was the strife 41 Spirit cheers my spirit

great at last my joy will be, 132 Spirit is the Sov'reign

great the bliss to be a sheep of 102 Spirit purifies the heart,

greatly doth my soul rejoice, 253 Spirit teachethus to know, 227 greatly man incenses

28 suff'rings have deliver'd thee 249 happy feels a contrite heart 44 thorns and nails pierce thro' 34* happy we, when guilt is gone! 152 word's a lamp unto my feet 4* heart-affecting Christ to see, 218 words with due attention hear : 131 highly blest, how happy is the 102 wounds are open

fountains 76 highly favor'd had I been, Hither each afflicted soul

204 highly wonderful is this 26 sinners, all repair,

39 is Jesus' sacred soul oppressed, 21 * Ho! ev'ry one that thirsts draw 75 is my soul delighted !

108 ye needy, come and welcome; 73 * lost was my condition,

91 * Hold o'er thy church, Lord, thy 179 mercifulart thou, O God of love! 91

over us thy gracious hand, 169 much better thou’rt attended 238 Holy awe pervades my heart, 45 much we're lov'd by God our 118 Ghost, eternal God!

2* pleasant is love's harmony ! 127 Ghost, thou God and Lord ! 67 pleasant is our lot, yea good 103 Ghost! we praise thee 56 pleasing 'tis a new-born soul to 72

holy, holy, in earth and heaven, 46 precious are thy thoughts of 142 * holy,holy! sings th'angelic choir 243 * sad our state by nature is ! 6

Lamb, and Prince of peace! 1301* shall a young man cleanse 222

Lord! by thy bodygiv'n to death, 40 shall I meet my Saviour ? 10 * Lord, holy and almighty Lord! 1 should I, slaughter'd Lamb! name of Jesus! 17 * soon, exalted Jesus!

245 Spirit! we adore thee,

56 soon, when Satan tempts, I start 137 * Trinity!

57* sweetly this our brother sleeps 249 Honor to the almighty Three,

sweet the name of Jesus 'sounds 16 Hosanna! Hosanna !

218 sweet the precious gospel sounds 162 to the royal Son

15 that blest moment I regard, 33 to the Son of David, 62 the blood, which from thee 206 * How amiable thy habitations are 171 vast is here display'd,

207 blestam I,mosi gracious Saviour 103 very weak I am,

92 blest are we, when we enjoy 212 * well, O Lord, art thou thy 52 blest he is who weigheth this, 40 wondrous thy love

135 blest; how excellent and kind 119 wretched they who still despise 9 blest, when we can say

255 However weak and helpless we, 114 * bold and vain th' attempt

179 Human reason is too shallow, 206 * bright appears the Morning-Star 97 Humbly, LordChrist, I theeaddress:247

can a sinner here below 141 Hungry and thirsty after thee, 99 can I view the slaughter'd Lamb113 * Hysh, dear child, lie still and 238

could I bear the guilt of sin, 247 * could I bear to be partaker

145 couldst thou love such worms 117

I do I, with spirit's hunger, 206 do we blush with conscious 18 * I am a poor sinners

134 doth the old corruption strive 136 am assur'd, nor life, nor death 243 fast can love-cords bind! 12$ am lost in wonder,





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I am of my salvation
136 I see my Saviour kneeling

20 i am the chief of sinners, yea the 116 see my Saviour languish

22 * ask not honor, pomp or praise, 143 see thee scourg'd, plung'd in a 26

confess, O Lord! with deep 134 send my cries unto the Lord, 4 confidently do believe, 59 shall, when time is o'er,

244 daily drink the healing streams 164 sinful worm, with awe before 37 deliver'd thee, when bound, 124. tell the hours and days and years 243 do not praise my lab’ring hand, 52 thank thee, gracious Lord, that 14 fall at thy feet;

105 thank thee, that in mercy, thou 95 feel how much in debt I am ; 110 thank thee, with sincerest heart's 116 feel the load of sin so vast; 79 thee adore, my gracious King! 93 fully am assured,


thirst! thou didst upon the cross 71 give thee thanks unfeigned, 25 thy unworthy child,

78 gladly will show forth thy praise, 137 trust my guilt was done away 81 go hence at th' appointed hour, 247 unworthy sinner,

111 hear th' enraptur'd song,

255 view in thee, thou wan and 39 : I, and my transgressions, 27 view the Lamb in his own light, 90 in the dust adore, 92 * will a little pilgrim be,

217 * kneel in spirit at my Saviour's 37 will my heart to thee resign, 217

know, I worthless am, 118 * will rejoice in God my Saviour, 15 know my poverty ; 78 * will sing to my Creator,

50 know, that in myself I have no 164 wish, as faithful Christians do, 143

know, that nought in me avails 133 * with the fallen human race, 7 they know that thro' thy grace

133 * would go from pole to pole

44 * know the weakness of my soul, 139 I'll be like Magd'len at thy feet, 79

know, thro' mercy free, 118 be my ftesh denying,
know, 'tis not the same,
78 be with the beholders,

28 lay in fetters groaning; 10* glory in nothing but only in Jesus 121 live now, and to God myself will 212 go with thee, my Saviour, 22 look to Golgotha;

109 here with thee continue, love his people and their ways, 217 make thy, wondrous dying love, 215 love his tears and sufrings great,217 never cease repeating

91 love mountCalv'ry, where his love217 * praise thee with my heart and 156 * love the Lord who dy'd for me, 217 * spare all needless thinking, 153 love to hear that he was slain, 217 speak the honours of thy name

16 love to think the time will comę, 217 trust my great Physician's skill 153 now believe, in thee

SO weep, whene'er he's not to me, 123 now my soul and frail abode 236 I'm lost in wonder and amaze;

20 now wish to be

106 often stubborn, vain and wild 214 of his body am a limb; 248 overcome with humble shame, 112 once was wholly dead in sin 92 & 136

well assur'd,

164 ought to have been pained, 27 If any thing in us appears

141 own the fault mine :

done t obey thy laws,

234 recommend myself for ever 85 early thou wilt take me hence, 215 resign myself to thee;

95 * father, mother, children, wife, 131 saw One hanging on a tree, 90 he his grace on us confer, see him in the garden

108 I were free from all distress, see him lead a suff'ring life,

Jesus should appear see him look with pity down,


my sins? burden would see his countenance defiled, 23 once the plough in hand we

131 see his hands and feet extended 23

one member honor'd be, 126


218 185 244 103


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