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T. 166.

T. 157

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And open'd, thro' himself, the way

He is come to be

your Saviour, To life and everlasting day.


Full of love,-to remove

Guilt and curse for ever. 6 Fortherefore poor on earth he came, That we might all his riches claim,

7 Jesus, hear my supplication, To make us heirs of glory bright,

Grant me grace—to embrace With all the ransom'd saints in light. Thee as my salvation :

Hal, Then like Simeon, (O what favor!)

I desire to retire 7 For us these wonders hath he wrought To show his love, surpassing thought:

Hence in peace for ever. Then let us all unite to sing

36. Praise to our Saviour, God and King,

[spring, Hallelujah! INFINITE Source, whence all did 35. *

Thou of all things the Head and Lord,

Thou mighty and eternal King, RISE my soul, shake off all sadness, ,

Who art in heav'n and earth ador’d, Christ is near-- thee to cheer;

Thouwhomthe heav'nscannot contain, Angels sing with gladness :

Didst deign to leave thy throne above, Unto you is born a Saviour

To be an infant


and mean : On this day;-don't delay

O myst'ry deep! O boundless love! To accept God's favor.

2 The cause of this, I know it well, 2 Our eternal, kind Creator

Was thy great love and my great woe; Leaves his own-glorious throne, I was an heir of death and hell, And assumes our nature :

This prompted thee to stoop so low; From perdition full exemption My mis’ry mov'd the God of grace, To procure, and endure

Who in the Father's bosom lay, Death for our redemption,

When the due time had taken place 3 O th' amazing demonstration His deep compassion to display. Of his love, which we prove

3 What ofl'ring shall I bring to thee, his incarnation !

Immanuel, my King and God! If mankind by him were loathed,

Thou who vouchsal'st a man to be, How could he-deign to be

To save me by thy precious blood; With our nature clothed?

Thou to whom angels praises sing, 4 See your Saviour in a manger ;

“Peace upon earth, good will to men;"

To whom the sages humbly bring ’Midst his own, yet unknown, Treated like a stranger ;

Their gifts, tho’thou appear so mean, Tended by an earthly mother :

f. This will I do, thou Child divine ! Him believe,-and receive,

I'll give thee that forwhich thoucam'st; He is Christ your Brother?

My soul and body, Lord, are thine,

And them in love to me thou claim’st. 5 Lo! he in the

manger Full of grace,-truth and peace,

My humble sacrifice receive,

Dear Jesus ! born to bleed for me, Sweetly thus he crieth: "Cease my brethren, now from grieving, And with thee live eternally,

That I by faith in thee might live, Anxiousness-and distress; Your loss I'm retrieving."


T. 58. 6 Ye that feel quite poor and needy, Ocome andviewthe greatest mystery! Come, who will,—take your fill,

He who made all the world, the seas All things now are ready:

and sky,




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lieth ;

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Nowisborn an infant: the virgin Mary, That God assum'd our flesh and blood. . Upon her

arms, the Lord of hosts doth O wonder ever new! carry,

A feeble child. We humbly in įhe dust adore ; 2 He who prepar'd for ev'ry bird a nest

Lord, who is like to thee !

That thou, vile sinners to restore, And gave the foxes holes wherein to rest, Poverty endured, became a stranger

Hast deign'd a man to be. In his own world; then rested in a

39. T. 126. manger

The Lord of all! 3 But why was Jesus born in poverty?

SINNERS, with adoration Why did our Maker in a manger lie?

Receive this wond'rous Child, 'Twas that he might purchase life and

Who came and brought salvation,

Th' eternal Father styld: salvation, And gain for us a glorious habitation

Behold him with our nature drest, In realms of bliss.

Divested of his glory,

In his own world a guest. 4 O Jesus Christ, thou only holy child, How canst thou show such love to sin

2 With his blest incarnation ners spoild?

His glorious work began, But since thou thus lovest, we now

A needful preparation adore thee,

For his whole future plan; We humbly praise thy name and bow

Had not his body been prepard, before thee,


He never could have sufferd,

Nor we his nature shar'd. 5 Thy sacred' meritorious infancy

3 Behold! laid in a manger, Our crown and everlasting glory be! From world, sin and Satan, keep us

The Ancient of all days;

Upon this heav'nly Stranger estranged,

With awe and rev'rence gaze; Till we shall once around thy throne be ranged

He, who the world's foundation laid For evermore.

Must now be fed and nourish'd 38.

By creatures whom he made. COME ye redeemed of the Lord,

4 Though to his boundless mercy

No limits can be set,
Your grateful tribute bring,

Yet without controversy
And celebrate, with one accord,
The birth of Christ our King :

The mystery is great ;
Let us with humble hearts repair

Angels into its depths can't pry, (Faith will point out the road)

'Tis great, immense, stupendous a To little Bethlehem, and there

Jehovah, born to die! Adore th' incarnate God.

40.* T. 169. 2 All glory to Immanuel's name ARISE my spirit, bless the day The choirs of angels sing ;

Whereon the ages' Sire Gladly these heralds peace proclaim, A Child became; thy homage pay,

Peace from our God and King : Receive him with desire. Well inight the shepherds haste away This is the night in which he came,

This wond'rous Babe to see ; Was born, and put on human frame, Well might the sages homage pay, Us sinners to deliver Before him bow the knee.

From sin and death for ever. 3 We too have reason to rejoice, 2 Welcome, thou Source of ev'rygood, When we this myst'ry view,

0. Jesus, King of glory!

T. 590.

Welcome, thrice welcome, Lamb of 2 Hewho rules both heav'nand earth,

To this world transitory! [God, Hath in Bethlehem his birth; In grateful hymns thy name I'll praise,

Him shall all the faithful see,
With heart and voice throughout my And rejoice eternally.

For thy blest incarnation [days;
Procured my salvation.

3 Lift your hearts and voices high,

With hosannaş fill the sky: 3.Ah Jesus ! thy unworthy bride Glory be to God above, Deserved to be loathed,

Who is infinite in love ! And yet thou hast her to thyself

4 Peace on earth, good will to men! Upon the cross betrothed :

Now with us our God is seen:
Her portion had been infamy,
Eternal shame and misery,

Angels join his name to praise,

Help to sing redeeming grace, Hadst thou not left thy glory :

5 Jesus is the loveliest name; Who can enough adore thee!

This the angel doth proclaim ; 4 O lovely Infant! thou art full

Sinners poor

he came to save, Of grace above all measure ;

They in him redemption have,
Thou art more precious to my soul
Than ev'ry other treasure:

6 They who see themselves undone, Come, Jesus, come, abide with me,

And take refuge to the Son, Q let my heart thy dwelling be;

They shall all be born again, Then I, without cessation,

And with him in glory reign. Shall joy in thy salvation.

43. T. 11. 41. T. 580.

ALL the world give praises due ! ALL glory be to God on high! God is faithful, God is true : Ye sons of Adam, fill the sky

He to man doth comfort send With praise and thankfulness; In his Son, the sinners' Friend. God, mov'd by everlasting love,

2 What the fathers wish'd of old, Decreed with his dear Son above,

What the promises foretold, A sinful world to save and bless.

What the seers did prophesy, -2 Stand still, and see what God hath Is fulfill'd most gloriously. His only and beloved Son [done ;

3 My Salvation, welcome be; For us he freely gave;

Thou, my Portion, praise to thee! For us, and for the num'rous race

Come, and make thy blest abode Of cursed sinners vile and base!

In my heart, O Son of God. Yea, ev'n the worst he came to save.

4 Grant thy comforts to my mind, 3 He as a poor mean Child was born,

Since I'm helpless, poor and blindi His birth no palace did adorn,


in faith abide
was his bed;

Thine, and never turn aside.
Look, look upon this rising Sun,
Till tears of love your eyes


5. Jesus, when in majesty This lovely babeis Christour Head.

Thou shalt come my judge to be,

Grant in grace that I may stand 42. T, 11.

Justify'd at thy right hand.
WHAT good news the angels bring!

T. 22.
What glad tidings of our King !
Christ the Lord is born to-day,

IMMANUEL, to thee we sing, Christ, who takes our sins away,

Thou Prince of life, almighty King,

44. *



T. 16.


That thou, expected ages past, 2 Awake,my heart; my soul, rejoice; Didst come to visit us at last.

Look, who in yonder manger lies ! 2 Thou Lord, tho' heaven belongs to

Who is thatChild, so poor and mean? Onearth a stranger deign'st to be[thee, Tis he, who all things doth sustain. Thou clothest all, yet wear’st a dress 3 Welcome, Owelcome,noble Guest! Which doth the poorest state express.

Who sinners not despised hast, 3 Thou dost a mother's nursing need, But cam'st into our misery; Who dost the whole creation feed;

How shall


due thanks to thee? Thou who control'st the sea and wind, 4 Immanuel, incarnate God, In swadling-clothes art now confin'd. Prepare my heart for thy abode : 4 Onwither'd grass reclines thy head,

o may I, through thy aiding grace,

In all I do, shew forth thy praise.
A wretched manger is thy bed :
Tho'thou appear’st.

thine own,

47. No kindness unto thee is shown.

[glorious, 5 I thank thee,gracious Lord, that thou

CHRIST the Lord, the Lord most On my account didst stoop so low :

Now is born; O shout aloud !
O that my words, my works and ways
Mayall proclaim thy matchless praise! Man by him is made victorious;

Praise your Saviour, hail your God!
T. 22.

2 Praise the Lord, for on us shineth

Christ the Sun of righteousness; CHRIST,whomthevirgin Marybore, He to us in love inclineth, [grace. We all with humble hearts adore; Cheers our souls with pard'ning O might all nations,tribesand tongues,

3 Praisethe Lord,whosesavingsplendor To our Immanuel raise their


Shines into the darkest night; 2 God who to all things being gave, The fallen human race to save,

O what praises shall we render

For this never-ceasing light!
Assum'd our feeble Aesh and blood,
And for our debt as Surety stood.

4 Praise the Lord, God our Salvation,

Praise him who retriev'd our loss; 3 He who the wants of all supplies,

Sing with awe and love's sensation ; Now in a manger helpless lies,

HALLELUJAH, GOD WITH US! He who the whole creation feeds, An earthly mother's nursing needs.

48. T. 585. 4 The angels at his birth rejoice, HAIL,thouwond'rousinfant stranger, And sing his praise with cheerful voice;

Born, lost Eden to regain; The shepherds, hearing Christ is born, Welcome in thy humble manger, To Jesus, our chief Shepherd, turn. Welcome to thy creature man! 5 Thanks to the Father now be giv'n, Hail Immanuel :||: thou who wast ere Who sent his Son to us from heav'n :

time began. Thanks to the Son who saves the lost, 2 Say, ye blest seraphic legions, Thanks to our Guide the Holy Ghost. What thus brought your Makerdown?

Say, why did he leave your regions, 46.* T. 22.

Why forsake his heav'nly throne ?

Notes melodious : /l: tell the cause : To-day we celebrate the birth

- Good will to man." Of Jesus Christ, who came on earth, Man as his property to claim,

3 We this offer'd favor needed, And from perdition to redeem.

Hence we join your theme with joy;


rejoice; lies!


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15 We by none will be exceeded,

52. *

T. 14.
While we laud this mystery ; A Wondrous change Christ with us

And with wonder :||: God incarnate mean

The praise is his alone; (makes; glorify. stain,

His own t'impart, our nature takes,

To raise us to his throne. Guest

49. T. 22. ,

2 In servant's form, lo! he

appears, MAKER of all things, Lordour God, Our freedom to obtain; thee Now veil'd in feeble flesh and blood,

To show his love, our shame he bears,
To reconcile and set us free

And glory thus we gain.
From endless woe and misery;


T. 14. гасе,

2 What heights, what depths of love
In thy blest incarnation shine ![divine

BOTH to the Seraph and the worn
Let heav'n and earth unite their lays

God's goodness doth abound,

He calms the sea, calls forth the storm To magnify thy boundless grace.

And fructifies the ground. rious, 50. T. 14.

2 But


mercy to man's race ! HOSANNA to the royal Son

More richly was display'd;

He pity'd us in our distress,
Of David's ancient line !

And therefore flesh was made. God! His natures two, his person one, neth Mysterious and divine.

3 That he as man might sympathise

With every grief we feel, ss; 2 The root of David here we find,

And being made a sacrifice race. And offspring is the same;

With blood our pardon seal. 'ning Eternity and time are join’d,

54. ndor In our Immanuel's name.

T. 240.

ALL hail, Immanuel,
3 Blest He thatcomes to wretched men

Eternal Word, all hail!
With peaceful news from heav'n!

O Jesus, sinners' friend,
Hosannas in the highest strain Whose

knows no end, To Christ the Lord be giv'n!


Love made thee condescend, Loss;

With men to make abode, on;

T. 155

And, veil'd in flesh and blood,
CHRIST, the sov’reign Lord of all,

To bring us nigh to God;
Was a Babe laid in a manger,

Thy sacred name we bless,
A poor Stranger;

Jesus, Jesus,
Midst the people styl’d his own

Full of truth and power;
Quite unknown;

Blessed, blessed,
In the world, which he created,

Blessed evermore !
Disavow'd, despis'd and hated ;

55. T. 586.
Him our Lord and God we own.

I will rejoice in God my Saviour, 20 thou Day-spring from on high! And magnify this act of love; wn? When we, lost in deepest wonder, I'm lost in wonder at his favor,[move, ns,

Which him to leave histhrone could e? On thy love in coming down

To take


him human nature, From thy throne,

To suffer for his wretched creature,
sinners from damnation ! Dire anguish, keenest pain,
For thy love and great compassion, And death-pangs to sustain,
Thee we praise, thank and adore.

My soul to gain. 28



Duly ponder,




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