Poetical Theories and Criticisms of the Chief Romantic Poets as Expressed in Their Personal Letters: With Some Account of the Poets' Opinions of the Periodical Reviews of Their Works

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Mimeographed and printed by Edwards brothers, 1925 - 338

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Strona 160 - I think Poetry should surprise by a fine excess and not by Singularity — it should strike the Reader as a wording of his own highest thoughts, and appear almost a Remembrance — 2nd.
Strona 158 - I am certain of nothing but of the holiness of the Heart's affections and the truth of Imagination — What the imagination seizes as Beauty must be truth — whether it existed before or not...
Strona 105 - Wordsworth, Moore, Campbell, I, — are all in the wrong, one as much as another; that we are upon a wrong revolutionary poetical system, or systems, not worth a damn in itself, and from which none but Rogers and Crabbe are free; and that the present and next generations will finally be of this opinion.
Strona 153 - The Paradise Lost, though so fine in itself, is a corruption of our language. It should be kept as it is, unique, a curiosity, a beautiful and grand curiosity, the most remarkable production of the world ; a northern dialect accommodating itself to Greek and Latin inversions and intonations.
Strona 9 - Had in her sober livery all things clad; Silence accompanied, for beast and bird, They to their grassy couch, these to their nests, Were slunk, all but the wakeful nightingale; She all night long her amorous descant* sung; Silence was pleased: now...
Strona 8 - There is scarcely one of my poems which does not aim to direct the attention to some moral sentiment, or to some general principle, or law of thought, or of our intellectual constitution.
Strona 7 - It is impossible that any expectations can be lower than mine concerning the immediate effect of this little work upon what is called the public. I do not here take into consideration the envy and malevolence, and all the bad passions, which always stand in the way of a work of any merit from a living poet ; but merely think of the pure, absolute, honest ignorance in which all worldlings of every rank and situation must be enveloped, with respect to the thoughts, feelings, and images on which the...
Strona 160 - Besides, a long poem is a test of invention, which I take to "be the Polar Star of Poetry, as Fancy is the Sails — and " Imagination the rudder. — Did our great Poets ever write Short " Pieces ? I mean in the shape of Tales. This same invention "seems indeed of late years to have been forgotten as a Poetical "excellence...
Strona 158 - The excellence of every art is its intensity, capable of making all disagreeables evaporate from their being in close relationship with Beauty and Truth.
Strona 160 - I should answer — Do not the Lovers of Poetry like to have a little Region to wander in where they may pick and choose, and in which the images are so numerous that many are forgotten and found new in a second Reading: which may be food for Week's stroll in the Summer?

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