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walking with a friend in earnest conversation, he was alarmed by the sudden exhibition and presentation of a cigar-case. If his companion had suddenly presented a pistol at him he could not have been more startled.

"I-I-never smoke," said the poet.

"No!" exclaimed his friend; "and yet you 're Wiffen-always Wiffen!"


HANDEL, once smoking a social pipe with a friend, had been lost for about a quarter of an hour in a cloudy reverie, when his deep voice was heard pronouncing the following bright commentary on a classic allegory:

"I'll dell you somting-just aroce in my prains! Dey zay de Coddess of Bleasure vos porn of the voam of de zee! Dis is drue! Here is my bipe! de drue and feritable meerschaum-de écume de mer— of de zee! De boets vos right! Bleasure is porn of de meerschaum!"

-de voam


Kind Reader! there is much hidden philosophy in this paper, if you have only the cunning to "smoke it;" if not, the more's the pity, for it will then

simply appear in your impenetrated mind as a mere "bottle of smoke."

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Je m'en irais dans l'Averne
Faire enivrer Alecton,
Et bâtir une taverne
Dans le manoir de Pluton.”

"Saufen Bier und Brantewein,
Schmeissen alle die Fensteren ein,
Ich bin liederlich,

Du bist liederlich,

Sind wir nicht liederlich Leute-ah!"

"I can summon spirits from the vasty deep."

"Vivo bibere,

Bibo vivere !"

"A bumper for Sir William, the friend of the people."

"Wyn! o edele wyn,
Die al de pyn

En zorg, van my terstond verdwynen doet,

Wat geef je my een hart vol moed!

Een stoop twee, drie,

Maakt dat ik geen gevaar, hoe zwaar het is, ontzie,
Noch vliê."

“If I had a thousand sons, the first human principle I would teach them should be,-to forbear thin potations, and addict themselves to sack."


YE shades of Anacreon, Horace, and Captain Morris, inspire my anserine plume!

Ye shades of Sheridan, George Frederick Cooke, and Toby Philpot, infuse a spirit into my indelible ink!

Ye shades below (London Bridge) lend me a stave from your many casks, wherewith to celebrate the virtues of the vine !


Gentle reader, if, elevated by my subject, I run on in a zig-zag fashion, and multiply one mile by three in my progress, pardon me; for, although, like a comet, my course may be eccentric, it is the result of the liberal libations I have poured to qualify me for the onerous task I have undertaken. But then, like that comet, I have a tale, radiant as the sun, passed through a colander in bright and dazzling rays, which I will presently unfold with all the proverbial humility of a pea


Bacchus first introduced the vine into Italy, and, soon afterwards entering into partnership with Apollo, they laid their sapient heads together, and produced a liquor which speedily attracted the attention of a "discerning public," and ultimately of the whole world.

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