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The Second Volume of the New QUARTERLY REVIEW is now completed.

It was projected by a few authors, who had seen so much of the publishing trade, and so many of the secret springs of criticism, that they had grown indignant that literature should be sinking to a sordid traffic, and that criticism should be but a bookseller's bellman.

Many considerations gave hope that a Quarterly Review, which should really be a Quarterly Revier, would receive support from the general public.

It was thought that there must be many thousand families in Britain who would be glad to have, in some compendious form, a complete view of the current literature of the time.

It was believed that, in the distant Colonies of the Empire, the exile would be pleased to see, four times in every year, a reflex of the works that were forming the evening amusement of his friends at home.

It was known that the Book Societies, which cover the land of England like a net-work, were without an honest guide-were the most unresisting prey of the least scrupulous of the publishing tribe, and the victims of their coarsest baits.

It was anticipated that an Annual Register of Literature would be a volume of convenient reference, which multitudes would be glad to possess at the expense of an annual ten shillings.

The enterprise was, in itself, promising : with the staff we had organised it was certain. There was but one formidable drawback-to work out the object of its projectors the Review must be Independent.

This quality of Independence must be an ostracism. It would be an attempt to revolutionize criticism. It would be a rebellion against Marlborough Street, New Burlington Street, Albemarle Street, and Paternoster Row. It involved the necessity of not being “recognised.” It was equivalent to the probability, that every prosperous vendor of unacknowledged translations would rush about, eagerly asserting to every one wbo was obliged to listen to him that the New QUARTERLY “could not stand," that it had “neither authority nor circulation;" it also included the certainty of its being said in a whisper, in all these localities, that it must be put down.

In a commercial point of view it had doubtless been wiser to chain the New Review to the galley, and to make it keep stroke. But this was not the object of its projectors. That object was, to quote the words of a contributor, “to represent the brains, and not the breeches pockets, of literature;” to inform, and not to betray, thepeople.

The adverse interests are so strong, and their machinery is so complete, that perhaps we should have been daunted from the enterprise but for the facilities offered by the Post Office. It rests now with the public, and with the public only, what Critical Journal they will take, or what books they will buy. The most facile'niethod of obtaining a book or a review is still through the neighbouring bookseller. But, should any Metropolitan influence delay the punctual delivery, it is but the trouble of a note to the publisher, and the dweller at John o' Groat's house, or in any remote village in India, will regularly receive his book or his Number through a Post-office official, whom no publisher can control.

After two years' experience, the New QUARTERLY REView has realised all our expectations. We have a much larger circle of Subscribers in all parts of the world than we could possibly have anticipated ; and we are informed that the Publishers hate us with an uncomfortable hatred. We offer to the former a touchstone by which to try us. Whenever they find our advertising columns occupied by the announcements of the “great houses,” they may make up their minds that we either have done, or are

expected to do, some considerable subserviencies. For ourselves, whenever we find our table covered
with presentation copies, we shall begin to believe that we are growing slavish. However, we are prone
to believe that there is no chance of this happening for some years yet to come. But we offer the test,
that every one may apply it.

We ask no favour but from our Subscribers; and that not for ourselves, but for themselves and for
literature. It is; that if they approve our object and appreciate our labours, they will, each in
his several sphere, extend the knowledge of both; that our power may go on increasing even in a
greater ratio than it has hitherto increased, that while we give to the public a comprehensive view of
the literature of contemporary Europe, we may also thoroughly purge that literature from the trash
that corrupts it.


No. I.
Retrospect of Literature for 1851-Sir James Stephen's bands—The Pursuivant of Arms-Junius and his Works
Lectures on the History of France-Lord Mahon's His. - Essays and Opinions- The Creed of Christendom-The
tory of England-Kaye's History of the War in Afghani- Pappenheimers-The House on the Rock-Bertha-Harry
stan - Browne's History of Classical Literature - Sir Brightside-Arthur Conway-Euphranor--The Philoso-
Robert Heron's Notes—Bishop Coplestone's Memoirs phy of Ragged Schools—The Law of Agricultural Tenan-
Researches in Magnetism-Lord Ellesmere's History of cies - Longfellow's Golden Legend - Reade's Poems
the War of the Sicilian Vespers—The Ansayrii and the Stories from Boccacio.-FRENCH LITERATURE: Etudes
Assassins-Khartoun and the Blue and White Niles- sur les Forces Productives de la Russie-Le Monde Slave
Eight Years in Syria, Palestine, and Asia Minor-Travels - Histoire de la Restauration -Histoire de Marie Stuart-
in European Turkey in 1850—Napier's Administration of Etudes sur les Beaux Arts-Meditations et Etudes Morales
Scinde : Scinde; or the Unhappy Valley - Faggot of - Portraits Politiques et Révolutionaires-Exposition et
French Sticks - Voyage of H. M. S. Rattlesnake - Ma. Histoire des Découvertes Modernes Histoire des Arabes
deira: its Climate and Scenery - Golden Dreams and -Les Affiches Rouges-Histoire des Huit Ans, 1840-48--
Waking Realities-Lord George Bentinck: a Political Les Clubs et les Clubistes-L'Angleterre Comparée a la
Biography-The Head of the Family--The Convent and France-Histoire du Directoire -- Le Drame de Quatre-
the Harem-Mrs. Matthew's; or Family Mysteries--Flo- vingt Treize-Les Sept Péchés Capitaux-Le Montagnard
rence Sackville-Jacob Bendixen—The Fair Carew-The -Louis de Gourdon-Le Château des Désertes--La Bonne
Old Engagement-John Drayton-Cecile; or, the Pervert Aventure--Le Coureur des Bois-Une Histoire Holland-

-Alban-The Tutor's Ward-Spiritual Alchemy-Falk- aise-Voyage à Ma Fenêtre-Les Gàités Champetres-
enburg-The Whale-Caleb Field - Revenge-Kossuth; Athanase Robichon-A. P. de Candole, sa Vie et ses Tra-
his Career, Character, &c.-Kossuth and Magyar Land- vaux - La Chimère. — GERMAN LITERATURE since the
Prince Louis Napoleon Buonaparte–The School for Hus- Revolution of 1848.

No. II.
Retrospect of the Literature of the Quarter-Grenville Darien-Heir of Ardennan-Militia Major-Farce of Life
Papers-Memoirs of the Marquis of Rockingham-Lord - Hearts and Altars - Wynville--The Two Families
Holland's Memoirs – Roebuck's History of the Whig Agatha Beaufort-Coke's Ride over the Rocky Mountains
Ministry-Niebuhr's Life and Letters - Newman's Regal -Sixteen Months at the Gold Diggings-Life of Taon-
Rome-Lord Chancellor Clarendon and his ContemporaKwang-Homeopathy in 1851- Women of Christianity
ries-Opinions and Policy of Lord Palmerston--Murray's -Lectures on Church Music-Shelley's Letters-Perils
Modern Cookery - Worsaae's Account of the Danes- of Fashion-Family Almanac Ecclesiastical and Archi-
England and France under the House of Lancaster -Life tectural Topography - Preservation of Ancient Monu-
of Henry VIII. - Life in Bombay --- Analytical Greek ments-Daily Steps towards Heaven-The Penny Post.
Leixcon-The Future-The Past and

es_The FRENCH LITERATURE: Resumé Histoire de la Révolu-
Bridal Gift-Scenes in Central America-Roughing it in tion-Mémoires d'Alexandre Dumas-L'Ombre du Bon-
the Bush - Hogg's Poems-Collins's Atlases- Miss Cor- heur-Chien et Chat-Le Sceptre de Roseau.-GERMAN
ner's History of England-Creasy's Invasions and Pro LITERATURE: Ungarn's Redner und Staats-Männer -
jected Invasions of England - National Defence in England Vergangene Tage--Der Geheime Agent Die Deutchen

Nonie's Letter on the Defence of England-Latham's Frauen in dem Mittelalter --Hägringar; Reise durch
Germania of Tacitus-Latham's Ethnology of the Britis

Schweden-Wanderungen durch London-Der K
Colonies - Mason's Pictures of Life in Mexico-Life and leutnant-England und Schottland-Die Göthe Literatur
Times of Dante - Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli- in Deutschland--Wo ist Babel.


No. III.
Retrospect of the Literature of the Quarter-Lord Jeff- - Passages in the Life of Gilbert Arnold-Life and Times
ray-Brown Bess and her Rivals-Life Assurance - Claret of Francesco Sforza-Life of Marie de Medicis--Tea Dis-
and Olives_Wanderer in Syria-Laing's Denmark-Six- tricts of China-The Great Canadian Railway-Atlantic
teen Months in the Danish Isles-Five Years at Nepaul and Transatlantic Sketches-Shakespeare in America-

A Journey to Nepaul-Letters from Italy-Five Years Democritus in London--Poems and Essays by Alfred B.
in the West Indies--Fortress of Komárom-Our Antipo. Richards--Moir's Poetical Works-Practical Hints on the
des - Autobiography of William Jerdan-Ruth Garnett-- Art of Verse-Tbring's Elements of Grammar-Morell's
School for Fathers-Fortune-Adrian-Pequinillo-Au- Analysis of Sentences-Truths illustrated by Great Au-
relie_Lena--Spencer's Cross-Lily of St. Paul's---Castle thors---Home Truths-Tremenbeere's Notes on Public
Deloraine-Lydia-Student's Wife-Rebels of Glenfawn Subjects-McKenzie on the Regulation of the Teeth--Filia
--Confessions of an Etonian-Mary Seaham-Brooklands Dolorosa--The Lost Steamer A Ride through the Nu-
bian Desert - Residence in Algeria-Hunt's Universal
Yacht List - Outlines of Geology--The Bible and the
Working Classes – Sinfulness of Little Sins - Remini.
scences of Thought and Feeling - In Idea of a Christian
Reply to the Strictures of Lord Mahon-Holme's Poetical
Works.-FRENch LITERATURE : Résumé-Aperçus Nou-
veaux de Politique Internationale-Histoire des deux Re-
staurations-Conscience-L'Ensorcelée-La Marquise de
Belverano-Geneviève Galliot-Madeleine Répentante-

Shakspeare et son Temps-Corneille et son Temps.-GER-
MAN LITERATURE: Retrospect for the Quarter-Görgey
and the Hungarian War-Geschichte der Französischen
Revolution von 1789--99 — Die Adonis Klage und das
Linos Lied-Judas Iscariot-Dünen und Berg-Geschichten
-Zehn Jahre im Zuchthaus Roman-Das Pfarrhaus zu
Hallungen-Die Manuscripte Peter Schlemihl's-Aus drei
Jahrhunderten--Thorwaldsen's Leben.

No. IV.
Retrospect of the Literature of the Quarter-Lord Lang- Poems, by the Hon. Julian Fane-Links in the Chain
dale-India: The Trader Sovereign and the Hindu Slave of Destiny-Boyhood, and other Poems-Oswald the En-

-Book Societies-- Modern Taste in Art-Indian Poets thusiast. - AMERICAN LITERATURE: Retrospect of the
and their English Translators Glances at Europe during Quarter-The Blithedale Romance The Works of Daniel
the Summer of 1851, including Notices of the Great Exhi- Webster-Greenwood Leaves—The Laws of Life-Hud-
bition-Autobiography of W. Jerdan-Leaves from my son's Shakespeare-Lotus Eating-Witchcraft.-FRENCH
Journal_English Agriculture in 1850-51.-Voyage in Baf- LITERATURE: Résumé of the Quarter-Le Réfractaire-
fin's Bar-Western Himalaya and Thibet-Lives of the Caprices et Zigzags-La Femme et l'Enfant-Nouvelles.
Sovereigas of Russia-Pictures from St. Petersburgh, Par Armand Barthet.-GERMAN LITERATURE: Summary
Temple of Solomon-Ceremonial Usages of the Chinese of the Quarter-Steen Bille's Bericht-Russland's ladus-
Bloodella Belle of the Village-Tide of Life-Professions trielle und Commerzielle Verhältnisse --Geschichte eines
- Beauty of Amalfi-Lost Inheritance-Hutspot-Helen Mönchs und einer Nonne-Philine, Roman-Eine Pension
Talbot - Hunt's Yachting Magazine - History of Adult am Genfersee-Weimar und Jena-Die Alliirten der Re-
Education—School Economy-The Christian Student action-Die Königlichen Gärten-Ueber den Ursprung
Public Schools for the Middle Classes-Hints on Education der Sprache.

No. V.
Retrospect of the Literature of the Quarter-Memoirs, - Discussions on Philosophy and Literature, Education,
Journal, and Correspondence of Thomas Moore – Mr. and University Reform-Spirits of the Past - The Violin
Thackeray and the Age of Queen Anne-Smatterers in - The School of Musical Composition, Practical and
Oriental Literature-Falsifications of Food-The Whim Theoretical-Poems- A Dictionary of Scientific Terms-
Wbams and Opinions of Sir Archibald Alison, Bart. What am I? Where am I? What ought I to do?--Re-
India: How the Hindu Thrall is ruled-Anecdotes of ligion and Education in relation to the People.-- AMERICAN
Wellington-Lives of the Queens of Scotland and English LITERATURE: Austria in 1818-19 – Life of Franklin
Princesses - A Fortnight in Ireland — Village Life in Pearce-Essays and Reviews-Literature and Art-Au
Egypt-Isis; an Egyptian Pilgrimage-Visit to the Holy Expedition to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah
Land, Egypt, and Italy - Palissy the Potter-Revelations - The Mormons in the Valley of the Great Salt Lake-
of Siberia-Uncle Walter-The Pilgrims of New England Freedom National; Slavery Sectional.- FRENCH LITERA-
-Milton Davenant-Cathal More The Bride Elect - TURE: Résumé-Louis XVII., sa Vie, son Agonie, sa
Reuben Medlicott-Basil - The Romance of the Forum Mort - Les deux Cours et les Nuits de Saint-Cloud.
The present condition of Medical Science-Observations Meurs, débauches, et crimes de la Famille Bonaparte
on the Magnetic Orbit - Exposition of the Apostles' Mont-Revêche-Jeanne d'Arc suivi d'une étude sur Ho-
Creed-Ecclesiography-An Analytical Digest of all the mére et Bernard de Palissy-Régine--Confessions d'un
Reported Cases decided in the Supreme Courts in India, Ouvrier-Léon Gozlan. Cauntes et Nouvelles: De Neuf
in the Courts of the East-India Company, and, on Appeal heures à Minuit.-GERMAN LITERATURE: Amaranth -
from India, by Her Majesty in Council. Together with Die Könige-Dickens-Moderner Jesuitismus. .
an Introduction, &c.-Hippolytus and his Age- Phaeton

No. VI.
Retrospect of the Literature of the Quarter-

- Eminent Characters of the English Revolutionary
Court and Cabinet of George III.-Earl Grey's Colonial Admi. Period--Memoir of a Metaphysician-White, Red, Black
nistration - Lives of the Earls of Essex-Lord Maidstone's De- -Villette - The School for Dreamers - The Dean's
Ice-The Late Earl of Belfast-Ranke's History of France--Lady Daughter-Amabel-Mark Hurdlestone, the Gold Wor-
Esameline Wortley's "&c." - The Water-lily on the Danube-

shipper-Claverston-Rambles in an Old City-An Expo-
Canterbury Settlement-Miss Martineau's Letters from Ireland
The Wellington Poets-Prose Wellingtonia--Muffling-Larpent-

sition of the Laws relating to the Women of England-
Aa L.-Aide-de-Camp-Strickland's "Canada"-Evil Genius The Sexuality of Nature - The Bouquet, culled from
Memoirs of a Stomach-Novels of the Quarter, &c. &c.

Marylebone Gardens-A Common Place Story- Retail
Gold-its Past-its Present-its Future-

Mammon-A Complete System of Bayonet Exercise
Will Quartz-crusbing pay?--An Analytical Account of all the

Bases of Belief-The Second Burmese War-A Tour of
Californian Quartz-crushing Companies: their History - Pro-

Inquiry through France and Italy-Paris after Waterloo
spects-probable Results-M. Chevalier on the Production of the Cobden and his Pamphlet considered, in a Letter to
Precious Metals, and various Pamphlets - Stirling on Gold Richard Cobden, Esq., M.P.--A Visit to the Indian Archi-
Wylde's Notes, &c. &c.

pelago in H.M.S. “Mæander "-The Indian Archipelago.
The Two Coalition Cabinets- The Duke of Buckingham's its history and present state-Report of the Commissioners
Memoirs-The Bulwer Novels: The Caxtons : My Novel in Lunacy on the subject of Bethlehem Hospital - The
- Religious Novels of the Quarter: Lady-bird: Jesuit Golden Spell.- AMERICAN LITERATURE: The Private
Executorship: Quakers : Ruth: Lieutenant's Story - Life of Daniel Webster - History of the State of New
India : The Anarchy of Thraldom-Lord Grey's Colonial York-The War with Ormuzd and Ahriman in the Nine-
Policy - The Biographers of Mohammad : Sprenger's teenth Century-Pioneer women of the West-Summer
Life of Mohammad - Another Oriental Smatterer: Lares Gleanings - Lectures on African Colonization, and kin-
and Penates - Layard's Nineveh - Legends of the Ma. dred subjects.-FRENCH LITERATURE: Résumé - Cali-
donna as represented in the Fine Arts-Notes and Emen fornie- Voyages et Récits-GERMAN LITERATURE: Ré-
dations on Shakespeare - Two Thousand Miles' Ride sumé - Bilder und Geschichten aus dem Schwäbischen
through the Argentine Provinces Travels in South and Leben - Tagebuch aus Languedoc und Provence-Bel-
North America - A Historical Tour in Francopia in the letristische Schriften-Einleitung in die Geschichte des
Summer of 1852–Frà Dolcini and His Times---Autobio- 19ten Jahrhunderts – Eugen Stillfried - Wanderungen
graphy of an English Soldier in the United States' Army durch London,

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