The Life of Lorenzo De' Medici: Called the Magnificent, Tom 2

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Bronson & Chauncey, 1803 - 435

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Strona 51 - 1 popol tuo l' ha in sommo della bocca. Molti rifiutan lo comune incarco ; Ma '1 popol tuo sollecito risponde Senza chiamare, e grida: Io mi sobbarco. Or ti fa' lieta, che tu hai ben onde, Tu ricca, tu con pace, tu con senno : S' io dico ver, l
Strona 241 - Sì poco il verde in su la cima dura, Se non è giunta dall'etadi grosse. Credette Cimabue, nella pintura, Tener lo campo; ed ora ha Giotto il grido, SI che la fama di colui oscura.
Strona 52 - L' antiche leggi, e furon si civili, Fecero al viver bene un picciol cenno Verso di te, che fai tanto sottili Provvedimenti, ch' a mezzo novembre Non giunge quel che tu d
Strona 53 - Excudent alii spirantia mollius aera, Credo equidem, vivos ducent de marmore vultus, Orabunt causas melius, caelique meatus Describent radio et surgentia sidera dicent; Tu regere imperio populos, Romane, memento : Hae tibi erunt artes, pacisque imponere morem, Parcere subiectis, et debellare superbos.
Strona 200 - ... them you will be so much the more known and esteemed, in proportion as your age and the peculiarity of your situation will distinguish you from your colleagues. Avoid, however, as you would Scylla or Charybdis, the imputation of hypocrisy ; guard against all ostentation, either in your conduct or your discourse; affect not austerity, nor even appear too serious. This advice you will, I hope, in time understand and practise better than I can express it.
Strona 70 - Whilst such was the fate of the Latin productions of these authors, their Italian writings were the objects rather of adoration than applause. No longer confined to the perusal of the closet and the gratification of an individual, the poems of Dante and of Petrarca were read in public assemblies of the inhabitants of Florence, and their beauties pointed out, or their obscurities illustrated, by the most eminent scholars of the time.
Strona 213 - His address was striking, and his eye marked intelligence. My expectations were raised. He began — I was attentive; a clear voice — select expression — elevated sentiment. He divides his subject — I perceive his distinctions. Nothing perplexed; nothing insipid; nothing languid. He unfolds the web of his argument — I am enthralled. He refutes the sophism — I am freed. He introduces a pertinent narrative — I am interested. He modulates his voice — I am charmed. He is jocular — I smile....
Strona 199 - I well know, that as you are now to reside at Rome, that sink of all iniquity, the difficulty of conducting yourself by these admonitions will be increased.
Strona 79 - A taste for the exterior decoration of books has lately arisen in this country, in the gratification of which no small share of ingenuity has been displayed ; but if we are to judge of the present predilection for learning, by the degree of expense thus incurred, we must consider it as greatly inferior to that of the Romans during the times of the first Emperors, or of the Italians at the 15th century.
Strona 328 - To be absorbed in one pursuit, however important, is not the characteristick of the higher class of genius, which, piercing through the various combinations and relations of surrounding circumstances, sees all things in their just dimensions, and attributes to each its due. Of the various occupations in which Lorenzo engaged, there is not one in which he was not eminently successful ; but he was most particularly distinguished in those which justly hold the first rank in human estimation.

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