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The Magazine, 1913

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Strona 47 - Maryland, may issue stocks, bonds, notes or other evidences of indebtedness payable at periods of more than twelve months after the date thereof, when necessary for the acquisition of property, the construction, completion, extension or improvement of its plant or distributing system, or for the improvement or maintenance of its service, or for the discharge or lawful refunding of its obligations...
Strona 31 - Business Association. This commission will hold meetings throughout the coming year every two weeks. We hope this commission will continue the investigations with the experimental room in the Chicago Normal School, and be able to report some conclusive results at the end of the year.
Strona 46 - ... (g) such other facts pertaining to the operation and maintenance of the plant and system, and the affairs of such person or corporation as may be required by the commission. Such report shall be in the form, cover the period and be filed at the time prescribed by the commission. The commission may from time to time make changes and additions in such forms.
Strona 46 - Whenever the commission shall be of opinion, after a hearing had upon its own motion or upon complaint, that the rates or charges or the acts or regulations of any such person...
Strona 22 - In order to obtain an estimate of the bacteria of human origin, which might at times include pathogenic forms, we made all our plates on litmus-lactoseagar, as noted above, and isolated all red colonies which appeared on the plates. It is well established that acid forming streptococci are among the most abundant forms in the human mouth, while they are absent from sources which have not recently been exposed to human or animal pollution.

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