The Elements of Political Economy

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Gould, Kendall and Lincoln, 1841 - 406

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Strona 2 - abridged for the use of academies,' it deserves to be introduced into every private family, and to be studied by every man who has an interest in the wealth and prosperity of his country. It is a subject little understood, even practically, by thousands, and still less understood theoretically. It is to be hoped, this will form a...
Strona 107 - Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings ; he shall not stand before mean men...
Strona 194 - And Abraham hearkened unto Ephron; and Abraham weighed to Ephron the silver, which he had named in the audience of the sons of Heth, four hundred shekels of silver, current money with the merchant.
Strona iii - His object has been to write a book, which, any one who chooses may understand. He has, therefore, labored to express the general principles in the plainest manner possible, and to illustrate them by cases with which every person is familiar. It has been to the author a source of regret, that the course of discussion in the following pages, has, unavoidably, led him over ground which has frequently been the arena of political controversy.
Strona 79 - One of those boys, who loved to play with his companions, observed that, by tying a string from the handle of the valve which opened this communication, to another part of the machine, the valve would open and shut without his assistance, and leave him at liberty to divert himself with his playfellows.
Strona 8 - Roman Antiquities and Ancient Mythology , in my school for several years, I commend it to teachers, with great confidence, as a valuable text-book on those interesting branches of education. E. BAILEY.
Strona 407 - This Is a new work on morals, for academic use, and we welcome it with much satisfaction. It IS the result of several years' reflection and experience in teaching, on the part of its justly distinguished author ; and if it is not perfectly what we could wish, yet, in the most important respects, it supplies a want which has been extensively felt. It is, we think, substantially sound in its fundamental principles ; and being...
Strona v - ... led him over ground which has frequently been the arena of political controversy. In all such cases, he has endeavored to state what seemed to him to be truth, without fear, favor, or affection. He is conscious to himself of no bias towards any party whatever, and he thinks that he who will read the whole work, will be convinced that he has been influenced by none.
Strona 74 - By his admirable contrivance, it has become a thing stupendous alike for its force and its flexibility, for the prodigious power which it can exert, and the ease, and precision, and ductility, with which it can be varied, distributed, and applied. The trunk of an elephant, that can pick up a pin or rend an oak, is as nothing to it.
Strona 1 - Dr. Wayland has published an abridgment of his work, for the use of schools. Of this step we can hardly speak too highly. It is more than time that the study of moral philosophy should be introduced into all our institutions of education. We are happy to see the way so auspiciously opened for such an introduction. It has been not merely abridged, but also rev.-riw.u. 'We cannot but regard the labor as well bestowed.

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