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out of any Pique at it, after fo Long and Easy Enjoyment as I bave had of it ; Enough to cure me, for ever seeking any

Matters in it. Tet fo. easily can I see throʻall, even its most promising Fruitions, as to be fully satisfy'd, There's no Satisfaction for the Soul of Man ever to be found in em: And that to have more in our Hands, is but to have the more Cumber and Danger; and not find our selves a jot the Eafier, or the Happier. So that 'tis only in the hour of Temptation, that we can count it so Good to be here, as not to care for the Thoughts of Moving hence. And upon

this account, I must profeso my self Beholden even to the Enemy of my Religion, for telling me more here in this Discourse, than all the rest of my Books (one excepted,) do discover to set off the Foy of Salvation in such a noble Ouranography, and intelligent Express from the Heavenly Countrey, such a fine Chart and Plan of the Glorious City, That I know not who has gone such Lengths, or descended to such CircumStances, or Criticiz’d on so many Parti

culars, culars, Lying out of the way, of common Notice. And tbothe Argumentation may, bere and there, carry Some Tincture of Imagination, yet will I count it a happy Fancy that pleases me into my Duty. ESpecially, When holy Scripture it self does thus stoop to our Low Capacity; and in the present

state of Imperfection and Obfcurity, where we see and know so very little of any thing, (and still Lefs of what's Heavenly,) in its native Truth and reality ; We must be content with such figurative Schemes, and Analogical Representations, as give us the most Lively affecting Ideas, that we can now tell how to frame in our minds; Tho' they fall exceeding short still of the things themselves; and Leave us to make Quarles's Apology,


Excuse my bold Attempt, and pardon me
For fbewing Sense, what Faith alone fould fee.

Now, my Lord, The same do I fincere. ly wish and Pray for your Honour, as for my self; That we may not only walk suchHigher Grounds of Contemplation, for


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our Diversion, and get up to the Top of this Mount Pisgah, barely to take a fine Prospect of Canaan, and entertain our Fancy in Surveying the Promised Land, our better

. Countrey : But may pursue the right and fure Way, to bring us into the happiest Fruition of that most Glorious Indefeasible Pofession. And if I can but contribute any thing at all to fuch an extremely Desirable End, 'Twill be the only Means in my Power of Discharging the great Debt that is owing to my Lord, From


Many ways Obliged,

In all humble Observance,

And the moft faithful Duty,






VIS a new sort of Undertaking, in

which I am now engaging: Where Should I make fucb a Wifh as the As.

poftle did, 1 Cor. 11. 1. To be born with, for that wbich be call'd bis Folly ; I might expe&t the Petition to meet with nothing but Derision ; from some, that will blame the Acrimony, and some, perbaps, the Flattery of my Style : while others may censure the whole of my Managing, but for å fort of Trimming. Yet I am in small care for an Swers to any such Obje&tors.

But to them that Ask, What? Shall we Search a Dungbil for Pearls ? Go to Rome and learn Devotion at the sink of Superstition? Take the Champion of Antichrist, for the Tutor of Christians, and expe&t Belzebub to cast out Devils? I reply , 'Tis wonderful indeed, for a Corrupt Tree to bring forth good


Fruit : Yet, if the Father of Lyes do ever Speak Trutb, Then give bim bis due ; and do. not reject God's boly Word, because it comes out of the Torry Balaam's Moutb: Nor. Terve the Babylonians as they bave done the Hereticks, To paint 'em out (among their credulous Crea. tures) for such Monsters as be’nt fo much as Human Shape.

In those Pra&ical matters of Morality and Piety, where's a general Agreement among all forts of Christians, even the widest Disenters may fake bands togetber: And they that are elsewhere never fo much Out, yet bere, may be in the Right. Tea, the greater Wits, wben obey bend their Forces Heavenward, may do rbe bigger Service ; To Build up, what orbera wise they do but Demolish. And so, This Small Trad, together with that of the Mind's Ascent to GOD, which the acute Author favour'd as bis Benjamin,the child not only of his old Age, but of his right Hand, and counted it with Reason enough,) more useful than all bis former works, may prove some Antidote against the Poyson of the rest ; as much to Help, as those to Hurt.

Especially, if we observe , ( obat be intimates,) where it was penn'd. For it seems, 'Twas not in Babylon; tbat he had the Visions of Zion: Not in the great City, Mother of Harlots and Abominations, where ber ser


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